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Romy the Cat's personal site dedicated to advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques Classical Music latest News
 » 16 July Spotify Slammed For Its “Dance Like Nobody’s Paying” Ad Campaign
 » 16 July 25 Works Of Art That Define The Current Age? (A Discussion)
 » 16 July Star Dancer, Felled By Autoimmune Disease, Gets Back To The Stage
 » 16 July Should The Roosevelt Statue In Front Of The American Museum Of Natural History Come Down? The Museum Asks Visitors
 » 16 July Can Science Fiction Be Useful In Imagining The Future?
 » 16 July The Evidence Is In On The Effectiveness Of Trigger Warnings
 » 16 July Terry Gross Talks To Emily Nussbaum About TV
 » 16 July Dallas Summer Musicals – Vice President of Development
 » 15 July The Week in Arts: CHAI; Merce Cunningham and Reconstructed Chekhov
 » 15 July Dear Musicians, Pay Your Dancers
 » 15 July Theatre Criticism Is At A Crossroads
 » 15 July Why Are Audiobooks Booming So Much Right Now?
 » 15 July Five Things To Watch For At The Emmy Nominations
 » 15 July In This Professional Orchestra, All Of The Musicians Got Sorted
 » 15 July The Complexities Of Making A Musical About Race, Told From The Point Of View Of A Young White Woman
 » 15 July An Author Explains The Most Overrated Novel
 » 15 July Apparently, Netflix’s Lobby (The Physical, Architectural Kind) Is Pretty Cool
 » 15 July Sadie Roberts-Joseph, Founder Of A Museum And Tireless Activist For Historical Memory, Has Been Found Murdered
 » 15 July What Libraries Mean To The American Dream
 » 15 July A Catalan Pop Star Uses Some Spanish Words In A Catalan Song, And Her Fans Are Not OK With That
 » 15 July Years After Falling Ill With A Mysterious Disease, This Ballerina Says She’s Ready To Return To The Stage
 » 15 July The Family Lie That Turned Into This Summer’s Breakout Indie Film
 » 15 July The Classical Musicians Who Created The New Live-Action ‘Lion King’ Score Because Representation Matters
 » 15 July Turkey’s War On Free Speech Is Intensifying, Says Author Elif Shafak
 » 15 July A Proposed New International Airport Threatens Machu Picchu
 » 15 July Fewer Musicians Are Auditioning For The Pittsburgh Symphony. Does It Mean Anything?
 » 15 July Vandalism And Self-Mutilation As Art (Jail Too)
 » 15 July Wondering How A Neural Network Works?
 » 15 July Why It’s Not Good To Invite A Writer Into Your House
 » 15 July The Break Out Break-dancing Millennial Counter-Tenor
 » 15 July Yes, The Show Must Go On… Even Without Lights
 » 15 July As Playwright Luis Alfaro Adapts Immigration Stories, He Says Greek Dramas Are The Primal, Perfect Canvas
 » 15 July Sci-Fi Is Trying To Prepare Us For An Uncertain Future (And Present)
 » 15 July Will Finding Shakespeare’s London Home Tell Us More About His Plays?
 » 15 July The Opera Star Who Says Twitter Has Been A Real Lifesaver
 » 15 July Hervé Birolini receives QuattroPole Music Prize
 » 14 July Looking back on the lesser-known histories of ‘Chicano Public Radio’
 » 14 July Chineke!: Changing the record
 » 14 July How to Solve Theatre Design’s Diversity Problem
 » 14 July Toolkit tackles ‘class crisis’ in arts sector
 » 14 July Change Agents: Kaywin Feldman and Bryan Stevenson on Embracing Empathy and Confronting American Racism in Museums
 » 14 July Back to Where They Once Belonged: Proponents of Repatriation of African Artworks Take Issue with the Past — and Present and Future
 » 14 July Someone (A Lot Of People, To Be Honest) Has To Mow The Lawn At The Largest Sculpture Park In The U.S.
 » 14 July How A Large, Decentralized Social Network Is Dealing With A N*zi Problem
 » 14 July So, What Exactly Is L.A.’s Urban Plan For The New LACMA District?
 » 14 July When Will Theatre Awards Catch Up With Nonbinary Actors?
 » 14 July Scarlett Johansson Says She Should Be Allowed To Play Anything, Including ‘A Tree,’ Because That’s Her Job
 » 14 July Evaluating Iris Murdoch At 100
 » 14 July The Life Cycle Of A Beach Read
 » 14 July Why YouTube’s Feedback Loop Is So Toxic
 » 14 July The Mystery Mural At L.A.’s Coliseum – And The Teen Who Solve It
 » 14 July The Author Of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Says Books Are Better For The Brain Than Movies
 » 14 July Producers Of ‘Big Little Lies’ Promised A Woman Director Complete Creative Control – And Then Yanked It Back
 » 14 July Bob Ross Was A Famous (Infamous?) Painter, So Where Are All Of His Paintings? [VIDEO]
 » 14 July Writing About Theatre In St. Louis
 » 14 July Opera Is Tasked With Saving This Small Town In ‘Empty Spain’
 » 14 July The Uber Driver Whose Opera Singing Videos Went Viral
 » 14 July The New Bookstore In Chicago That’s Also Showcasing Original Art
 » 13 July Cristóbal Halffter receives Spanish Music Prize
 » 13 July How Could New York City Opera’s ‘Stonewall’ Have Screwed Up So Badly On Trans Issues?
 » 13 July Discovery Of A Skull In Greece Changes What We Know About Human Pre-History
 » 13 July The Robots Can Now Beat You At Poker Too
 » 13 July In Praise Of The Guilty Pleasure
 » 13 July The Offstage Toll It Takes To Play A Loathsome Racist Character
 » 13 July Dancing With Artificial Intelligence
 » 13 July Will Grassroots European Presenters Stop Booking UK Artists Post-Brexit?
 » 13 July RiverPark Center – Executive Director
 » 13 July Communicatons and Publications Coordinator – St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
 » 12 July Police Abruptly Evict Artists From Beijing Studio Districts
 » 12 July Conductor Who Transformed Sistine Chapel Choir Resigns As Financial Investigation Continues
 » 12 July Ballet BC’s Emily Molnar Named Nederlands Dans Theater’s Artistic Director
 » 12 July The Stampede To Chase Streaming Video Subscribers Is Creating An Avalanche Of Content
 » 12 July An Aging Jazz Legend’s Wife Started A GoFundMe Campaign, Claiming Severe Health And Financial Problems. His Old Friends Are Very Suspicious
 » 12 July Festival Tells Theatre Company To Recast Role With Disabled Actor, And Company Writes Out Character’s Disability Instead
 » 12 July Ecolinguistics: The Ways That Language And Climate Connect
 » 12 July The Surprising And Enduring Relevance Of Sam Shepard
 » 12 July Why Do We See So Many Gay Male Characters On Broadway But So Few Lesbians?
 » 12 July Mapping Where The Creative Class Wants To Live
 » 12 July Museums In Britain Are Taking Out And Showing The LGBTQ-Themed Artworks And Objects They Used To Keep Hidden Away
 » 12 July Meet The Remarkable Darren Walker
 » 12 July Same-Gender Couples Come To The Once-Rigidly Male-Female World Of Competitive Ballroom Dance
 » 12 July Unlimited Information And Free Access? Turns Out It Was A Problematic Idea
 » 12 July 6 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 12 July ‘People Will Say We’re In Love’: How The Perky Operetta Duet Of The 1943 ‘Oklahoma!’ Became The Twangy Country Song Of The 2019 ‘Oklahoma!’
 » 12 July How ‘Oklahoma!’ Created The Original Cast Album Genre
 » 12 July Will Millennials Kill Opera?
 » 12 July Giant Ancient City Is Being Uncovered, Changing What We Know About Greek Civilization
 » 12 July Sale Of Sotheby’s Will Change The Art Market In Some Fundamental Ways
 » 12 July Is This Self-Taught South African Uber Drive The Next Star Tenor?
 » 12 July Me2/Orchestra seeks part-time Conductor
 » 12 July Is “Personalized Learning” Just Another Big Tech Con?
 » 12 July What Burning Man Taught Us About Networks Of Cooperation
 » 12 July Marco Beltrami honored at Ghent Film Festival
 » 11 July Classical music news. Bartók Plus
 » 11 July Classical music news. The Month of June
 » 11 July Classical music news. Voice of the Lake
 » 11 July At the Salzburg Festival, Myths and Reality Meet Onstage
 » 11 July Review: Mark Morris Playfully Tackles ‘Sport’ at Mostly Mozart
 » 11 July Street Theatre Takes Off In The Slums Of São Paulo
 » 11 July What It Takes To Make And Show Queer-Themed Films In Homophobic Countries
 » 11 July A New Generation Of Transgender Singers Making Their Mark In The Opera World
 » 11 July Ex-New York Dealer Charged With Smuggling $143M Worth Of Antiquities From South Asia
 » 11 July Violinist Aaron Rosand Dead At 92
 » 11 July Jewish Museums — What Are They For? Whom Should They Serve? And Who Should Or Shouldn’t Be Able To Run One?
 » 11 July More Stars Say Hosting An Awards Show Just Isn’t Worth The Headaches
 » 11 July New York Is Becoming Hollywood East
 » 11 July The Christian Publishing Industry’s Biggest Scandal: The Boy Who Now Says He Didn’t Come Back From Heaven
 » 11 July Reinventing Hong Kong Ballet
 » 11 July The U.S. Has A Vibrant, Innovative Flamenco Scene — Why Is It Continually Underrated? (Especially When A Dancer Has A Non-Spanish Name)
 » 11 July Improbable Intersection: When Joni Mitchell Met Charles Mingus
 » 11 July Tania Bruguera, Cuban Artist-Activist, To Launch Investigative Journalism Project
 » 11 July Baltimore Symphony’s Finances Are So Bad Tapping Its Endowment Is Problematic
 » 11 July Ennio Morricone honered by pope
 » 11 July An Operatic Star Spotter Announces Its 2020 Festival
 » 11 July Transcending Toxic Times with street poetry & music
 » 11 July Grace and Mercy Come Together
 » 11 July Grass Is Greener?
 » 11 July Really Good Nature Documentaries ‘Are Great Art, Maybe The Greatest Art Of Our Time’
 » 11 July Warner Announces New Streaming Service Built Around HBO – A Really Dumb Idea?
 » 11 July Want To Tear Down Authority, Then Attack The Authority (Not Its Argument)
 » 11 July Egypt Asks Interpol To Track Tut Artifact It Believes Was Stolen And Sold At Christie’s Auction
 » 11 July Skills Versus Knowledge: Are We Teaching Kids The Wrong Way?
 » 11 July Pacific Symphony Leadership Opportunity in Development
 » 11 July Christopher Knight Takes Issue With Peter Zumthor’s Comments About How Museums Work
 » 11 July A Push To Create Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences In The Arts
 » 10 July Michael Colgrass, Composer Who Transcended Genres, Dies at 87
 » 10 July BlogBack: A CultureGrrl Reader on Critic Douglas Crimp, Met Curator Douglas Eklund & “The Pictures Generation”
 » 10 July Cold, Dead White
 » 10 July Arts Workers Hit Streets To Protest Last-Minute Cuts To Romania’s Culture Budget
 » 10 July Artist Thrown Out Of Show For Right-Wing Views, And Controversy Nearly Causes Show’s Cancellation
 » 10 July Actor Rip Torn, 88
 » 10 July Is The Director Who Turned The Indianapolis Museum Of Art Into Newfields Democratizing It Or Destroying It?
 » 10 July The Company That Tailors Broadway Musicals For School Productions Now Creates Versions For Seniors
 » 10 July Read An Unpublished Langston Hughes Essay About An Escaped Chain Gang Prisoner
 » 10 July Annabelle Lopez Ochoa On The Challenge Of Creating New Story Ballets
 » 10 July What Happens When We Lose The Capacity To Be Bored?
 » 10 July Vivian Perlis, Who Founded And Ran Who Founded Yale’s Oral History Of American Music, Dead At 91
 » 10 July Some Science Has Become So Theoretical It Lacks Evidence. Are We Fooling Ourselves?
 » 10 July Hungary’s Government Building Huge, Multi-Million-Euro Cultural Complex In Budapest Park
 » 10 July Bournemouth Symphony Calls On Orchestras To Employ Disabled Musicians, Touting Its Own Successes
 » 10 July How Exactly Do You Go About Translating The Words Of An Opera?
 » 10 July Hollywood Is Betting Big On Remakes. But New Study Suggests Audiences Aren’t Thrilled
 » 10 July Gabriel Yared to receive Max Steiner Award
 » 10 July Mark Morris Directs His First Non-Dance Theatre — Beckett, No Less
 » 10 July New York Had 65 Million Tourists Last Year. They Shape The Culture
 » 10 July Will This New Museum In Istanbul Be A “Game Changer”?
 » 10 July The Number Of UK Creative Jobs Is Growing Twice The Rate Of The Rest Of The Economy
 » 10 July Jack Renner, Co-Founder Of Telarc Records, 84
 » 10 July Brexiteers Protest Playing Of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony At Choral Festival
 » 10 July Is Failure A New Literary Genre?
 » 10 July Goh Ballet is growing and needs an Operations Director
 » 9 July “That Little Exhibition”: The Late Douglas Crimp on His Show that Anointed “The Pictures Generation”
 » 9 July Cunningham Abroad
 » 9 July Hans Graf Named Chief Conductor Of Singapore Symphony
 » 9 July Alvin Ailey Company’s Second-In-Command To Step Down
 » 9 July Pianist Radu Lupu To Retire From Performing
 » 9 July Douglas Crimp, Pathbreaking Art Historian, Dead At 74
 » 9 July Despite Ongoing Criticism, British Museum Endorses BP As Sponsor
 » 9 July Star Immersive Art Collective Meow Wolf Sued For Gender Discrimination And Unfair Labor Practices
 » 9 July Does Watching Lots Of TV Make You Dumber And More Likely To Vote For Populists? New Study Says Yes
 » 9 July What Our Behavior In Masses Means For Predicting The Future
 » 9 July Martin Charnin, Who Won A Tony For ‘Annie’, Dead At 84
 » 9 July #CriticsSoWhite (And Male)
 » 9 July Poet Marie Ponsot, 98
 » 9 July How Did Nature Get To Be Seen As A Moral Good?
 » 9 July Why Tracy K. Smith Spent Her Two Years As Poet Laureate Traveling America
 » 9 July Why David McAllister Stepped Down From Running Australian Ballet
 » 9 July Jules Matton wins Grand prix lycéen des compositeurs
 » 9 July Francisco Obieta's work recognized
 » 9 July Classical music news. Obituary
 » 9 July Classical music news. Obituary
 » 9 July Classical music news. Obituary
 » 9 July Jack Renner, Recording Master and a Founder of Telarc, Dies at 84
 » 9 July London’s Parliament Building Needs £4 Billion Of Repairs. A Temporary Home Is A Missed Opportunity
 » 9 July The Real Reason Hannah Rothschild Stepped Down As Chair Of London’s National Gallery
 » 9 July Scientists Have Figured Out How To Revive Dead Brains (Now What?)
 » 9 July Listening To The World: How Our Taste Is Being Reprogrammed
 » 9 July UK Artists Press Institutions To Stop Taking Money From Big Oil Companies
 » 9 July The Museumification Of Venice
 » 9 July Famed Napa Art Center Collection Says It Will Sell Most Of Its Collection To Fund Educational Programs
 » 8 July Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Added To UNESCO’s World Heritage List
 » 8 July Does Landmarking Buildings Help Or Hurt A Neighborhood?
 » 8 July How Reality Got Jumbled Up With “Reality”
 » 8 July We Evolved To Be Successful. So Which Traits Will Dominate Going Forward?
 » 8 July MoviePass Is Struggling To Reinvent. But Competing Services Are Taking Advantage
 » 8 July This Summer’s Surprise Theatre Hit: The Mueller Report
 » 8 July Maryland Governor Says He Won’t Release Funding For Baltimore Symphony
 » 8 July Untangling Conflicting Currents Of How To Think About #MeToo
 » 8 July Why Concrete Truths Have Lost Their Foundations
 » 8 July 90,000 Estonians Gather For 150th Edition Of Massive Choral Festival
 » 8 July How Technology Has Changed The Kind Of TV We Watch
 » 8 July Canadian Composer Michael Colgrass, 87
 » 8 July The Arts Are Finally Coming To Terms With Unsavory Philanthropic Money
 » 8 July Improbably, Book Fairs Have Become Hugely Popular Across The Middle East
 » 8 July What Artificial Intelligence Is Showing Us About How We Perceive The World
 » 8 July Why A Prize For Books Without Violence Against Women Has Proven Controversial
 » 7 July Michael Jaffee, Who Co-Founded Early-Music Group, Dies at 81
 » 7 July In Streaming Age, Classical Music Gets Lost in the Metadata
 » 7 July Creating an Intersectional Future: A Report From The Deaf Theatre Action Planning Session
 » 7 July Blind Dance Company brings talent into the light
 » 7 July Nan Goldin’s P.A.I.N. Group Stages Anti-Sackler Protest at Louvre
 » 7 July Employers who recruit graduates for entry-level jobs are preventing diversity in the arts – report
 » 7 July Elizabeth Alexander, Mellon Foundation President, Reflects on Centering Community and Taking Diversity as a Value
 » 7 July Celebrating African Music and Artists with the Phoenicia International Festival of the Voice
 » 7 July Why Are New Sports Arenas Installing Art?
 » 7 July As Popular Cities Get Choked With Tourists, They Wonder: How Many Is Too Many?
 » 7 July The Vacant Former Home Of Cab Calloway In Baltimore Is Under Threat Of Demolition
 » 7 July Did The Catholic Church Hide Art That Depicted Women In Liturgical Roles?
 » 7 July 3000-Year-Old Bust Of King Tut Sells At Auction For $6 Million Despite Claims It Was Stolen
 » 7 July Joao Gilberto – Master Of The Bossa Nova, 88
 » 7 July Mapping Artists And Geography The Whitney Biennial Has Included Over The Decades
 » 7 July Thirty Years Ago A Wave Of Black Directors Hit Hollywood. So What Happened?
 » 7 July West End London Theatre To Be Renamed For Stephen Sondheim
 » 7 July Increasingly, Donald Trump Is Showing Up In Opera Productions
 » 7 July After 67 Years, Mad Magazine Will Stop Publishing
 » 7 July What It’s Like To Try To Drag The 92-Year-Old Academy Of Motion Pictures Into The Present
 » 7 July Los Angeles Is Losing Its Dance Studios As Rents Rise
 » 7 July Why Wealthy Art Collectors Are Turning Away From Abstract Art
 » 6 July Classical music news. Argument for Strings
 » 6 July A New Play Brings The #MeToo Discussion Forward In Singapore
 » 6 July And You Think You Have A Bad Job – The Life Of Moderating Online Content
 » 6 July Life As A Dancer In Khamenei’s Iran
 » 6 July Theatre And Religion – It’s About What Resonates (And Why)07.05.19
 » 6 July When Higher Education Becomes A Partisan Political Issue (Nothing Good)
 » 6 July Woody Allen Directs Opera At La Scala
 » 6 July Does This Video Show Banksy?
 » 5 July ‘Eight’ Is a Breakthrough for Virtual Reality in Classical Music
 » 5 July Arte Johnson, Comedian Remembered For ‘Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In’, Dead At 90
 » 5 July Chicago’s Beloved ‘Bean’ Is Vandalized
 » 5 July ‘Mad’ Magazine Is Almost-Not-Quite-But-Basically Shutting Down
 » 5 July Alaska May Become The Only U.S. State Without An Arts Agency
 » 5 July The Birthplace Of The United States Is Crumbling, And No One Seems Inclined To Fix It
 » 5 July Hong Kong’s Artists And The Protests Against The Extradition Law
 » 5 July How ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ (And A Scheming New York Phil Board Member) Got The Boston Symphony’s Conductor Sent To An Internment Camp
 » 5 July Why What You See Is Enormously Dependent On What You Believe
 » 5 July How Aaron Copland Created An American Sound For Classical Music
 » 5 July Familiar Argument: Why We Shouldn’t Feel Sorry For Paying Arts Graduates Less
 » 5 July What Theatre Critics Deal With, In The U.S. And Elsewhere
 » 5 July Why Are We Suddenly So Crazy For Cute?
 » 5 July In The World Of Video Games, Black Women Are Making Themselves Heard And Felt
 » 5 July Dance Manchester Closes After 27 Years
 » 5 July 5 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 4 July The Pianist and the Lobster
 » 4 July The Week in Arts: John Cameron Mitchell Brings Back ‘Hedwig’; L.G.B.T.Q. Films Roll Out for Pride
 » 4 July Shrink an Orchestra to a Single Piano, Keeping the Magic
 » 4 July Review: Bach’s ‘Goldbergs’ Arranged for Strings? Why Not?
 » 4 July Max Wright, Stage Actor Who Became Known For TV’s ‘ALF’, Dead At 75
 » 4 July The “Pursuit Of Happiness” In The Collective Sense (Rather Than Personal)
 » 4 July The Challenge of Doing Theatre In Mexico
 » 4 July How Jony Ive’s Designs Assaulted The Physical World
 » 4 July A Plea For Reality: Should Bots Have To Declare Their “Fake” Identities?
 » 4 July Houston Post Office To Be Converted To Sprawling Arts Complex (With A Rooftop Farm/Garden)
 » 4 July Motion Picture Academy Invites 842 New Members – Half Women
 » 3 July Melbourne’s Two Biggest Arts Festivals To Merge Into New Event
 » 3 July Andy Warhol’s Portraits Of Prince Don’t Violate Copyright, Rules Federal Court
 » 3 July Two Women Writers Claim They Were ‘Pushed Off’ Idris Elba/Kwame Kwei-Armah Play
 » 3 July Controversial Purchase Of Westminster Choir College By Chinese Company Canceled
 » 3 July After 35 Years Of Performing, Tap Master Savion Glover Is Still Searching
 » 3 July A Fringe Festival Of A Fringe Festival Is Popping Up In Philly
 » 3 July Venice’s Mayor, And The Cruise Companies That Control Its Port, Want The Monster Cruise Ships To Keep Coming
 » 3 July Philanthropy Seems Good. But Is It Also Part Of The Problem?
 » 3 July Plan To Merge Florence’s Uffizi And Accademia Galleries
 » 3 July Non-Verbal Communication: A Dictionary Of What Our Gestures Mean
 » 3 July In Barbershops And Laundromats, Bringing Books To Kids Who Can’t Get To Libraries
 » 3 July How A Caretaker With Little Training “Restored” (And Damaged) 200 Of Van Gogh’s Paintings
 » 3 July With ‘AMC Artisan Films’, Big Theater Chain Tries To Give Smaller Movies A Boost
 » 3 July How “Game Of Thrones” Is Like Chaucer
 » 3 July 3 Classical Music Concerts to See in N.Y.C. This Weekend
 » 3 July ‘Nixon in China’ comes to Princeton – literally smarter than ever
 » 3 July The Book Editor Whose Sessions With Authors Are Like Psychoanalysis
 » 3 July Opera Australia Director: It Would Be “Irresponsible” To Ban Classics Of The Repertoire
 » 3 July When Bad Things Happen At The Opera: Should We Applaud These Plotlines?
 » 3 July The Pursuit Of Happiness: An Ultimately Futile Exercise In The Era Of Self-Gratification
 » 3 July This Is How A Language Dies
 » 3 July The War Breaking Out Among Medieval Scholars
 » 3 July We Need “A Good Conversation”? Maybe Not So Much
 » 3 July Marketing Manager Position Available
 » 2 July Maverick Conductor Teodor Currentzis Stomps Away From His Russian Home Base
 » 2 July Egypt’s New Capital Will Have A Major New Cultural Complex (But Will Anyone Come To It?)
 » 2 July Pakistan Would Love To Restrict Bollywood Movies, But Its People Just Can’t Quit Them
 » 2 July Next Head Of Paris Opera Will Be Canadian Opera Company’s Alexander Neef: Report
 » 2 July ‘Undisturbed’ Ancient Roman Shipwreck Discovered Near Cyprus
 » 2 July Watch Paul Taylor Dance Company Director Michael Novak At Work
 » 2 July Female Video Game Designers Take On The Debate Over Abortion Rights
 » 2 July David Koloane, Major South African Artist Of Apartheid Era, Dead At 81
 » 2 July Director of Marketing and Audience Services
 » 2 July My But We’ve Become So Literal (When Sometimes A Metaphor Would be Better)
 » 2 July Northern Ireland Rescinds Strict Prison Ban On Books About Terrorism Or Paramilitaries
 » 2 July Washington DC’s Museum Pay Gender Gap (It’s Startling)
 » 2 July At Youth Festival In Crimea, Play Shows Girls Kissing; Russian Right Fumes About ‘Gay Propaganda’
 » 2 July The Rise Of Conspiracy Theory Culture
 » 2 July Boris Johnson Or Jeremy Hunt — As UK Prime Minister, Which One Would Be Better For The Arts?
 » 2 July How Medieval History Is Being Used To Fuel Conspiracy Theories
 » 2 July Can Baltimore Save Its World-Class Orchestra?
 » 2 July Help For Dave Frishberg
 » 2 July Recent Listening In Brief (Very Brief)
 » 2 July Hot Nights at the Barbican
 » 2 July Whitman and Music: A Fresh Discovery
 » 2 July Revealing Toni Morrison: A New Film Shows The Public-Averse Author
 » 2 July Smithsonian Declines Senator’s Request To Remove Sackler Name Of Its Building
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