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No need to reply. I would not.... by Romy the Cat  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-26-19 
Read it again. It said them then it appears it does. by Romy the Cat  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-26-19 
Try Pure Power by Amir  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-26-19 
Studio AC quality by ArmAlex  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-25-19 
Electricity is important in the entire playback chain by drdna  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-25-19 
What Is Audible, and What Is Better by Paul S  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-25-19 
I think that it is simple by rowuk  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-25-19 
I wish it was simple.... by Romy the Cat  
                It’s mad, mad, mad... electricity.   on 8-25-19 
  24-Hours Musuc News 
 8-26-19  Being An Instagram Influencer Isn’t As Easy As It Used To Be... 
 8-26-19  College Bureaucrats Are (Successfully) Trying To Kill The College Newspaper... 
 8-26-19  The TV Show That Incorporates Not Just Voguing But A Ton Of Modern Dance... 
 8-26-19  The Toxic Campaign That Foreshadowed Our Cultural Moment (And Never Went Away)... 
 8-26-19  Ellen Reid receives Pulitzer Prize... 
 8-26-19  James Horner Composition Endowed Scholarship established... 
 8-25-19  Classical music news. Obituary... 
 8-25-19  Indigenous Women Are Publishing the First Maya Works in Over 400 Years... 
 8-25-19  A Classical Social Justice Concert? That’s Right: 800 Years of Feminist History in 80 Minutes... 
 8-25-19  Gateways brings black classical musicians together... 
 8-25-19  Whiteness, Patriarchy, and Resistance in Actor Training Texts: Reframing Acting Students as Embodie... 
 8-25-19  The Necessity of a New Green Federal Theatre Project... 
 8-25-19  Women At Edinburgh Fringe This Year Report That Sexual Harassment Was Common... 
 8-25-19  Getting The Cultural Details Right... 
 8-25-19  A Class War In Cornwall Gives Rise To A Dark Movie... 
 8-25-19  Dear Good Morning America: Ballet Is For Boys... 
 8-25-19  What Is The Legal Difference Between An ‘Audiobook Caption’ And, Well, A Book?... 
 8-25-19  Spotify Sued For Doing Things Like Putting Eminem Under An ‘Unknown Author’ Level... 
 8-25-19  Apple Hired Hundreds Of Contractors To Listen To Siri Recordings – And Has Now Laid Them Off... 
 8-25-19  Kicking The Sophomore Curse To The Curb, By Taking Eight Years To Publish A Second Novel... 
 8-25-19  Guess Who Just Got Into Podcasting?... 
 8-25-19  How The Rossini Renaissance Sparked From A Beachfront Festival To The World... 
 8-25-19  Werner Herzog Is Now A Disney Character... 
 8-25-19  David Koch Stamped His Name On Arts Organizations To ‘Send A Message’ To Liberals... 
 8-25-19  The British Library’s Team Of Educators Are Told To Reapply For Fewer – But More Full-Time – New Jo... 
 8-25-19  What It’s Like For An Actress To Play A Character Who Shows Little Emotion... 
 8-25-19  It’s Hard To Be On Your Phone Checking Your News Alerts When You’re At The Potter’s Wheel... 
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