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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
The most promising “best” commercial speaker 6134 
the price cessaro is asking is obscene 6133 
Cessaro Horn Acoustics drivers? 6130 
Trick question? 6130 
Cessaro: Samarium vs. Neodymium 6130 
only the tweeter in cessaro is made with cobalt magnet 6130 
Now the skies are clearing for me… 6130 
Drivers, drivers, drivers…. 6122 
Cessaro drivers 6063 
Cessaro's 6063 
Avantgarde Horns 6063 
Wrong thread. Please do not do it. 6063 
Cessaro Horns 6043 
Weeell, Coops, can you provide some more info? 6042 
Cessaro horns visit 6042 
The good Cessaros.... 6042 
Cessaros 6042 
Alphas, Betas, Gammas... 6042 
Cessaros 6042 
The Cessaros "might" be more preferred by Germans 6042 
cessaros 6041 
Very interesting 6041 
Cessaros upgrade 6040 
'there are no huge inbuilt dealer/retailer margins' 6040 
cessaros costs 6040 
Cessaros cost is like “reality” in Las Vegas. 6040 
Cessaro Bass 6040 
Some guesses about modular construction of Cessaro line: 6039 
TAD drivers you have evaluated 6039 
TADs, Cessaros and... it was not me... 6039 
True 6039 
Interesting Horn loudspeakers 5984 
It might be an experience…. 5984 
most promising new speaker 5964 
Some curiosity .... 5964 
most promising new speaker 5963 
The Cessaro Gamma's tone. 5963 
Cessaro's and the absolute tone 5962 
Cessaro begins to spread…. will US come next? 5919 
This one bears watching 5919 
“Play it again, Sam” 5919 
Mistake 5919 
The hornier the merrier… 5919 
Cessaro best speaker in the world! 5918 
The Asian woman syndrome? 5918 
No one ever told me that I was incredible! 5918 
The disjointed Avantgarde’s bass and the cost. 5918 
Some prose about a $200K horns installation. 5917 
Cessaro the best commercial loudspeaker 5917 
Cessaro Gamma and DSETs? 5917 
There has to be a Market 5916 
I’m driven by my own listening egotism. 5916 
DSET with horns made easy in Germany 5909 
Active Bass. 5909 
active? 5908 
Slopes 5908 
The first order on the bass units. 5908 
Please note caveat 5908 
Ist order passive 5908 
1st Order on the Cessaro. 5908 
Yes first order passive. 5907 
TD4001 5907 
TAD ET-703 Cobalt Magnet 5898 
The Cessaro GAMMA's tweeter? 5898 
Cessaro look like they are all TADs with custom stickers. 5898 
ET-703 magnet 5897 
Neodymium 5897 
Neodymium vs. Cobalt as far as TAD concern. 5897 
Presumptions! 5897 
Audio applications 5897 
You deny audio applications for audio products? 5897 
Relevance to audio 5897 
Well, what would be the "high end" home use for this particular driver? 5897 
Hearing 5897 
703 5897 
Was the 703 used for Cessaro Gamma? 5897 
703 5897 
Driver Sound? 5897 
And 5897 
The Gamma’s Tweeter… 5897 
Picture of 703 horn! 5896 
I would expect more “kinky” and more honest solution. 5896 
Cessaro Gamma's 5896 
The Cessaro Gamma tweeter criticism + some solutio... 5896 
Best commercial speaker 5896 
Dynamic sinking? 5896 
Are you sure it is time-ligned? 5896 
Even if power is good: Ribbons and basketball 5896 
Could you Clarify 5894 
“Fine imaging” water of the Living Voice’s lake. 5893 
Confused 5893 
Perhaps I was confused. 5893 
Clarification 5893 
Cessaro best promising speaker 5893 
The Living Voce tweeter 5893 
Martion`s amps 5823 
Martion`s amps and speakers. 5823 
Cessaro's and CES 5807 
If it won’t be Gamma then it will be no fun. 5807 
CES 5807 
But I won`t stop about Cessaro 5661 
Cessaro again, 5661 
Realities of a big show 5660 
High End 5660 
Cold and sterile 5660 
Quick Fit 5660 
Speedy 5660 
I am no masochist 5660 
The art of the trade-show listening. 5660 
Different aesthetics, not moronity 5660 
Danny's Horny day with Cessaro 5651 
You're confusing this with your TV ... 5651 
There's no plasma tweeter on the Cessaro 5651 
Cessaro and electronics 5633 
It´s about electricity 5627 
About Cessaro, about electricity and about Minimum Current 5625 
Cessaro in Milan 5625 
Perception 5625 
Cessaro at Munich 2008 5625 
Does Cessaro suffer from Lamm ML3’s syndrome? 5625 
TAD 5625 
Being clean, making clean, or keeping clean ? 5625 
TAD, recognizable announces and me.... 5625 
Actually I was taking about the ‘bacteriological cleanness’. 5625 
What produces the fumes? 5625 
Generalisations 5625 
2002 tone 5624 
TAD 5624 
TAD or not to TAD, it is not the my opinion maters… 5624 
Pricing 5624 
"Interesting" 5624 
The cost of the TAD drivers - I migh be wrong... 5624 
Prices and value! 5624 
"Avantgarde Trios yet the modified conventional drivers." 5624 
Cessaro the best commercially available loudspeaker 5624 
The “wrong secrets” and the marketing BS 5624 
Beta gamma 5624 
Avantgarde 5624 
TAD 2002 5624 
A few words about Avantgard’s Trio drivers 5624 
The TAD’s pulsating alien syrupiness. 5624 
From an experienced TAD (TD2001) user... 5623 
Compression driver and cockroaches. 5623 
Pioneer 801 5623 
The Acoustic Impedance Of Pantyhose... 5623 
PD-801 5623 
Cessaro in Munich 5619 
Cessaro in Munich 5616 
Cessaro in Munich 5616 
Amplification again 5525 
The Cessaro in Munich 2009 5218 
Bad surrounding conditions 5218 
OLE 5218 
No experience with the big Lansche 5218 
The limited definition of success? 5218 
Connected components can ruin the sound too? 5218 
Connected components can ruin the sound too? 5218 
Stich's deaf buddies 5218 
Deaf is not deaf, there are differences... 5218 
A stitch in time 5218 
15"/1" 5218 
Opinions.... 5218 
Futility 5218 
But 5218 
The comments about Cessaro. 5218 
Promotion 5218 
Lilo + 5218 
Headache 5217 
“The older versions of their speakers”… 5107 
Aesthesis 5082 
New Cessaro scaled up. 4615 
Cessaro Gamma modification. 4505 
New Cessaro’s Beethoven 4183 
New Cessaro Liszt 3782 
I like it. 3782 
Cessaro news 3775 
Cessaro Beta II 2940 
Not so impressive. 2939 
JBL Paragon. 2939 
New bass horns 2939 
If it is true.... 2939 
I thought... 2939 
New to the site 2907 
Some options. 2906 
Thank you. 2906 
Blumenhofer Acoustics 2904 
Gioia? 2904 
No. 2904 
Thanks 2904 
Others 2900 
Viva Audio 2778 
Cessaro new Loudspeaker 1587 
Munich High End 2023 122 
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