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Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
The last phonocorrector: “End of Life" Phonostage 4659 
End of Life 4659 
Do I need to make a chassis in the shape of a coffin? 4659 
Shallow ambitions 4659 
I might unwillingly bring to my home… 4659 
Acronym 4659 
The End of Life Phonostage’s power supply 4647 
"...better and more sophistocated PS" (vs. bad AC) 4647 
The stupid, lousy AC is another subject. 4647 
It is comming along.... 4466 
Now, that's a phono stage! 4466 
The perfect corrector. 4466 
Still noisy but already semi-operational 4466 
The perfect corrector - II 4465 
Here it is: The perfect corrector – III 4464 
Wrong values shown 4463 
The deliberate mistakes? 4463 
330R anode resistors 4463 
The coupling cap in my 'End of the life' phono? 4463 
Nope, it was not ‘keeping anybody on toes’... 4463 
The latest version of the corrector – not heard it yet. (corrected) 4461 
The sentiments behind “End of Life" Phonostage 4461 
Going on from "There" 4461 
Ok, it is already almost there. 4461 
The ET2+EAR-834PT and the ultra-dynamic softness. 4460 
I am semi-ecstatic; my vinyl will be back soon… 4459 
MFA Systems Phonostage 4459 
Good for them. 4459 
Photos of the MFA Systems MC Reference 4459 
A few more 4459 
OK, it is over. Some preliminary follow ups. 4459 
"Lack" of HF, etc. 4458 
“End of Life" Phonostage: what is next? 4458 
Hybridizing 4458 
I love it! 4458 
If I may be a litt;e suggestive..... 4456 
Mica, distortions, MOSFET and the Ocean State. 4456 
SSG 4455 
Of mosfets, caps and distortion. 4455 
USSR SSG 4455 
USSR SSG 4455 
Question for Dima re 2nd stage biasing. 4455 
Fixed bias 4455 
The stunning sound of the phonocorrector. 4455 
More on this, please 4454 
Interesting development! 4454 
One-Story Jack 4454 
Nature's Bias 4454 
The signal passing via the 834PTF-Air… 4454 
Apologies! 4453 
Tunable Y-factor? 4453 
Harmonically-proper vs. harmonically-flexible 4453 
Some comment on the characteristic of air-cap sound. 4448 
The sound of one hand clapping 4448 
The air-caps as an ultimate cap. 4447 
The tempted virtue of the phonostage’s prostitution. 4439 
Clarity vs. VTA vs. Character 4439 
What VTA has to do with phonostage? 4438 
Phonostage vs. VTA 4438 
The 834PTF’s cathode follower: tube vs. SS 4438 
The “End of Life" Phonostage Status…. 4353 
Specific air cap changes 4353 
The air capacitors 'allegations'. 4353 
One tube, two channels? 4353 
The halves of the twin-triodes 4353 
"Crosstalk" 4352 
I just love sound of this phonocorrector. 4311 
To close the book on the correctors subject ... 4290 
"End of Life Phonostage" in Thai 3864 
Sucks! 3792 
Is God's phonostage better than Romy's? It is now! 3791 
Um, what? 3791 
Alternative Transformer 3791 
Sorry to have upset your sensitive self, Reggie. 3791 
A stimulation by Gog's fiction? 3791 
Hmmm,I suspect 3791 
The "End of Life Phonostage” is back. 3783 
My "End of Live" vesrion. 3771 
The 100Hz hum? 3771 
Hum “disconnecting trick” 3771 
Right grounding configuration for PS, corrector and transformer assembly. 3771 
The hum is drooped significantly! 3770 
Generally the phonocorrector has very low noise. 3770 
DIY Air-Caps? 3770 
Capacitors 3767 
Hum again. 3746 
Hm, again.... 3746 
Tribute MC iron 3461 
Changing loads 3457 
I do not do adjustable loading. 3457 
Sound degradation vs proper loading 3456 
Loading on primary? 3456 
Anticipating the needs 3456 
CCS heating? 3419 
2nd stage bias mystery 3302 
It is true but it negligible. 3302 
V2 biasing continued 3301 
Works +/- properly 3300 
To cheat or not to (ccs)heat 3300 
My assault 3273 
What, No Breadboard? 3273 
Don't laugh too loud... 3273 
So far it is good. 3273 
Your 50 is my 60 (buzz-kill) 3273 
The assembly and the buzz 3272 
Make sure that your LC filtration works properly. 3272 
Caps and chokes 3272 
The price of fame 3272 
Tribute 3272 
About the last distraction cap and transformers. 3272 
Schematics 3272 
Traces 3272 
Moving Magnet 3272 
Barcelona? 230V? Hm, ....matchmaking? 3272 
Cat smells fish? 3271 
I enjoyed soldering maybe when I was 15... 3271 
How my phonostage shall sound. 3271 
In the box 3271 
Schematics II 3271 
A few comments. 3271 
Miscelanea 3271 
I am surprised. 3271 
Don't be 3270 
It is not about power supply. 3270 
EMI/RFI madness 3270 
Drinking in Modulation 3270 
The stupid 5uF cap on AC side 3270 
Finito 3269 
It is only partially outside the context. 3269 
A corrector with an EQ controll 3268 
There is EQ control and there are multiple curves. 3268 
Corresponding to ? 3268 
A German guy take on 834PT. 3241 
Qualitat 3240 
The baby is sick 3196 
Last Cleaning? 3196 
Mine too... 3196 
To fight with hum in phonostages is fan. 3196 
What the hell is going on!!! 3196 
...air-caps dirty.... 3195 
Too obvious perhaps ... 3195 
Hum points 3195 
Beats and pieces. 3195 
What else? 3195 
Suggestion for the phonocorrector problem 3195 
I do not think that it is electrical. 3195 
Veggie ham 3195 
Do phonocorrector first then transformers. 3194 
Holly idiocy! 3193 
Yes sir 3191 
I think your game is not over. 3191 
More ham 3191 
Route(s) to Ground 3191 
Grounding arrangement 3190 
Ground Thoughts 3189 
0A2 Question 3189 
Where is the Bolt? 3189 
Gas tubes in the phonostage 3189 
"End of Live" tube set 3189 
GND plane 3189 
That crazy 7025. 3189 
Distributed bolt 3189 
Amperex ECC83 3189 
Amperex "Bugle Boy". 3189 
ECC83 Amperex picture 3189 
More "Ground" vs. "Neutral" 3189 
More findings 3188 
EMF and "Split" "Grounds" 3188 
Grounding, tarnnies and diodes 3187 
Again with the "Neutral" Explanation... 3187 
Grounding and trannies 3187 
Ignorance is bliss... 3185 
Shakey DIY Basics 3185 
Poor photographer 3185 
Spare the Oxen... 3185 
Is SiC sick? 3183 
Possible, so what? 3183 
If you dont want to hear the bell... 3182 
Seek and you’ll find. 3182 
Filament 3182 
Filament considerations 3182 
Air caps?Buffer? 3182 
Exorcisms 3136 
Floating? 3135 
Twitchy signal tube and amp interactions 3128 
Toilet ham 3128 
The Shield 3127 
It is hard to say. 3127 
Fake bugle/teles 3127 
Never again. 3127 
Bingo! 3118 
Total current per channel 3111 
Stay with capacitive filtration for B+ for this init. 3111 
I like iron 3111 
Choke ringing 3111 
Ringing 3111 
Ringing is a BS reason. 3111 
Choke ringing again 3110 
What ringing? 3110 
Ring-ring 3110 
Fight Fire with Fire? 3110 
TT Rider 3110 
Snubbers and motors 3109 
Nice idea... 3109 
B+ 3109 
Shielded Interconnect 3109 
IC shields 3106 
The horrors of calibration 2954 
Floating Away 2954 
Ground is +/- understood 2953 
"Calibrate"??? 2953 
The self-serving calibrations. 2952 
Fighting with RIAA 2952 
The Usual 2952 
That's it! 2952 
Parts Location 2952 
Lush layout 2951 
Pinging Stitch/Syntax 2903 
It might be very impressive 2903 
To be clear 2903 
Shall I co? 2902 
Parts 2902 
I do not, it sounds interesting but… 2902 
What does it mean? 2902 
Come on! 2902 
Is it because secrecy gains females loud applause? 2902 
It's A Big'un, All Right 2902 
EAR polite recess 2902 
Power sequencing? 2872 
Some Sort of Off-Only HV Shunt? 2872 
3 Position switch 2871 
How true... 2871 
DIY Failsafe 2871 
Switch.. 2846 
Calibration problem 2821 
Resolved 2818 
Looks good 2817 
Fat LF 2817 
Loading Up 2817 
SUT's 2817 
Shunt regulation 2736 
Application dependent 2736 
Silvercore SUT's ? 2704 
It migh be an interesting company. 2704 
Amo/silver 2704 
From a Satisfied User of a Ready-made Item 2704 
Silver considerations 2704 
Again With the Amo 2704 
Silver path 2704 
The “secret” will be never revealed... 2704 
The Path of Least Resistance 2703 
(Not so) silver path con'ed 2703 
Foil 2703 
Amalgamated Phono Stage 2703 
Audiopedophile's hell 2703 
In da house 2702 
Consistent anality 2701 
Right 2701 
A speculation 2699 
Mone on silver Trabants 2698 
Parts Ag 2698 
Trabant done in pure silver 2698 
Too Soft and Brittle? 2698 
Silver swamp 2698 
In the Long Run 2698 
2RM? 2693 
Where's the Effing Cable Thread When We Need It? 2693 
DIY 2692 
95%? 2692 
More on that 2692 
"Partly Unshielded" Arm Wire 2692 
Fully shielded 2692 
Interesting 2692 
End of Life Phonostage… is breeding. 1888 
Creative people 1888 
Copyright air-cap RIAA... 1888 
It is what it is. 1887 
I Guess We Just Don't Understand Economics 1887 
Gray market 1887 
Mix up 1886 
The Thorsten’s mark. 1886 
Sound beats engeneering 1293 
Engineering Crap 1293 
Its not that it sounds "better" 1293 
Burn, motherf....r, burn! 790 
Bypass Schottky by Snubber 205 
Snubbers 153 
More on snubbers 153 
Capacitors Question 153 
Capacitors & updates 153 
Z-foil 153 
Loading resistors & sockets 153 
Low noise tubes 152 
What Works Where 151 
What are the REAL goals? 151 
Good engineering parctices 151 
Physical attributes of devices matter 151 
The idea that the sum of the parts "quality&q... 151 
It was 13 years back... 151 
Thank you 151 
Tube Selection 140 
Valvo mesh 0A2 37 
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