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Synergy Horn
If you read Danleys paper, you see that the lower you go in frequency, the more this device turns into a direct radiator. He just vents the HF drivers from the throat, more or less optimised, the midrange drivers a bit further out and the LF drivers very close to the mouth.
There is no acoustic time alignment, there is plenty of room for intermodulation as the HF drivers occupy the same (high) pressurized space as the LF and MF drivers. The crossover can get the "alignment", but there is no cure for the IMD.
If point source is your only goal, then this is fine. For those that hear point source for the first time, they are exposed to specific effects that are new and in the beginning, wonderful. This has nothing to do with "higher fidelity" however. I see no advantage in this approach for serious listening over high quality "fullrange" drivers - except perhaps power handling.

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