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Thread WITH the new posts.

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Ultimate Turntable 5524 
Re: Ultimate Turntable 5514 
Re: Ultimate Turntable some alternatives. 5460 
A single ultimate arm... 5460 
a serious high mass effort 5459 
My take on the high mass. 5459 
Re: My take on the high mass. 5457 
Multi-drive vs. high mass. 5456 
a possible contender 5438 
Possible, but who knows... 5437 
Monaco Turntable: interesting read 4229 
Another take 4229 
Exotic stuff 4229 
Reviewing turntables' performance 4229 
Plinth resonance and material frustration 4158 
Please don´t kill me 4158 
Hot to go goose-hunting with a thermonuclear bomb 4158 
Random vs. regular 4158 
Old vinyl and ultimate turntable 4158 
The turntables and a common sense. 4158 
Yes...add it to the list! 4158 
I do not think ultimate turntable should be expensive. 4158 
The ideas that work? 4158 
How to levitate the platter? 4158 
Turntables & Vacuum 4158 
Dynamical speed stabilization 4158 
How to levitate a massive platter? 4158 
Errr... doesn't Contimuum do this? 4157 
Platter Mass, How much is enough? 4157 
Platter becomes plinth. 4157 
Co-equal tasks 4157 
Vacuum, platters, lathes, and everything elese. 4157 
In lieu of the vacuum, what? (and a sneaky clamp reference) 4157 
DD again 4155 
Not that heavy 4154 
Is it a drag? 4154 
Forces in the groove 4154 
Lathe as reference 4153 
Finding the message 4153 
Dd tt's 4153 
DD progress 4153 
Not so much a contest, as I see/hear it 4153 
Feedback Loops 4153 
The newer/better DD 4153 
I share your prejudges. 4153 
Versa Dynamics 2.3 4142 
Stirring the water (keeping it murky) 4138 
Thicker Oil 4138 
Actually another idea came to me… 4138 
Fluid viscocity/tension 4138 
Rotating Discs 4138 
Tesla?! OK, I’m in a good company! :-) 4138 
A recent patent and keeping it reel 4138 
The Da-Vinci Audio push ups. 4128 
Back to the disc/platter interface 4128 
The negative curve as disc/platter interface solution. 4127 
Playing Taps 4127 
I hate vinyl records ceremonies 4127 
Walker turntables and Technics sp-10mk3 4127 
How likely is that? 4127 
The “critical” motors for heavy belt turntables 4127 
The 47Lab’s ways. 4048 
The TW-Acoustic turntable. 4043 
TW 4043 
Interesting because presumed +/- simple (for a change)? 4043 
The TW’s idea of making active turntables. 4042 
TW 4042 
The wickedness of ‘smart’ TT’s power supplies 4042 
Belt torque 4042 
Anticipating "problems" 4042 
Copper 4042 
"No lateral loads" 4042 
Copper, assymetrical wearing and the theories. 4042 
How to take the TW’s idea of active platter further. 4041 
Vibration Control - too much of a "good" thing? 4026 
Precession 4026 
To balance the elliptical rotation. 4026 
Summing the issues ain't easy 4026 
Disagreed on voicing 4026 
Sanity check 4026 
The circle unbroken 4026 
Round and round it goes. 4026 
I think taste played with those Italians a bad joke 3829 
The best TT is revealed! 3781 
Turntable for the rest of us... 3780 
I do not know if I like it. 3278 
Built to order 3277 
It is BS but clever. 2727 
21st century Micro 2624 
Micro Seiki people behind? 2624 
Modern Seiki 2623 
Who were the Micro Designers? 2623 
The Occidental Tourist 2623 
Who were the Micro Designers MkII ? 2623 
I was told Air Force One is designed by original MicroSeiki designer and owner 2622 
Air Force One on the way 2438 
How to damp a turntable's propulsion. 2436 
Sudden revulsion. 2374 
Addition of pointless glitter 2374 
Cars vs. audio 2373 
Squeeze the drop 2373 
The American swallowing? 2373 
Squeezing the Drop Part II 2372 
Das Statussymbol 2372 
What you seem to miss Romy ... 2364 
A Glenn Beck syndrome? 2363 
I realize that you don't get it... 2363 
Air Force One 2316 
Stong motor/s 2316 
TW Akustik 2316 
Articles about the new Air Force One 1903 
3 Tries, Still Can't Read It... 1901 
Try it first! 1900 
Quashing Speculation 1900 
Assumptions... 1900 
By the Numbers 1900 
Please read my post again. 1900 
Questions vs Assumptions (or Attacks) 1900 
Questions vs Assumptions (or Attacks) 1899 
Ockham's Ultimate TT 1899 
Ockham's Ultimate TT 1899 
Dealer Promotion on Audio Forums 1899 
Dealer Promotion on Audio Forums 1899 
Vesting/Vested 1899 
Vesting/Vested 1899 
A complicated subject 1899 
A complicated subject 1899 
TT price. 1899 
Costs 1899 
Your Micro SX-8000 1899 
I have a slightly diferent view. 1898 
On the Face of It 1898 
High end not high tech yet 1897 
Bloviation about turntables 1897 
To understand me correctly how I feel 1897 
Heavy Stand vs. Heavy Platter/TT 1897 
What makes a turntable worth "the price"... 1897 
Context/Content 1897 
Fluttering in the breeze 1897 
Pole Star 1897 
A Few Points 1897 
Platter evolution 1897 
A Few Points as well. 1897 
Some more points 1896 
You understand what you want to understand 1896 
Facts 1896 
Where Platter Mass Goes to Die 1896 
I am getting dizzy 1896 
I wish you were able to stop to be "owner&quo... 1896 
Looks that way... 1896 
Nothing to do with ownership, just a market perspe... 1896 
Around and around depends on lack of comparisons 1896 
Oh, David, come on, do not bullshit a bullshitter. 1895 
Just let it go 1895 
Bean counting? 1895 
What's up wuki? 1895 
Wuki is a systems analyst and can sort this situat... 1894 
I use pitch to control pitch. 1894 
Wrong analysis, analyst Wuki! 1894 
Still no word about sonics? 1894 
Historical pitch 1894 
Rowuk, let's stop the pissing match. 1894 
Your highly questionable literature. 1894 
Don't buy it! 1894 
I did not buy. 1894 
??????? 1894 
No mystery anymore in the detour in this thread 1893 
You need to pause, David. 1893 
The King Is Dead - Long Live The King 1892 
Owning a expensive Turntable 1891 
TechDas Airforce One & TechDas Airforce Two 1885 
Specs TechDas Tables One and Two 1884 
Two things. 1884 
Air Force 3 1521 
Who knows... 1520 
Model III 1518 
That is not so simple. 1518 
There is a Premium now. 875 
...and the Ultimate turntable has been found…. 874 
TT master 874 
Klaudio Tangential Tonearm. 807 
Pivot tangential arms 805 
Field Coil Loaded Tonearm 767 
PrimaryControl 764 
Versa dynamics 728 
The Kiss of Death List 86 
I proposed to declare a phrase "beyond reason... 86 
Rolling the Dice 86 
Wasn't there another premium TT called the Air... 86 
I have my doubts about big turntables. 85 
I have my doubts about big turntables. 81 
TechDas AirForce Zero 65 
That's nice you have friends that view $400k a... 65 
Save your adjectives.... 64 
Sub zero 64 
Did I misunderstand? 64 
"Perceived Value"? 64 
Show stopper 64 
Thanks for the reply 64 
I guess in 10 years we'll get a million $ Turn... 63 
About the price. 63 
Curing the audio itch.... 59 
Engineering Solutions 59 
Compare to automobile industry 58 
Tolerable Tolerances 58 
Machining is no big deal anymore 58 
Parts vs. Application vs. Incentive 58 
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