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 » 20 September 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 20 September The Exhibition That Made, And Almost Wrecked, Francis Bacon’s Career
 » 20 September Invent A Better Book? Maybe We Don’t Need To
 » 20 September Walter Gropius, The Great Survivor/Modernist
 » 20 September Should England’s Cathedrals Be The New Cultural Centers?
 » 20 September Rise Of The Anti-Meritocracy
 » 20 September A Brief History Of Being Famous
 » 20 September UK Performers Union Calls For Radical Overhaul Of The Country’s Arts Infrastructure
 » 20 September Vice President of Education
 » 20 September Playwrights’ Center is hiring!
 » 20 September Hervé Birolini receives QuattroPole Music Prize
 » 19 September The Surprise of Jaap van Zweden’s Philharmonic Tenure? Surprise
 » 19 September America’s 20 Most-Produced Playwrights In 2019-20
 » 19 September The Ten (Actually 14) Most-Produced Plays In The U.S. For 2019-20
 » 19 September Management Strategy for Arts and Cultural Executives
 » 19 September For The Second Time, Thieves Try And Fail To Steal An Anselm Kiefer Sculpture
 » 19 September Eight Operas About The Black American Experience That Are By Black Composers
 » 19 September How Problematic Is ‘Porgy And Bess’ In 2019?
 » 19 September A New City-Wide Dance Festival Is Coming To Los Angeles
 » 19 September At 94, Director Peter Brook Still Keeps A Schedule That’s ‘Terrifying’
 » 19 September Orchestras Struggling? These Regional Groups Are Doing Just Fine, Says Anne Midgette
 » 19 September Audiences Prefer Disabled Actors In Disabled Roles: Study
 » 19 September The Man Who Would Be Beckett
 » 19 September New York City To Build Performing Arts Center Dedicated To Immigrants
 » 19 September Russia’s Culture Minister Called Comic Books Stupid. Sales Soared
 » 19 September Betty Corwin, Who Saved Broadway Performances For Posterity, Dead At 98
 » 19 September A New Library In Queens Is Terrific. So Why Can’t New York Build More Like This?
 » 19 September How Walt Whitman Hid A Dozen Same-Sex Love Poems In Plain Sight, And How A Researcher Found Them
 » 19 September The Best Dance Of The 21st Century (So Far)
 » 19 September The Simple Structure That All Human Languages Share
 » 19 September Cristóbal Halffter receives Spanish Music Prize
 » 19 September Behind the Curtain at the Paris Opera
 » 19 September Below The Line: Tales From The Behind-The-Scenes Pros Of TV And Film
 » 19 September Amazon Bets There’s A Market For HD Streaming Music
 » 19 September Fire At NYC’s Cathedral Of St. John The Devine
 » 19 September Artist Plants A Forest Inside A Soccer Stadium. Cue Backlash
 » 19 September Translations Say Something About Their Time. And Of Ours?
 » 19 September It’s Big: eSports Gets Its Own TV Network
 » 19 September Silent Discos Are A Scourge!
 » 18 September Propwatch: the bell in ‘Amsterdam’
 » 18 September The Chasm of Disbelief
 » 18 September What Makes An Art Fair Successful?
 » 18 September Cokie Roberts, Longtime Commentator At NPR And ABC, Dead At 75
 » 18 September The Struggle For Control Of The Salzburg Easter Festival Is Over
 » 18 September Merriam-Webster Dictionary Admits ‘They’ As Nonbinary Singular Pronoun
 » 18 September First Arrest Made In Major Old Masters Forgery Ring Case
 » 18 September Court Rules In Battle Over John Steinbeck Estate And Tells Heirs To Stop Fighting Already
 » 18 September Moscow’s Pushkin State Museum Will Take Over Nine Regional Contemporary Art Museums
 » 18 September In Rare Show Of Defiance, Russian Celebrities Rally Behind Jailed Actor
 » 18 September Zombie Malls And Changing America
 » 18 September How To Write Classical Concert Program Notes That Actually Engage An Audience
 » 18 September A Crisis In Leadership At LA’s Top Music Organizations
 » 18 September Why Ruben Santiago-Hudson Is Taking August Wilson’s ‘Jitney’ On A Coast-To-Coast Tour
 » 18 September The Shambolic Ways In Which We Learn To Write
 » 18 September Turkey’s Television Epics Are Conquering The World
 » 18 September Norman Lear At 97
 » 18 September Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Chief Executive Abruptly Leaves
 » 18 September Despite Death Threats And Rocket Attacks, She Runs A Feminist Radio Station In Afghanistan
 » 18 September British Council Urged To Clarify The Role Of Culture In International Promotion
 » 18 September How Tate Modern Became An Iconic And Celebrated Building
 » 18 September The Guardian Picks The Best New Architecture Of The Modern Age
 » 18 September Dublin’s Quirkiness Is Being Scrubbed. Why?
 » 18 September Get Politics Out Of Classical Music? Well, Er…
 » 18 September Getty Trust Commits $100 Million To Conserve Antiquities Around The World
 » 17 September ‘The Drama is Over’ at the Salzburg Easter Festival
 » 17 September Nature Calls: Blenheim Palace Gives Thieves a Golden Opportunity to Steal Cattelan’s Toilet
 » 17 September Kentridge, Hatoum, Mutter, Bando, And Williams & Tsien Win Praemium Imperiale
 » 17 September Is Gary Larson About To Revive ‘The Far Side’?
 » 17 September L.A. Philharmonic CEO Simon Woods Resigns, Effective Immediately
 » 17 September Yannick Nézet-Séguin Signs Lifetime Contract With His Montreal Orchestra
 » 17 September MIT Invents A Black Even Blacker Than Vantablack
 » 17 September Harlem Nonprofit Providing Art Education In Public Schools Expands To Two More Cities
 » 17 September The Entire ‘Creative Industries’ Construct Is Hurting Artists, Not Helping Them
 » 17 September Three Trans-Gender Opera Singers Talk About Their Careers
 » 17 September Diversity, Gender Equity, Innovation — Here’s A Ballet Company That’s Living Up To The Ideals
 » 17 September Scans Of Artists Painting Using Their Feet Show The Brain Rewiring Itself
 » 17 September Architecture That Redefines The Relationships Between In And Out
 » 17 September Street Theatre With Giant Moles
 » 17 September Architects Explain How Those Super-Tall, Super-Skinny New York Apartment Towers Stand Up In The Wind
 » 17 September £1 Billion Investment In London To Create Cultural Events Centre
 » 17 September Classical music news. The Crossing
 » 17 September Recent Listening: Dave Douglas & Friends + Mary Lou Williams
 » 17 September How Crossword Puzzles Free The Mind
 » 17 September Music Deserts: What We Need Is Nutritional Music
 » 17 September Why People Believe Fake Videos (Even The Bad Ones)
 » 17 September The Internet Is Changing How We Write (For Bad And Good)
 » 17 September How Rich People Like Jeffrey Epstein Are Corrupting Science
 » 17 September A Little Art With That Wine? Wine Country Experiments With Installations
 » 17 September Historic Find: Milton’s Notes On Shakespeare’s Plays
 » 17 September Ennio Morricone honered by pope
 » 16 September Classical music news. Oxford Lieder Festival 2019
 » 16 September Baltimore Symphony Pushes Season Opener Back By A Week Amid Labor Dispute, But Musicians Play A Free Concert Anyway
 » 16 September The New Light Art Of California Lives In Wine Country
 » 16 September If You’re Trying To Break An Addiction, Are Books Prescribed?
 » 16 September Ric Ocasek Of The Cars, Who Fused New Wave And Pop, Has Died At 75
 » 16 September Librarians Are Angry, And Ready To Do Battle With Publishers Over Ebooks
 » 16 September Hollywood Is Assisting In The Death Of Freedom Of Expression In Hong Kong
 » 16 September The Artist Who Created The Gold Toilet Denies Having A Role In Stealing It
 » 16 September The Problem With (Book) Pirates
 » 16 September Independent Moviehouses Are Having A Hell Of A Time Surviving
 » 16 September Joyce DiDonato On Opera And Activism, And Saving Lives
 » 16 September At The Creative Arts Emmys, ‘Game of Thrones’ Cleans Up
 » 16 September Not Everything Glittered In The Netherlands’ So-Called Golden Age, Says Museum
 » 16 September A Paris Theatre, Closed For Two And A Half Years For A $35 Million Renovation, Is About To Reopen
 » 16 September Phyllis Newman, Tony Award-Winning Broadway Star, Has Died At 86
 » 16 September High School Students Condense Marvel Movies Into One Seven-Minute Summary Dance
 » 16 September Tim Page: What We’re Losing Without Critics
 » 16 September Rethinking Susan Sontag
 » 16 September Actors’ Equity Expels Former Artistic Director Of The Citadel Theatre
 » 16 September Why It’s Important For Us To Understand The Language Of Numbers
 » 16 September Marian Godfrey On The State Of The Arts
 » 16 September Meet The UK’s New Minister For Arts
 » 16 September How Country Music Became The Heart Of Nashville
 » 16 September Science Is Deeply Imaginative And Creative
 » 16 September What Is The Deal With Jeremy Renner, And By Extension, Hollywood?
 » 16 September Is There A Tech Backlash?
 » 16 September Gabriel Yared to receive Max Steiner Award
 » 15 September Classical music news. September 2019 Newsletter
 » 15 September Classical music news. Just Listening
 » 15 September What Does a Singer Do With Full Freedom?
 » 15 September Engaging Partners on Art Education for Students with Visual Impairment
 » 15 September Playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins: ‘The secret to writing? Read everything – even if you hate it’
 » 15 September Wangechi Mutu: A New Face for the Met
 » 15 September With newly expanded campus, Kennedy Center aims to make art an experience for all
 » 15 September A brief but spectacular take on giving incarcerated youth a voice
 » 15 September Who’s Fighting For Gender Equity In Classical Music?
 » 15 September Recent Listening In Brief (really brief)
 » 15 September Anne Rivers Siddons, Author Of ‘Peachtree Road’ And Other Books Whose Subject Was The New South
 » 15 September Should You Really Go To A Book-Adapted Movie Before You Read The Book?
 » 15 September A Knife-Wielding Attacker Has Severely Damaged A Painting At The Pompidou
 » 15 September Study Shows That Gendered Discrimination, And A Lack Of Parental Support, Create Massive Barriers For Women Theatre Designers
 » 15 September The Royal Visit In The New Downton Abbey Movie Is Easy Peasy Compared To Reality
 » 15 September Ireland Gets A New Museum Of Literature ‘In A Battle For The Soul Of Dublin’
 » 15 September The Girl Who Published Her First Novel At 12, And Then Disappeared At 25
 » 15 September Sculptor Wendy Taylor Wants Pro-Leave Brexiters To Stop Using Her Work As A Symbol
 » 15 September Biographer Jean Edward Smith, Who Brought Grant And Eisenhower Out Of Obscurity, Has Died At 83
 » 15 September Los Angeles Opera Opens Without A Resolution About Placido Domingo
 » 15 September The Hidden Box Of Dr. Seuss
 » 15 September Blenheim Palace’s Gold Toilet Is Stolen, Flooding The Palace
 » 15 September Australia Has A Crisis In Its School Libraries
 » 15 September A Gender Gap In Ballet Leadership Seems Too Weird – But It’s Real
 » 15 September MoviePass, Too Good To Be True, Has Finally Died
 » 15 September Twenty Years Ago, Reality Shows ‘Broke TV’ And Paved The Way For Today
 » 15 September Gender Bias In Museums Goes All The Way Down To The Fossil Collections
 » 14 September Why Are Books Rectangular? This Is Why
 » 14 September When Words Fail Us
 » 14 September Historian Presenting Lecture On Controversial Musician Gets Shut Down And Banned
 » 14 September YouTube Says It Will Crack Down On Manipulation Of Music Charts
 » 14 September Should Ghost Writers Speak Out Against Their Subjects?
 » 14 September YouTube Steps Up Removal Of Hate Videos
 » 14 September A Short History Of TV’s “Golden Ages”
 » 14 September Celebrity Series of Boston seeks Director of Finance
 » 14 September U Kentucky, College of Fine Arts, Assistant Professor in Arts Administration
 » 14 September Francisco Obieta's work recognized
 » 13 September Review: A Pianist Is the Muse for a Flood of Zorn
 » 13 September Why Did American Classical Music “Stay White”?
 » 13 September EU Bans Resale Of Ebooks
 » 13 September Lyric Opera Of Chicago Names Music Director To Succeed Retiring Andrew Davis
 » 13 September New Jersey Becomes First US State To Offer Arts Education To All Students
 » 13 September Turkey Moves Ahead With Dam That Will Flood 10,000-Year-Old City
 » 13 September Facing “Severe Cash Flow Issues”, Nevada Public Radio Lays Off All Staffers In Reno
 » 13 September Behind The Feud Between DC’s Mayor And Its Arts Commission
 » 13 September Mardik Martin, Screenwriter For Martin Scorsese, Dead At 82
 » 13 September Why Is Netflix Canceling So Many Shows?
 » 13 September ‘Unmanly Grief’ — Performing A Trans Hamlet
 » 13 September What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Amazon Says It Will Let Random People Give Answers For Alexa Questions
 » 13 September After 40 Years, ‘For Colored Girls’ Returns, As A Celebration And As A Weapon, To The Theatre Where It Was Born
 » 13 September The Reinvention Of Opera Philadelphia
 » 13 September Flutist Eugenia Zukerman On Dealing With Her Alzheimer’s
 » 13 September Dvorák Was Sure ‘Negro Melodies’ Would Be The Foundation Of American Classical Music. Why Did It Remain So White?
 » 13 September What’s This About Classical Music Evolving?
 » 13 September 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 13 September At Age 100, Henry Danton Is Still Teaching Ballet
 » 13 September Now: Point Your Phone At Any Art And Find Out What It Is
 » 13 September Why Fewer Americans Are Volunteering
 » 13 September Disney Wants To Limit Profit Sharing For Creators Of Hit Shows
 » 13 September People Are Moving Out Of America’s Largest Cities
 » 13 September Lyric Opera Of Chicago Picks A New Music Director
 » 13 September How Can The Arts Be More Diverse When The Structure Isn’t Set Up For It?
 » 12 September 10 Months of Classical Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss
 » 12 September Bach Was a Musician’s Companion to Tragedy
 » 12 September Community Engagement Resources
 » 12 September $8.27 Million & Counting: Metropolitan Museum’s Disposable Irving Gift of Chinese Art
 » 12 September Is This The Last Botticelli Left In Private Hands?
 » 12 September Susan Kamil, Beloved Editor Of Famous Authors, Dead At 69
 » 12 September Is It Now A Strike And Not A Lockout? Baltimore Symphony Musicians Reject Both Contract Offer And Play-And-Talk Offer
 » 12 September Film Festivals Cost Their Host Cities A Lot — Are They Worth It?
 » 12 September Do We Have No Choice But To Stan? How Fan Culture Is Swallowing Democracy
 » 12 September Conductor Anthony Parnther Knows The Effect Seeing A Black Conductor On The Podium Can Have
 » 12 September American Is New Chief Conductor Of BBC National Orchestra Of Wales
 » 12 September Drought Reveals Ancient Long-Hidden “Spanish Stonehenge”
 » 12 September This Off-Broadway Play Was So Fraught, It Hired Post-Show Counselors For The Audience. Now It’s Headed To Broadway — Can Broadway Handle It?
 » 12 September Defining What A Museum Is: More Than Collecting, An Ideology?
 » 12 September How Urban Dictionary Went From Treasure Trove To Cesspit
 » 12 September The Rebel Conductor With A New Vision For Classical Music
 » 12 September How Conservators Keep Art Made With Day-Glo Pigments Glowing
 » 12 September Who Cares Where The Money Comes From If It’s Given Anonymously? Well…
 » 12 September Clara Schumann, Music’s Unsung Renaissance Woman
 » 12 September Richard Conrad, Briefly a Bel Canto Star, Dies at 84
 » 12 September Riccardo Muti On The Post-Strike Chicago Symphony
 » 12 September Larry Gagosian: “You Always Have To Be On The Side Of The Artist”
 » 12 September What About The Morals Of Raising Money?
 » 12 September What Robert Frank’s Camera Saw: A Legacy
 » 12 September 50 Years Ago: Pittsburgh’s Big Bang Of Dance
 » 12 September Toronto International Film Festival’s Stellar Record At Predicting Hits
 » 12 September Why Is A Looted Mayan Sculpture Going Up For Auction?
 » 12 September Ohio State seeks Assistant Professor of Arts Management
 » 12 September Executive Director, Theatre Forward
 » 12 September Julia Wolfe awarded ‘Genius Grant’
 » 11 September Classical music news. Plácido Domingo
 » 11 September Classical music news. STEIM 50 Years
 » 11 September Classical music news. Learn to Conduct in London
 » 11 September Savior or Charlatan? A Punk Maestro Jolts Classical Music
 » 11 September Neil Montanus, Who Took The Enormous Colorama Photos Displayed At Grand Central Station, Dead At 92
 » 11 September Robert Frank, Influential Photographer Of Postwar America, Dead At 94
 » 11 September Ex-L.A. Opera Staffer Gives Eyewitness Testimony Of Plácido Domingo Kissing And Groping Women
 » 11 September Art Institute Of Chicago Plans Major Long-Term Makeover Of Its Campus
 » 11 September Choreographer David Bintley On 24 Years Running Birmingham Royal Ballet, And On Why He Left
 » 11 September An Israeli TV Series Shows The Jewish State Locked In Civil War
 » 11 September Mezzo Dolora Zajick Will Retire From Opera Next Year
 » 11 September How Local Dialects Work
 » 11 September A Stage Combat Consultancy Run Entirely By Women
 » 11 September Now Here’s A Marketing Challenge: Rebranding London’s Vagina Museum
 » 11 September Saving Endangered Indigenous Languages By Digitizing Them Is A Tricky Business, And Not Just Technically
 » 11 September The Long And Ugly Fight Over Copyright To Emily Dickinson’s Work
 » 11 September New Canadian Indie Press Isn’t What It Seems
 » 11 September Will Artificial Intelligence Change Our Relationship With Religion?
 » 11 September In 1913, Edith Wharton Created An Anti-Heroine For The 21st Century
 » 11 September Scientists Find Anomaly In Dead Sea Scrolls That Casts Doubts On Origin
 » 11 September The Shocking Costs Of Doing Art History Research
 » 11 September Do Arts Organization Boards Need To Be Battlegrounds?
 » 11 September Let The Uproar Begin: English National Opera To Take Away Critics’ Companion Tickets
 » 11 September Study: Forty Percent Of UK Arts Organizations Pay Junior Staff Less Than Living Wages
 » 11 September Italy Might Keep Its Foreign-Born Museum Directors After All
 » 11 September President and Chief Executive Officer
 » 11 September Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
 » 10 September The Berlin Philharmonic’s Anti-Anti-Maestro
 » 10 September ‘Psycho’ and ‘Close Encounters’ Roll at the Philharmonic
 » 10 September The United States’ Most ‘Arts-Vibrant’ Cities: Report
 » 10 September Kansas City Symphony Music Director Michael Stern Renews For Three Years, Will Then Retire
 » 10 September DC Mayor Locks City’s Arts Commission Out Of Its Storage Vault
 » 10 September The Agreed-Upon Definition Of Museum Will Not Be Changed — For Now
 » 10 September Canceling ‘Cancel Culture’ — Would That Even Be Necessary?
 » 10 September Baltimore Symphony Musicians File Charges With National Labor Relations Board
 » 10 September Peter Nichols, Playwright Of ‘A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg’ And ‘Privates On Parade’, Dead At 92
 » 10 September Why Birds Have Been Such Powerful Symbols Throughout History
 » 10 September PBS NewsHour Visits Cambodia’s All-Gay-Male Classical Dance Troupe
 » 10 September How “Ulysses” Became A Scandal And Changed The Definition Of Obscenity In America
 » 10 September Do You Want More Audiences and Donors?
 » 10 September There’s One American TV Show That Depicts Labor With Real Dignity
 » 10 September Are Bots Defining Your Aesthetic? (Of Course They Are)
 » 10 September Can Card Tricks Make The World A Better Place? These Magicians Are Giving It A Try
 » 10 September How We Think About Intelligence Warps How We Think About People
 » 10 September Gaudeamus Award 2019 to Kelley Sheehan
 » 10 September Are Streaming Services Making It More Difficult For Canadians To See Canadian Films?
 » 10 September Is American Poetry Too Snooty?
 » 10 September We’re Rich. So Why Do We Work Even Harder?
 » 10 September Chief Curator – Harley-Davidson Museum
 » 10 September The Arts’ Funding Model Failure To Pay Living Wages Need To Change
 » 10 September Managing Director – Everyman Theatre
 » 10 September Petrenko’s Conservative Debut With Berlin Philharmonic Is Troubling
 » 10 September Performance Art Is Hot Right Now. But There’s A Problem…
 » 10 September BMI, The Performance Rights Administrator Announces Record Collections For Musicians
 » 10 September Ellen Reid receives Pulitzer Prize
 » 10 September James Horner Composition Endowed Scholarship established
 » 10 September Austrian State Prize for Thomas Larcher
 » 9 September Classical music news. Obituary
 » 9 September The Star Of Crazy Rich Asians On Women Of Color In Hollywood
 » 9 September Many New Accusers And Sources In Book About Harvey Weinstein
 » 9 September You Probably Didn’t Know Cheetos Had A Fashion Show
 » 9 September Update On The Progress Of The Boy Thrown From The 10th Floor Of The Tate Modern
 » 9 September Disney’s Big British Move Raises Concerns
 » 9 September How Can A World Run By Big Data And AI Better Reflect The Real World, Including People Of Color?
 » 9 September Camilo Sesto, Spain’s Romantic Songwriter And Pop Singer, Has Died At 72
 » 9 September Can An Opera Company Do ‘Butterfly’ Without Offensive Stereotypes?
 » 9 September The Muslim Woman Who Photographed The Last Synagogue In This British Town
 » 9 September Opera Union, Not Trusting Opera Companies, Opens Investigation Into Allegations Against Placido Domingo
 » 9 September Is Instagram Ruining Architecture?
 » 9 September How Do People Win Dance And Other Reality Competition Shows?
 » 9 September How To Get Paid For Your Writing
 » 9 September The Plan To Turn Spotify Into The Ultimate Podcast Hub
 » 9 September Sure, Whitman Self-Published, But That Doesn’t Mean Everyone Should
 » 9 September The Cleveland Institute Of Music’s Plan To Get Better: Get Smaller
 » 9 September Ceiling Collapses At The Portland Art Museum
 » 9 September Judy Chicago Reclaims Her Place In Art
 » 9 September How Conspiracy Theorists Are Building (And Rebuilding) Their Own Networks
 » 9 September Fashion Houses Pull Out Of Fashion Week Events At The Shed
 » 9 September Thomas Heatherwick Defends His Hudson Yards Installation
 » 9 September A Battle Over “Another” Mona Lisa
 » 9 September Nothing Says ‘This Movie Needs Your Attention’ Like A Mass Walkout
 » 9 September After Controversy, Jewish Theatre Artists In Britain Form Collective To Draft ‘Best Practices ‘Guide
 » 9 September How Should Writers Deal With Climate Change?
 » 9 September What Did The Venice Film Festival Just Say To Women And The MeToo Movement?
 » 8 September Classical music news. Barlow Winners
 » 8 September Review: A Bristly Interloper in Music’s Dog Days
 » 8 September Anticolonial Creative Collaboration and the Development of ‘Mirror Butterfly’
 » 8 September Anthony Parnther Finds Inspiration Everywhere
 » 8 September History forgot these female composers. An L.A. music writer is helping us remember
 » 8 September Opera North: The Leeds-based company offering sanctuary to refugees
 » 8 September The Lakota Music Project finds common ground through collaboration
 » 8 September Latino artists help illuminate what it means to be Hispanic in Kansas City
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