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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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November to remember… and amassing audio feelings
I got three amassing audio feelings lately. 

This November was certainly the month to remember. Hospitalizing with Kitty in November 7, giving birth to baby and then staying in hospital with them to the beginning of December as Kitty has some health problem we needed to deal with. During that times, sleeping next to Amy at the hospital chair and measuring our life by the length of IV lines, understandable there was very little audio in my life. Now as Amy home (baby still in NICU but hopefully will be home this week) I was able to turn the playback for a first time over the month and look ataudio in my life from a different perspective.  

The first amassing feeling was that I put the CD of Tuva Semminsen sings Vivaldi that I bought a month ago but never had a change to listen. It was spectacular singing and I almost "forgot" that I have a listening room and I can do it right here... anytime! That was my first amassing audio feeling.  

The second amassing audio feeling was on Saturday WCRB was broadcasted Rach 3 with Tanglewood orchestra (thank Got not BSO!!!). I setup it to be recorded and was listening the opening of broadcast. God, I so miss those feeling of listening life broadcasts! I do not do it for a while as life got a bit crazy lately but it was such a pleasure to do it… I remember 3 year back Amy and I woke up another night at 3AM and we listening the whole Mahler 2, suck a joy… We kind of do not do it anymore, understandable but still sad. Anyhow, my resistance of the old good times when live broadcasts were events in my live was the second amassing audio feeling. 

And the last, third, amassing audio feeling that I got was when I answer this morning a question about Milq crossover. Anthony asked something and to answer it I was looking into the schematics. 


Suddenly it hit me: holly shit, I can't believe I did it! Looking at the complexity and elegance of the Melquiades's design, the laconic integration ideas and knowing the whole wealth of experiments that I went over in order to raise the iceberg of Milq above water I am truly amassed that this projects was materialized. That was a unique period of my life with unique interests, dedication and commitment and I hardly believe that I would ever will be able to do something similar again.  As now I am looking at the 6-Ch Milq circuit as it is some kind of artistic expression, perfect that can't be improved, ironically it is how I see our son... Anyhow, the joy of re-studying the Melquiades's schismatic was the third amassing audio feeling.

Rgs,  Romy the cAT

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Paul S
San Diego, California, USA
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The Peculiar Matrix
Romy, IMO that post is worthy of the "My Year in Audio" thread. It is "funny" to me how we have such "creative upwellings", and it can seem so mysterious and so profound to contemplate what we have achieved in light of a now-morphed state of mind/awareness/priorities. I guess there is a time and a season for each thing and purpose in turn. And how wonderful it will be for you over the years to share music with your now-three family. When my children were young I would get "critical" and change something occasionally, but I also had long stretches where my only "interest in audio" was keeping the system I had operational so I could play music with it.

Best regards,
Paul S
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Small triggers
Glad I could be some small catalyst in part of your "amazing audio feelings" Romy.  The world suddenly looked different to me when my first-born came along and there was a sudden readjustment period where I began to consider the relative importance of various parts and things in my life which has now been happening for the past six wonderful years.

I also get a "holy shit" reaction when I study your DSET Milq design, of course from an entirely different perspective.  The more I have investigated the circuitry and the reasons for some of your decisions that you have left in text on this site the more I realise just how herculean your effort was to develop it.  You seemed to possess such a commitment and doggedness for the project that few people are able to maintain for short periods let alone the years it took to to get to your final result, and that alone would be a great source of pride for me, and perhaps it is for you.

Some of the defining things in ones life seem to come from small triggers...catching your partners eye for the very first time...starting a family with that person.  I hope Thomas is home to you very soon.

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