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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 20 May Classical music news. Obituary
 » 20 May Classical music news. Obituary
 » 20 May Classical music news. Christopher Gabbitas Appointment
 » 20 May Classical music news. Chagall Quartet Tour
 » 20 May Classical music news. Olympic Voices
 » 20 May Review: One Afternoon, Two Spectacular Orchestras
 » 20 May Planets Are Piling Up, But There’s A Size Missing
 » 20 May The Fruits Of Alexei Ratmansky’s 10-Year Partnership With American Ballet Theater
 » 20 May At Cannes, The EU Examines Gender Disparity Among Critics
 » 20 May After Trump Blacklists China’s Huawei, Google Suspends Some Business With The Company
 » 20 May When Two Genre Writers Talk To Two Creative Writing Teachers, Sparks Fly
 » 20 May The Problem With Facebook And Twitter, And Politics? Flow
 » 20 May Elena Ferrante: Storytelling Has Been Wrested From Men, And Its Power Now Rests In Women’s Hands
 » 20 May A Playwright Says It’s Time To Dismantle Theatre’s Hierarchy
 » 20 May A Theatre In Western New York Cast A White Woman To Play The Enslaved Character Tituba In ‘The Crucible’
 » 20 May Hollywood Is Stressing Out Over The Elton John Biopic Because It’s ‘So Gay’
 » 20 May Shepard Fairey And 30 Other Artists ‘Transform’ An LA High School With Huge Murals
 » 20 May James Arkatov, Founder Of The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Has Died At 98
 » 20 May Book Clubs Are Getting Rather Niche
 » 20 May Sammy Shore, Co-Founder Of The Comedy Store, Has Died At 92
 » 20 May How The LA Phil Turned A Beethoven Concerto Marathon Into More Of A Relay
 » 20 May Could New “Indie” Social Media Sites Solve What’s Bad About Social Media?
 » 20 May How To make The SATs More Fair? Adversity Algorithms?
 » 20 May The Experts Problem: Why Generalists Out-perform Experts
 » 20 May Colleagues Remember I.M. Pei
 » 20 May Does A New Classical Music Streaming Service Solve The Meta-Data Problem?
 » 20 May The Problem With Eternity (And What To Do About It)
 » 20 May New Financing, New Partners: Woodstock 50 Is On Again?
 » 20 May The Suburbification Of The Urban Landscape
 » 20 May One Talent Agency Breaks Ranks, Sides With Writers
 » 20 May Herman Wouk, Author Of ‘The Caine Mutiny’ And Perennial Best-Selling Writer, Has Died At 103
 » 20 May The Vanishing Stars Of Bengali Folk Theatre
 » 20 May Ruth Beckford, Often The Only Black Dancer In Modern Dance Companies, Has Died At 93
 » 19 May U.S. Film Companies Haven’t Entirely Given Up On Foreign Films
 » 19 May Eurovision: The Netherlands Wins, Madonna Flops, And Iceland May Have Gotten Itself Banned
 » 19 May The Endless Discussions Of Game Of Thrones Won’t Stop Tomorrow
 » 19 May Google Has Been Tracking Just About Everything We Buy Online
 » 19 May Machiko Kyo, Star Of ‘Rashomon’ And Many Other Films, Has Died At 95
 » 19 May Under A Hardline Government In India, Theatre Is Facing More Censorship, And Violence
 » 19 May Knopf Fires A Longtime, Famous Editor Of Raymond Carver, Annie Dillard, And More
 » 19 May Protestors March From The Whitney Biennial To Board Member’s Townhouse
 » 19 May As U.S. States Strive To Make Abortion Illegal, Romance Novelists Pledge To Write About It
 » 19 May LA MOCA Gets A $10 Million Gift To Make Entrance Free
 » 19 May There’s A Moon Rush On, And Science Fiction Is Partly To Blame
 » 19 May Reaching out with love
 » 19 May As More Commercial Movies Flood Cannes, Deals Follow
 » 19 May Thomas Nozkowski, Who Changed The Course Of Abstract Art, Has Died At 75
 » 19 May For Decades, Cuba Exported Radio Soap Operas – And Now Their Post-Revolution Successors Are Going Digital
 » 19 May Fighting Visual Clichés About Africa
 » 18 May A Label in Need: The Week in Classical Music
 » 18 May The Week in Arts: Renée Zellweger as aTemptress; Tilda Swinton and her Daughter as Co-Stars
 » 18 May A New Tool Links The Arts To Measurable Social Impacts
 » 18 May Belgium’s Royal Museum Says It Wants To Confront The Country’s Colonial Africa Past. There’s Just One Problem…
 » 18 May What Happens When Site-Specific Art Can’t Be Site-Specific Any More?
 » 18 May What Public TV And Radio Learned About Members And How They Support Public Media
 » 18 May What Does It Mean That Jeff Koons’ Bunny Just Sold For $91 Million? Anything?
 » 18 May The Non-Performing Musicians’ Agent: Is It Fraud, Incompetence Or Unrealistic Hopes?
 » 18 May We’ve Long Imagined Artificial Beings. It Was A Useful Exercise. But Now We’re Close To Seeing It Become Real, Will We Be Disappointed?
 » 17 May Classical music news. Obituary
 » 17 May Listening to the Throbbing of the Stars
 » 17 May Midweek extra: Freddie Hubbard with Allyn Ferguson’s Band in the ’70s
 » 17 May Sackler/Kanders: My 1978 ARTnews Exposé on Met’s Sackler Enclave (plus: my takes on opioids, tear gas)
 » 17 May Australia’s Top Professional Vocal Ensemble Suddenly Declares Bankruptcy
 » 17 May First-Ever Biennale Of Australian Art Has Collapsed Into Insolvency
 » 17 May Grumpy Cat, Empress Of Internet Memes, Dead At 7
 » 17 May As Australia’s Elections Approach, Here’s Where The Parties Stand On The Arts
 » 17 May Salon.Com Sold For $5 Million In Final Effort To Stay Afloat
 » 17 May Karina Canellakis And Montreal Symphony Pull Off Enormous Program Change At Literally The Last Minute
 » 17 May Series Of Titan Paintings To Be Shown Together For First Time In 316 Years
 » 17 May A Thorough Takedown Of The New NPR Morning Edition Theme
 » 17 May Caught In The Middle Of #MeToo: When The Same Union Represents Accusers And Accused
 » 17 May ‘Bound To Win’: Jill Lepore On The Evolution Of The Presidential-Candidate Memoir
 » 17 May Florida Man Misunderstands Joke, Calls Cops On Comedian
 » 17 May LGBT-Themed Film In Indonesia Causes National Moral Panic
 » 17 May The Growing Wealth Inequality Gap Is Being Mirrored In The Contemporary Visual Art World
 » 17 May Poor Batsheva Dance Company Can’t Go Anywhere Without Protests, Not Even To A New HQ In Its Hometown
 » 17 May Art-Washing: Museums Face The Taint Of Donor Money
 » 17 May Cincinnati Ballet Runs Classes For Children With Range Of (Dis)Abilities
 » 17 May Your Kid’s Smart. Brilliant Even. Chances Are (S)he’s Going To Fail Big Time. Here’s How It Happens
 » 17 May Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Been Good For British Theatre
 » 17 May Musician Crowdfunding Site Heads To Bankruptcy And Musicians Scramble To Recover
 » 17 May 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 17 May This Ancient Art Form Is Practiced Every Morning In Front Of Houses All Over South India
 » 17 May Tax Records: James Levine’s Company Received $936K In His Final Season
 » 17 May The Internet Is Fragmenting And Information Is Being Balkanized. Here’s How
 » 17 May Does A City’s Beauty Translate Into A “Better” City? This Study Takes Up The Question
 » 17 May Study: Want More Civil Online Discourse? Post The Rules
 » 17 May Noise-Canceling The World: What Happens When You Always Wear Headphones
 » 17 May From YouTube To Hollywood: Short Is The New Thing
 » 17 May Architect I. M. Pei, 102
 » 16 May Puritans on the verge of a nervous breakdown (and what they have to tell us): Axis Theatre Co. and Romeo Castellucci
 » 16 May How Theatre In Zimbabwe Has Been Dealing With Two Decades Of Upheaval And Poverty
 » 16 May After Firing Two Museum Directors, Czech Culture Minister Gets Fired Himself
 » 16 May Britain’s Equivalent Of ‘Jerry Springer Show’ Cancelled After Guest Found Dead
 » 16 May Actress Machiko Kyo, 95, Star Of ‘Rashomon’
 » 16 May The Arts Funder Created To Get Away From The Culture Wars Fought Over The NEA
 » 16 May Weinstein Company (As In Harvey) Files For Bankruptcy Liquidation
 » 16 May Jeff Koons Once Again Holds Record For Most Expensive Work By A Living Artist
 » 16 May Fired Brown University Conductor Files Racial Discrimination Complaint With State Panel
 » 16 May Pennsylvania Is Helping Pay For The Philadelphia Orchestra’s China Tour. What Do State Taxpayers Get Out Of It?
 » 16 May Planned New Airport For Machu Picchu Horrifies Archaeologists, Historians
 » 16 May Meet The Woman Who’s (Finally) Taking The Helm Of The National Ballet Of Cuba From Alicia Alonso
 » 16 May Pennsylvania Ballet Adopts New Ranking System, And Lots Of Dancers Get Promotions
 » 16 May How We Do Being Old And Sick In America: 87-Year-Old Jazz Legend Kenny Burrell And Why He Needs A GoFundMe Campaign
 » 16 May New Study On The Arts And Social Impact: King County
 » 16 May How Shakespeare By And For The Inebriated (Actors And Audience) Went From Fringe To Franchise
 » 16 May Chief Creative Economy Officer
 » 16 May UK Dancer Denied Visa To Perform In Seattle This Weekend
 » 16 May ‘The Kafka Of Uruguay’ (And Why It Makes Sense That Uruguay Produced One)
 » 16 May Saarinen’s Iconic JFK Terminal Reopens As A Hotel
 » 16 May Here’s The Latest Theory On The Mysterious, Undeciphered Voynich Manuscript
 » 16 May Meet The Artists Radically Transforming Broadway Theatre
 » 16 May Vanessa Lann most played Dutch composer
 » 16 May Ellen Reid receives Pulitzer Prize
 » 16 May Jörg Demus, Exponent of Piano Repertory’s Heart, Dies at 90
 » 16 May Laura Dern’s 40-Year Acting Career Has Been As Flexible As Her (Extraordinary) Face Is
 » 16 May Pittsburgh Opera Postpones Major New Opera. What (If Anything) Does This Say About New Opera? (About Pittsburgh Opera?)
 » 16 May Daniel Libeskind Designing Museum Of Humans In Kenya
 » 16 May Polite? Pleasant? Not Words You Ever Thought Would Characterize The Whitney Biennial
 » 16 May Trump Proposed Killing The NEA. House Democrats Propose A Budget Increase
 » 16 May “Not Good Enough”: London’s Royal Opera House Announces 19 Male Conductors, One Woman For New Season
 » 16 May A Harvard Dean Is Working On Harvey Weinstein’s Defense. Students Protested. Harvard Removes Dean
 » 16 May Met Museum Says It Won’t Accept More Sackler Money
 » 16 May Do You Want More Audiences and Donors? 2 Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conferences to Choose From!
 » 15 May Discovering New Work: The Week in Classical Music
 » 15 May Royal Ballet Begins Major Education Project In Far-Off Yorkshire Town
 » 15 May Collective Is Translating 100 Classic Indian Novels Into English For The First Time
 » 15 May It’s Illegal To Be Gay In Tunisia, But These Brave Souls Put On A Queer Film Festival There
 » 15 May Brazil’s New Gov’t Redirects Culture Funding Away From Rio And São Paulo — Sharing The Wealth? Or Punishing Bolsonaro’s Enemies?
 » 15 May Boston Ballet Principal Retires To Direct Rhode Island’s Largest Ballet Company
 » 15 May Rochester Philharmonic Music Director To Step Down
 » 15 May Turns Out Susan Sontag’s Actual First Book Was The One Her Husband Put His Name On And Made His Career With
 » 15 May Yet Another Problem With Peter Zumthor’s Design For New LACMA Building: You Can’t Hang Paintings On Bare Concrete Walls
 » 15 May Andrei Kramarevsky, One Of America’s Most Influential Ballet Teachers, Dead At 90
 » 15 May Migrant Death Boat Is By Far Most Controversial Work At Venice Biennale
 » 15 May Stop Asking What It’s Like To Be A Female Director, Say Females On Cannes Jury
 » 15 May 90-Year-Old Composer Disrupts Opera Opening With 50-Year-Old Grudge Against Company
 » 15 May Why Do Artists Tend To Be More Liberal? Study Says Their Brains Work Differently
 » 15 May How Exactly Do You Define ‘Camp’? You Shouldn’t Even Try (Sorry, Susan Sontag)
 » 15 May E.O. Wilson On Creativity In Science And Humanities
 » 15 May A Vietnamese-American Theatre Critic Finally Sees Her Stories Onstage — And Feels What She Had Barely Known Was Missing
 » 15 May Ten Must-See Movies Setting The Buzz At Cannes
 » 15 May ‘The Most Holistic Approach To Creating Belonging That I Have Witnessed In A Theatre’
 » 15 May Man Dives To The Deepest, Remotest Place On Earth And Finds… Plastic
 » 15 May Hervé Birolini receives QuattroPole Music Prize
 » 15 May Executive Director – Ballet Des Moines
 » 15 May Mel Gibson Is Playing A Character Called ‘Rothchild’, And Folks On Social Media Aren’t Having It
 » 15 May Why Making Things Easier Actually Makes Some Things Much More Difficult
 » 15 May Rebuilding A Literary Canon With The Voices That Weren’t Heard In The Mainstream
 » 15 May What Dance Criticism Really Needs Is Outsiders (Says A Veteran Dance Critic)
 » 15 May How Doris Day Connected With America
 » 15 May A Beam Of Light? Crystal? What Should A Rebuilt Notre Dame’s Spire Be?
 » 15 May BBC Wants To Pry Listeners From Their Bubbles (Possible?)
 » 14 May 7 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 14 May Firing Up the Neural Symphony
 » 14 May Venice Opens Its First Permanent Art District
 » 14 May Shakespeare’s Globe Postpones Its Project Prospero Expansion
 » 14 May Hannelore Elsner, German Actress Loved By Art-House Audiences And TV Viewers, Dead At 76
 » 14 May Saudi Arabia Tries To Restart Its Effort To Build A Movie Industry (After That Little Khashoggi Unpleasantness)
 » 14 May This Detroit Artist Turned The Street He Grew Up On Into A Great Big Art Installation — Why Is He Now Taking It Apart?
 » 14 May ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Is Now Top-Grossing American Play In Broadway History
 » 14 May Indianapolis Symphony Music Director Krzysztof Urbanski To Step Down In 2021
 » 14 May Can A City’s Cultural Vibrancy Be Measured? Here’s An Economist Who’s Trying
 » 14 May Howard Stern Explains How He Turned Into Terri Gross
 » 14 May ‘When Literature Is Broken, We Rebuild It — Because We Need Shelter’: Arundhati Roy’s PEN America Lecture
 » 14 May Diary Of A Player In The First US Orchestra Ever To Visit Mao’s China
 » 14 May At The Beginning Of The 20th Century Pianist/Composer Cecile Chaminade Was A Star. Then She Was Forgotten
 » 14 May Train The Brain: How Neurofeedback Can Make Us Believe
 » 14 May ‘Dude’, ‘Grotesque’, And Other Words That Came From High-Culture History
 » 14 May How Belief Turned Into Opinion
 » 14 May How Merce Cunningham Made The Judson Dance Theater Revolution Possible
 » 14 May There’s A Reason For That: Understanding The Age Of Enlightenment
 » 14 May Comedic Sidekick Tim Conway Dies At 85 After Fight With Dementia
 » 14 May 33 Things You’d Benefit By Knowing As An Artistic Director
 » 14 May Classical music news. Obituary
 » 14 May Miller Theater Unveils Its 20th Composer Portraits Series
 » 14 May Saturday night special
 » 14 May Propwatch: the suitcases in ‘Death of a Salesman’
 » 14 May Something American orchestras don’t want known
 » 14 May Time Pauses For Valentin Silvestrov
 » 14 May New Frontiers in Arts Research: My panel remarks at the IU Center for Cultural Affairs Symposium
 » 14 May Academia Is Addictive, Dysfunctional, And A Total Mess. Are We In End Days?
 » 14 May Plea For A Great Detente: Science And Philosophy
 » 14 May Maybe Arts Organizations Aren’t Set Up Structurally To Become More Diverse?
 » 14 May In 1975 Bas Jan Ader Set Out In A Tiny Boat As Part Of An Art Project And Was Never Heard From Again
 » 14 May Broken System: How Music Gets Promoted (And Who Gets Played)
 » 14 May Wales Proposes Making Arts Core To Public Education
 » 14 May Canadians In Rural Areas And Small Towns Could Lose Free TV
 » 14 May Cristóbal Halffter receives Spanish Music Prize
 » 13 May There Are Many, Many, Many, Many Theories About Leonardo
 » 13 May Australian Art In Chains At The Venice Biennale
 » 13 May Peggy Lipton, Star Of ‘The Mod Squad’ And ‘Twin Peaks,’ Has Died At 72
 » 13 May The Radical Act Of Writing
 » 13 May Asking A University Press To Make A Profit Is Asinine, And Anti-Intellectual
 » 13 May Inspired By ‘This American Life,’ A Chinese Podcast Shoots Up In Popularity And Acclaim
 » 13 May How To Become An Admired Playwright: First, Leave School Without Ever Having Been To The Theatre
 » 13 May An Arts And Crafts House Left By A Pioneering Feminist Sculptor To The UK Is Restored After Legal Battle
 » 13 May Still Not Watching ‘Killing Eve’? The BAFTA TV Awards Think You Should
 » 13 May Reframing Lee Krasner, Pioneering Abstract Expressionist
 » 13 May Oh, You Think The Marvel Universe Has A Lot Of Movies? Try The 1000-Story Comic Book Arc
 » 13 May A Hair Salon Traded Its Mirrors For Contemporary Art, And Then Won Some Gallery Funding [VIDEO]
 » 13 May A New Zealand Museum Invests Millions To Merge Art, Science, And Memory
 » 13 May Cannes Has Some Rules, Like ‘Wear Heels,’ That Strike The 2019 Sensibility As A Tad Retrograde
 » 13 May Doris Day, Film Star And Animal Rights Activist, Has Died At 97
 » 13 May This Year’s Herb Alpert Award Winners
 » 13 May Find Your Passion? Great! But It Doesn’t Mean You’ll Be Any Good At It
 » 13 May An Amazing Legacy: Susan Wadsworth Spent 58 Years Boosting The Careers Of Young Musicians. Now She’s Retiring
 » 13 May Fascinating: The Moral Of “Pinocchio” Was Not About Lying, But About Education
 » 13 May Rising Threat: Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments
 » 13 May Poverty As A Willful Act (So Why Are We Doing It?)
 » 13 May Why People Were So Charmed By The Kid Who Exclaimed “Wow” After Mozart
 » 13 May What To Read When You Want To Rethink Motherhood
 » 13 May How Should We Deal With Actors Who Appeared In Racist Movies?
 » 13 May Is There A ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ Book For Literally Every Person On The Planet?
 » 13 May Marco Beltrami honored at Ghent Film Festival
 » 12 May Classical music news. Obituary
 » 12 May ‘Trans-Am Totem’ and ‘Autogeddon’
 » 12 May In every pot
 » 12 May Force of nature — how the Chicago Lyric Opera sold tickets
 » 12 May Observe, Learn, And Shape: Succession Planning As A Tool For Achieving Diversity In Arts Leadership
 » 12 May Engaging Young Professionals in Arts Leadership
 » 12 May Want To Be Relevant? Create Cultural Currency In Your Organization. Recruiting Younger Board Members Can Help.
 » 12 May 4 Musicians Chart 100 Years in the Life of a Man Who Ran Away From Slavery
 » 12 May Listening To And Learning From Each Other
 » 12 May Artist Verna Hart, Whose Art Reflected The Rhythms Of Jazz, Has Died At 58
 » 12 May Oops, Fake Movie Money Is Fooling Cashiers
 » 12 May An Author May Lose Her Book Contract After A Tweet
 » 12 May After Being Turned Down By A Woman Of Color, The UK Picks A White Man As Poet Laureate
 » 12 May Streaming Is The Talk Of The Media, But Advertisers Are Apparently Eager To Give Money To Traditional Channels
 » 12 May The Estate Of Robert Indiana Sues To Stop Sales For Reproductions Of ‘LOVE’ And ‘HOPE’
 » 12 May How To Turn Kids Into Bookworms
 » 12 May Bringing Brooklyn Back To BAM
 » 12 May Alvin Sargent, Oscar-Winning Screenwriter Of ‘Julia’ And ‘Ordinary People,’ Has Died At 92
 » 12 May Broadband In The US Is Still Slow And Expensive, But Companies Are Racing To Change That – From Space
 » 12 May At The Venice Biennale, Lithuania Wins The Top Prize
 » 12 May The Cost Of Being A Ballerina
 » 12 May How To Listen To Music That You’re Pretty Sure Is By A Predator
 » 12 May As Penguin Random House Buys A Big Spanish Publisher, Its True Rivals Are The Big Three
 » 12 May Are Sitcoms Doomed At The Networks?
 » 12 May Yes, We Should Dismantle Facebook – But That Might Not Be Enough
 » 12 May Las Vegas Has Become A Literary Hub
 » 11 May Classical music news. Obituary
 » 11 May Brilliant Brutality: The Week in Classical Music
 » 11 May Armory Art Center – Director of Development
 » 11 May Chinese Gov’t Is Keeping Zhang Yimou’s Latest Film Out Of Festivals — Because They Don’t Want It To Win
 » 11 May The Toxic 25-Year Afterlife of “The Bell Curve” On Our Debates On Race
 » 11 May The “Camp” Aesthetic: From Susan Sontag To The Met Gala
 » 11 May Could Shakespeare Have Been A Woman?
 » 11 May Adventures In Pricing: Art Gallery Of Ontario Rethinks Who Pays What To Come Inside
 » 11 May How To Save The Humanities In Colleges? Rethink The Whole Idea
 » 11 May Dirty Little Secret: Who Owns Land In Great Britain
 » 11 May The Week in Arts: ‘The Biggest Little Farm,’ a ‘Jane Eyre’ Ballet and ‘Line of Duty’
 » 11 May Deutsche Musikautorenpreis for Wolfgang Rihm
 » 11 May Ennio Morricone honered by pope
 » 10 May After 58 Years, Classical Music’s Star-Maker Says Goodbye
 » 10 May Then There’s This: Brecker With Holmquist And The UMO
 » 10 May Sontagian Revulsion: My Notes on “Camp” at the Metropolitan Museum
 » 10 May We need to unearth some history
 » 10 May One Of World’s Largest Corporate Art Collections To Be Sold Off To Fund Social Projects
 » 10 May Thomas Nozkowski, Painter Of ‘Gentle’ Abstract Art, Dead At 75
 » 10 May Teenagers Who Assaulted Cleveland Orchestra Member And Stole His Violin And Car Sentenced To Prison
 » 10 May ‘Magic Mike’ Musical Hits Trouble As Almost Entire Creative Team Quits
 » 10 May Wildenstein Gallery Sued For Allegedly Selling Fake Bonnard Painting
 » 10 May Conan O’Brien Settles Lawsuit By Writer Who Alleged Joke Theft
 » 10 May St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Eliminates Its ‘Liquid Music’ Alt-Classical Series
 » 10 May Jim Fowler, Co-Host Of ‘Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’, Dead At 89
 » 10 May How Crowdfunding Site Patreon Helps (And Doesn’t) Creators Who Use It
 » 10 May Why Alexei Ratmansky Wanted To Choreograph A Shostakovich Triple-Bill
 » 10 May Developers Who Worked On Violent Video Games Tell What It Did To Their Brains
 » 10 May As Ethical Controversies Arise Around Their Donors And Collections, Can Museums Correct Themselves? Can They Afford To?
 » 10 May Strong Links Between Air Pollution And Dementia
 » 10 May What’s It Like To Play The Clintons On Broadway? Let Laurie Metcalf And John Lithgow Tell You
 » 10 May When The Old Soviet Union “Thawed” And Became Fascinated With Western Culture
 » 10 May Boston Ballet Is About To Play A Rock Festival
 » 10 May The Kid Who Exclaimed “Wow!”
 » 10 May Rhode Island ACLU Sues Over Tax Law That Discriminates Against Nonfiction Authors
 » 10 May Under Fyre: Woodstock 50 Festival Is One Enormous Mess. And Now It’s All In Court
 » 10 May The Week in Arts: Cher, ‘42nd Street’ and ‘At the Heart of Gold’
 » 10 May 8 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 10 May ‘We Are In The Early Stages Of A New Filmmaking Revolution’
 » 10 May Survey Of UK Musicians With Disabilities: 70 Percent Hide Their Disability So They Can Work
 » 10 May Maine Newspaper Prints Letter To The Editor Complaining About Opera Gala Attendees’ “Slovenliness.” Uproar Ensues. Then Paper Says Letter Was Fake
 » 10 May Where Does The Original End And The Copy Begin? (And Don’t Even Mention Fakes)
 » 10 May New Deal: Italian Galleries Won’t Have To Pay Artist Resale Royalties
 » 10 May In Ancient Times, Timekeeping Was Erratic. When We Figured It Out, It Revolutionized The World
 » 10 May Blunt Instrument: The Complexity Of Using Quotas To Drive Equity
 » 10 May Gabriel Yared to receive Max Steiner Award
 » 9 May How ‘Canon in D Major’ Became the Wedding Song
 » 9 May How Do You Bring Hong Kongers Back To Boring Old Cantonese Opera? Write One About Donald Trump, Zombies, And ‘The Sound Of Music’
 » 9 May Hong Kong’s Long-Delayed New Arts Mecca Is About To Start Hemorrhaging Executives
 » 9 May Woolly Mammoth’s Howard Shalwitz Checks Out Russia’s Contemporary Theatre Scene
 » 9 May Ballet Memphis Finds Its New Artistic Director In-House
 » 9 May Polish Woman Arrested For Adding Rainbow Halo To Icon Of Virgin And Child
 » 9 May Philadelphia Begins Pilot Cultural Pass Program For Employees Of Two Major Local Institutions
 » 9 May Florida Man Returns Piece Of Stonehenge He Stole 60 Years Ago
 » 9 May She Had Vertebrae Fused At Age 3. Now She’s A Lead Dancer At Atlanta Ballet
 » 9 May Prof. Chuck Kinder, Inspiration For Michael Chabon’s ‘Wonder Boys’, Dead At 76
 » 9 May Video Game Players Have An Endless Thirst For Updates, And The Pressure Is Driving Developers To The Breaking Point
 » 9 May This Guy’s Getting All Avant-Garde Hipster-y With The Renaissance’s Most Genteel Instrument
 » 9 May What’s The Deal With America’s Fondness For Endless Adolescence? Blame Mark Twain
 » 9 May What “The Great Gatsby” Tells Us About Jazz In The 1920s
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Purist Audio Design Pro»
Micro-Seiki MAX-282 To»
Purist Audio Design Pro»
Micro Seiki RX-5000
Electro-Voice T350 twee»
Lamm ML-2 Single-Ended »
Stage Acompany SA8535 d»
REL Precedent 646C tuner
CEC TL-0 MK2 transport
Rohde & Schwarz MSDC Mu»
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