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 » 19 November A Movie Project BootCamp That Uses AI To Cull
 » 19 November Next Up In Cancel Culture: Gauguin?
 » 19 November What Makes A Great American Song?
 » 19 November Why Centrism Is No Longer At The Center Of Our Politics
 » 19 November Thousands Of Subscribers Say They Were Hacked After Signing Up For Disney+
 » 19 November White House Announces Trump’s First National Medal Of Arts Winners
 » 19 November Martin Filler: MoMA’s Growth Imperative
 » 18 November The Chicago Symphony’s Brass Is World-Famous. Hear It Blast.
 » 18 November This Woman Had More Than 70,000 Shows That News Stations Lost, Deleted, And Recorded Over
 » 18 November The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tours For Seven Weeks A Year, And Pulls In $60 Million
 » 18 November Indie Hit ‘The Farewell’ Should Totally Win Oscars, Right? But Which Oscars?
 » 18 November The Artist Who ‘Kidnapped’ A Banksy Statue Says Sotheby’s Is Selling A Stolen Banksy
 » 18 November How Has The Current President Affected Publishing? [AUDIO]
 » 18 November Post-Moonves CBS Is Doing Better, Right? Uh, Two Writers Just Quit Over A Sexual Harassment Complaint
 » 18 November As Cord-Cutting Becomes Bundling, The Price Is Going Up
 » 18 November Terry O’Neill, British Photographer Of The Beatles And A Lot More Celebrities, Has Died At 81
 » 18 November Researchers Transcribe Tablets, Cook Meal Made Up Of Recipes That Are 4,000 Years Old
 » 18 November Theatre, We Have A Problem
 » 18 November Figurative Painting Is Dead, Right?
 » 18 November How Women In The Director’s Chair Can Benefit The Women Starring In The Movies
 » 18 November Is It Appropriate For A Children’s Exhibition To Have Links To One Of The World’s Biggest Weaponry Manufacturers?
 » 18 November The Real Streaming Era Has Begun
 » 18 November How The Feminist Art Coalition Is Changing The United States In 2020
 » 18 November Good Vibrations: A Theory Of Our Consciousness
 » 18 November We Are Our Memories, Right? So When We Get Dementia…
 » 18 November A Life In Art: Dick Waller At 90
 » 18 November How Some Russian Theatres Are Addressing Social Issues
 » 18 November Iran Shuts Down The Internet Inside The Country
 » 18 November When Contemporary Theatre Struggles To Keep Up With The News
 » 18 November Elizabeth Warren, AOC Weigh In On Taylor Swift’s Music Catalog Dispute
 » 18 November Laid-Off Marciano Foundation Target LAXart Board Member
 » 18 November Egypt Officially Criminalizes Climbing The Pyramids
 » 18 November GoFundMe Isn’t Just For Health Care Or Funerals In The U.S., But Also For Ballet Costumes
 » 18 November The 1920s Secret Society Of Women Writers At Oxford
 » 18 November In The Wake Of Apparent Hostility Toward Black Guest Curator, The Guggenheim Hires Its First Full-Time Black Woman Curator
 » 17 November An outsider artist’s unblinking look at racial terror
 » 17 November This artist brings Native folklore to life with artwork you can touch
 » 17 November Arts in Society: A Case Study in Collaborative Cross-Sector Grantmaking
 » 17 November Continuing Embrace of Equity: Bonfils-Stanton’s Journey
 » 17 November Bloomberg Philanthropies Launches Asphalt Art Initiative, Providing Cities How-To Guidance to Transform Streets and Public Spaces with Artwork
 » 17 November Open Society Foundations Launches Program To Advance Diverse Artistic Practices
 » 17 November Sphinx Virtuosi “For Justice and Peace” Confronts Social Justice Issues
 » 17 November The Theaster Gates project Black Monastic is all about preserving black art and culture in all forms
 » 17 November Dallas Opera’s Hart Institute attempts to correct gender inequality among conductors
 » 17 November The Trash Pirates Of Art (And Music Festivals)
 » 17 November George Takei Says He Spent Way Too Much Money On The Broadway Musical ‘Allegiance’
 » 17 November The Neurological Connections Between Gorgeous Landscapes And Our Relentless Desire To Photograph Them
 » 17 November Disney Spent A Lot Of Money And A Quarter-Century Getting The Internet Wrong
 » 17 November Nan Goldin Leads A Die-In At London’s V&A Over The Sackler Courtyard’s Name
 » 17 November Carol Brightman, The Chronicler Of The Dead, Has Died At 80
 » 17 November Dora Maar, Long Known As Picasso’s Muse, Gets Her Own Billing Now
 » 17 November How To Follow Up A Number One Bestseller: Throw Away Your Internet
 » 17 November In The UK, Money Means Co-Productions, And That Means Regional Theatres Will Lose Their Identities
 » 17 November The Secret Life Of The Audiobook Star
 » 17 November Boston Children’s Theatre Dumps Its Executive Director, Says It’s Time To Clean House
 » 17 November The Effort It Takes To Appear Real And Effortless On The Stage
 » 17 November Baltimore Art Museum Will Only Buy Art By Women In 2020
 » 17 November Music For The Birds
 » 17 November Hong Kong Music Festival Canceled Because Of Protests
 » 16 November At the Boston Symphony, Andris Nelsons Still Seeks an Identity
 » 16 November ‘She Walks Like A Bird, But That Bird Is A Duck’ — Loie Fuller, The Unlikely Dance Superstar Of Fin-De-Siècle Paris
 » 16 November Fans And The False Intimacy Of Podcasts
 » 16 November City Of Seattle Is Reorganizing Support For A “Creative Cluster.” Movie And Music Unions Aren’t Happy
 » 16 November Will The New Streaming Landscape Help Or Hurt The Movies?
 » 16 November Michael Kaiser’s Prescription For Saving The Baltimore Symphony
 » 16 November The Dismal Art: Economics Seems To Have Detached From Reality. So Why Does Anyone Listen?
 » 16 November Gabriel Yared to receive Max Steiner Award
 » 15 November Classical music news. The Great Composers
 » 15 November Conrad Tao Was Never Just Another Prodigy
 » 15 November Review: A Young Conductor Makes a Major Philharmonic Debut
 » 15 November Venice Floods: No Damage To Artworks, Say Museums
 » 15 November Attempt To Steal Rembrandt Paintings Stopped By Police
 » 15 November Detroit Symphony To Give Free Instrument And Lessons To Any Detroit Child Who Wants Them
 » 15 November New Prize For Arts And Social Activism To Be Named For Lena Horne
 » 15 November Mo’Nique Sues Netflix For Gender And Racial Discrimination Over Lowball Pay Offer
 » 15 November Urban Dictionary Has Become A Research Tool, A Legal Resource, And Sometimes Even A Style Arbiter
 » 15 November Using Aroma As A Stage Effect
 » 15 November A Theory About Being A Jerk (Yes, We’re Talking About You)
 » 15 November The Latest Jobs Program For Actors? Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Videos
 » 15 November Disney+ Is Attaching Warnings To Its Classic Movies About “Outdated Cultural Depictions”
 » 15 November ‘Setting Us Up To Fail’: More One-Quarter Of Australia’s Arts Organizations To Lose Federal Funding
 » 15 November Idagio Launches Free Classical Music Service
 » 15 November After One Week Of Freedom, Turkish Author Ahmet Altan Is Re-Arrested
 » 15 November Anish Kapoor: On The Artist’s Voice
 » 15 November Lifetime Achievement Award for John Kinsella
 » 15 November 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 15 November She Gave Up On A Pro Basketball Career To Sing Opera. Now She’s One Of The Met’s Next Stars
 » 15 November Root Of All Music: The Marginalized Fringe
 » 15 November Why People’s Choice Awards Mostly Get It Wrong
 » 15 November Should We Worry About Knowing The Social Class Of Our Audiences?
 » 15 November How Gentrification Squeezes Out Culture
 » 15 November Next-Gen Critics?
 » 15 November Can Movies Help Preserve Indigenous Languages?
 » 15 November Call for Applications: Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises at Northwestern University
 » 15 November United Arts of Central Florida – President and CEO
 » 15 November Associate Director of Artistic Planning
 » 15 November The Phoenix Symphony, Chief Development Officer
 » 14 November He Left His 310-Year-Old Violin on a Train. He Retrieved It in a Parking Lot.
 » 14 November Review: A Pianist Reveals Bach’s Inner Dancer
 » 14 November Desperate Rio Art Museum Gives Layoff Notice To All Staff, May Shut Down
 » 14 November Arts Institutions In Venice Reeling From Record Flooding
 » 14 November Philadelphia Has Had A Major Antiquities Museum For Well Over A Century. Finally, It’s Truly Welcoming The Public.
 » 14 November Joshua Bell Extends As Music Director Of Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields To 2023
 » 14 November The One-Sentence-1,000-Pages Novel Missed Out On The Booker, But It’s Won This Prize
 » 14 November Why Do We Even Need Fiction? Asks Isaac Bashevis Singer
 » 14 November Should We Be Casting Only Disabled Young Actors As Tiny Tim In ‘A Christmas Carol’?
 » 14 November How Technology Has Changed How Comic Books Are Made
 » 14 November Ballet Helps Veteran Recover From PTSD
 » 14 November China Gives Surprise Endorsement For Greece’s Campaign To Get Parthenon Marbles Back
 » 14 November Why Wile E. Coyote Is A Great Mythic Protagonist
 » 14 November LACMA’s Fundraising For New Building Has Stalled
 » 14 November Shoji Sadao, 92, Architect Who Realized Visions Of Buckminster Fuller And Isamu Noguchi
 » 14 November Why Curtis Institute May Have Been Ripe For Abuse
 » 14 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 14 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 14 November A ‘Stabat Mater’ for the 21st Century, Colored by a Composer’s Faith
 » 14 November Jayne Wrightsman’s “No Loans” Edict for Gifts & Bequests to the Metropolitan Museum
 » 14 November The ‘Mattress Monster’: Yvonne Rainer Recreates One Of Her Oddest Avant-Garde Dances From The 1960s
 » 14 November The End Of The “Rude” Press
 » 14 November Why I Love “Bad” Movies
 » 14 November Why Britain’s Working Classes Are In To The Classics
 » 14 November A “Decade Of Reckoning” For Classical Music
 » 14 November Why Netflix Shouldn’t Give In To Movie Theatres For Its Releases
 » 14 November On Words Out Of Cultural Context And Banning Or Favoriting Them
 » 14 November Digital Marketing Manager opportunity at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
 » 14 November BAM seeks a charismatic VP, Development
 » 13 November 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 13 November The Salzburg Festival Prepares to Turn 100
 » 13 November Cristian Macelaru Appointed Music Director Of Orchestre National De France
 » 13 November The Movement To Turn Away BP’s Money Is Giving Britain’s Arts Fundraisers Heartburn
 » 13 November Zadie Smith Is Writing Her First Play, A Take On Chaucer
 » 13 November DC’s National Symphony Is Launching Its Own Record Label
 » 13 November Barnes & Noble Is Starting Its Own Book Of The Year Prize
 » 13 November Are Embassy Officials Using Diplomatic Immunity As Cover For Stealing Art?
 » 13 November Jan Erik Kongshaug, Revered Recording Engineer, Dead At 75
 » 13 November Marin Alsop: Baltimore Symphony Has A Creativity Problem
 » 13 November How Do Movies Get Edited For Airlines To Show In-Flight? ‘Recklessly’
 » 13 November Cookie Monster’s Lifelong Love Affair With Art
 » 13 November New Documentary Play Takes On Human Trafficking
 » 13 November New York’s Iconic Drama Bookstore Finds A New Home After Rents Forced It Out
 » 13 November Amos Oz And The Challenges Of A Language Brought Back From The Dead
 » 13 November Pop Culture (For Good Or Bad) Unites Us Culturally. Will Streaming Wars Disrupt This?
 » 13 November Second German Film Music Prize for Reichelt
 » 13 November Classical music news. Martín García García
 » 13 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 13 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 13 November Duo Ruut plays at the Sharq Taronalari Festival
 » 13 November Big Learning Curve for Sotheby’s New CEO in a Season of Lowered Expectations: My Q&As
 » 13 November Why Are There So Many Asian-American Hip-Hop Dance Crews? Community
 » 13 November How Sesame Street Got To Be 50 And Stay Relevant
 » 13 November Normalizing The Edges. But At What Cost?
 » 13 November Sabotage? Andras Schiff Went To Conduct The Montreal Symphony. It Didn’t Go Well
 » 13 November Ready For The National Medal Of Arts, Trump Edition?
 » 13 November The Paralyzed Dancer Who Chooses to Dance
 » 13 November Martin Scorsese’s Cogent Critique Of The Hollywood System
 » 12 November Arts Groups In Belgium’s Richest Region Brace For (More) Funding Cuts
 » 12 November Another Movie About Nigerians Disqualified From Oscars’ Best International Feature Category
 » 12 November ‘Carpetbaggers’ Keeping Aboriginal Australian Artists In ‘Modern-Day Slavery’, Say Advocates
 » 12 November Who’s The US’s Busiest Publisher Of Literature In Translation? Amazon
 » 12 November Indie Publishers Nervous As Amazon Cuts Way Back On Orders For Holiday Gift Season
 » 12 November Seattle’s Intiman Theatre May Be Pulling Itself Away From The Edge Of The Cliff
 » 12 November A Body-Language Expert Analyzes Conductors’ Gestures
 » 12 November Russia’s Greatest Napoleonic Reenactor (That’s A Thing, Apparently) Pulled Drunk Out Of River With His Girl Friend’s Arms In His Backpack
 » 12 November Boy Thrown From Tate Modern Balcony Can Now Move Legs
 » 12 November Don’t Hear As Well As You Used To? Here’s Why
 » 12 November Inside The 1811 Louisiana Slave Rebellion Re-Enactment
 » 12 November Seattle Is Losing Its Film And Music Production Business
 » 12 November Shelley Duvall’s Performance In ‘The Shining’ Was Actually Brilliant
 » 12 November Seeing Broadway While Brown
 » 12 November Julia Wolfe awarded ‘Genius Grant’
 » 12 November Éliane Radigue wins Giga-Herz Award
 » 12 November Bill Mays And Bobby Shew Then … & Mays Now
 » 12 November Porgy — Take Four
 » 12 November Discriminatingly Nondiscriminatory: MoMA Expands the Canon (But Leaves Out Native Americans)
 » 12 November French Theatre That Kids Find More Compelling Than Their Screens
 » 12 November Last Year Archaeologists Dated Cave Paintings In Spain Back To The Neanderthals. Were They Wrong?
 » 12 November Machines Become More Creative When They’re Allowed To Wander
 » 12 November Art Auction Guarantees Are Losing Popularity. Will This Crash The Market?
 » 12 November UK Publishers, Booksellers Wrestle With Selling Right Wing Books
 » 12 November Dance As Opportunity In The Slums Of Rio
 » 12 November Comedian David Mitchell: The Internet Has Been A Disaster For Culture
 » 12 November Dean, Ira Brind School of Theater Arts
 » 12 November Ellen Reid receives Pulitzer Prize
 » 12 November James Horner Composition Endowed Scholarship established
 » 12 November Austrian State Prize for Thomas Larcher
 » 12 November Gaudeamus Award 2019 to Kelley Sheehan
 » 11 November Is It Worth Waiting Two Hours In Line For A Few Minutes In A Kusama Infinity Mirrored Room?
 » 11 November Should The LA Phil Take Over The Ford Theatre?
 » 11 November Broadway Is Becoming A Place For Chummy Nights With Actors And Their Fanbases
 » 11 November Why Does The Minnesota Orchestra Do Overseas Tours?
 » 11 November The Paris Review’s New Poetry Editor Has Hope For The Future Of Literature
 » 11 November A New Sculpture For Brooklyn’s New ‘Golden Age’
 » 11 November Sesame Street Had A 50th Birthday Party, But Who Was The Audience?
 » 11 November The Chattanooga Symphony And Its Concertmaster Are At Serious Odds
 » 11 November The Director Of The Planned CGI James Dean Movie Says It’s Not A Gimmick
 » 11 November Watching Americans Watch Parades
 » 11 November The Hate It Or Love It Hitler Joke Of Taika Waititi’s ‘Jojo Rabbit’
 » 11 November Like It Or Not (Probably You Do Not), Kim Kardashian Represents America
 » 11 November National Galleries Scotland Is The Latest Arts Organization To End Its Ties To BP
 » 11 November Some Schmuck In Idaho Keeps Hiding Library Books
 » 11 November Laurel Griggs, Actor On Broadway And ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Has Died At Age 13
 » 11 November Production Company Pulls Out Of Iconic Seattle Festival
 » 11 November Local News May Be Dying, But NPR Stations Are Growing Quickly
 » 11 November Lin-Manuel Miranda On The Role Of Artists In Uncertain Times
 » 11 November Lauren Gunderson On Giving (And Getting) Voice In The Theatre
 » 11 November UK Report: Traditional Music Manager Role Has Become Unsustainable
 » 11 November Woody Allen, Amazon Studios Settle $68 Million Lawsuit
 » 11 November Douglas Q. Barnett, Seattle’s Black Theatre Founder And African American Theatre History Author, Has Died At 88
 » 11 November Instagram Wants To Kill ‘Like’ Counts
 » 11 November Shop Dogs, Custom Roasted Coffee, And Other Wild Things On Author Websites
 » 11 November Here’s A Snowflake From The First Full-Length ‘Nutcracker’ In The U.S.
 » 11 November Joan Tower elected Composer of the Year
 » 10 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 10 November A City Divided: How Chicago’s theatre scene reflects its legacy of racism — and what can be done to fight it
 » 10 November How this Native pottery master was molded by his family’s legacy
 » 10 November Who Belongs on Chicago Stages? Everyone
 » 10 November Is There a Black Acting Method? A Symposium Makes the Case
 » 10 November For Teresita Fernández, Personal Is Political
 » 10 November An Art Program in Los Angeles Proposes Ways to Address Homelessness
 » 10 November Ed Bereal Brings Edgy to Bellingham
 » 10 November In the #MeToo Era, Museums Celebrate Women
 » 10 November In Miami, the Murals Are the Message
 » 10 November Displaying, not Hiding, the Reality of Slave Labor in Art
 » 10 November Wendell Pierce: ‘I Still Have Fear, But Now I Have Courage’
 » 10 November Baltimore Museum Of Art Remaking American Art History
 » 10 November How this dance studio connects adopted children to their native roots
 » 10 November ‘Public art is propaganda, frankly’: Hank Willis Thomas discusses gun violence and the urgent need for alternative memorials
 » 10 November Howard Sherman: Seeing a favourite show performed in Sing Sing gave it a fresh meaning
 » 10 November Building Racial Equity in Public Art Funding: A Seattle Story
 » 10 November The Role of Foundations in Achieving Creative Justice
 » 10 November Are Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements Effective Tools for Foundations?
 » 10 November Pioneering classical harpist joins Albany Symphony at Albany Civil Rights Institute
 » 10 November Afro Yaqui Music Collective Works to Resurrect Silenced Voices
 » 10 November Singer wants to ‘un-whitewash’ classical music history with free Boston concerts
 » 10 November Preorder Your Books From Indie Bookstores
 » 10 November McSweeney’s Internet Tendency Is Now Old Enough To Drink Legally
 » 10 November What Happens When A Renowned Flutist Gets Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s?
 » 10 November The Rise – And Importance – Of Asian American Dance Groups
 » 10 November Valentine Monnier Is The Sixth Woman To Accuse Roman Polanski Of Raping Her When She Was A Teen
 » 10 November Laid-Off Marciano Art Foundation Staffers Protest At The Museum’s Building In Los Angeles
 » 10 November Maria Perego, Who Created The Mouse Puppet Topo Gigio, Has Died At 95
 » 10 November How Reassuring: Manet Used Tracing Paper To Make Doodles Look Effortless
 » 10 November Why Would The Oscars Reject A Nigerian Film For Its Language?
 » 10 November Gillian Jagger, Sculptor Who Used Trees And Animal Carcasses, Has Died At 88
 » 10 November The Artist Obsessed With Worms
 » 10 November A Bookstore With A Mission, Surviving In The Midst Of Book Business Upheaval
 » 10 November The Design Of ‘English-Style’ Gardens Owes A Lot To China And Japan
 » 10 November The Greta Thunberg Of The Theatre
 » 10 November So They Hired Phoebe Waller-Bridge Of ‘Fleabag’ Fame To Help The James Bond Movies Out
 » 10 November Is Memoir Writing Selfish?
 » 9 November A ‘Riverdance’ Alum Who’s Now Trying To Strip Away Every Cliché Of Irish Dance
 » 9 November How About Supporting Artists Above Productions?
 » 9 November Australia Revives Old Small Rural Halls To Create Performance Network
 » 9 November Record LGBTQ Representation On US TV Series This Year
 » 9 November Trust Science? We Need To Know Why
 » 9 November Sudden Closing Of LA’s Marciano Foundation Raises Questions About Private Arts Institutions
 » 9 November Director of Programming Opportunity with Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio
 » 9 November Zadie Smith On The Tyranny Of Algorithms That Narrow Our Taste
 » 9 November Director of Sales & Customer Relations
 » 9 November Michigan Opera Theatre seeks Director of Operations and Patron Experiences
 » 8 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 8 November Classical music news. A Tour of Great Britain
 » 8 November Review: A Teenage Virtuoso Prevails in a Liszt Endurance Test
 » 8 November Stephen Dixon, ‘Experimental Realist’ Author, Dead At 83
 » 8 November The Massive Embezzlement Scandal That Nearly Brought Down Barcelona’s Most Beautiful Concert Hall
 » 8 November The Half-Billion-Dollar Expansion At Houston’s Museum Of Fine Arts Has An Opening Date In Sight
 » 8 November Leonardo And His Lovers: The Opera
 » 8 November There Were Women Authors In England Centuries Earlier Than We’d Thought
 » 8 November Opera’s Woman Problem: There Just Aren’t Enough Of Them In Decision-Making Roles
 » 8 November Shell Shock 1919: How World War I Changed Culture
 » 8 November American Theatre Depends On European State Investment
 » 8 November The Guardian’s New Chief Theatre Critic Is Neither White Nor Male
 » 8 November The Mysterious Alchemy Of How We Generate New Ideas
 » 8 November America’s First Banned Book, Published And Suppressed Back In 1637
 » 8 November Want To Learn More? Trust More
 » 8 November Artist Dread Scott Is Re-Enacting The United States’ Largest Slave Rebellion
 » 8 November Curtis Institute Screwed Up Responding To Sexual Abuse Charges. Now It Has Hired Investigators
 » 8 November Cristóbal Halffter receives Spanish Music Prize
 » 8 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 8 November Classical music news. Obituary
 » 8 November 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 8 November The twenty-five record albums that changed my life (18)
 » 8 November Why Jeremy O. Harris Had A Special Performance Of His ‘Slave Play’ For A Black Audience
 » 8 November ‘Slave Play’ Author Jeremy O. Harris Has Made For Himself A ‘For Colored Girls’-Style ‘Choreopoem’
 » 8 November Washington DC Is Getting A Museum Devoted To Language
 » 8 November The Trance Effects Of Arts
 » 8 November Ted Gioia: Music As A Cultural Storage Medium
 » 8 November Armenian Monuments That Stood Centuries Are Completely Wiped Out
 » 8 November No One’s Buying Mark Halperin’s Book. His Publisher Says Its “Cancel Culture”
 » 8 November Inside China’s Sprawling Movie City Sets
 » 8 November The Peace Center seeks a Vice President, Operations
 » 8 November Director of Development
 » 7 November Philip Glass Is Too Busy to Care About Legacy
 » 7 November Review: Mythical Twins Inspire Music Divided in Two
 » 7 November Response to The Chasm of Disbelief
 » 7 November Catherine Deneuve Hospitalized After Minor Stroke
 » 7 November A Picasso And Giacometti Museum Will Open Next Year In Beijing
 » 7 November Ceiling Caves In During West End ‘Death Of A Salesman’, Five Injured
 » 7 November Trump’s Justice Dept. Threatens Publisher Of Book By Anonymous Administration Official
 » 7 November James Dean, Who Died 64 Years Ago, To Star In New Film
 » 7 November Philip Glass Has Zero Interest In A Legacy (But Lots Of Interest In ‘Selling Out’)
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