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Thread WITH the new posts.

Legends: "Week" - last week posts, "Bold" - entered last 48 hours.
Macondo’s lowest channel. 3108 
A mono LF channel – I do not like it. 3104 
LF Results 3104 
The size maters 3103 
Response Curve 3103 
ULF placement and power 3103 
Wishful thinking and the Maelstrom-21 3103 
I will need a direct radiator under the bottom… 3103 
ULF experience: Drivers & power considerations cont'd 3102 
To experiment during the New England winter 3102 
Pitching pitch 3102 
There are many key points…. 3102 
A first true bass test 3086 
Actually…. 3086 
Best place lost? 3081 
Best location for bass, where art thou? 3081 
What to expect from ULF channel? 3065 
OK, it is something. 3064 
The new ULF scenario experiments. 3057 
Time coherence of ULF - my experience 3057 
Placement of ULF #2 3057 
Why I like the like the location #1 3057 
I need to find another ULF solution. 3049 
Ceiling subs 3048 
The infinite baffle shall be a very good solution. 3048 
This morning I woke up horny 3048 
Dsp 3048 
Parametric filters 3047 
SMS 1, Act II 3047 
I think I have found the problem with my ULF 3047 
SMS distortion issue? 3047 
At 30Hz of high order there are not truly tone” of “sound” 3047 
DCX output stage mods 3047 
Very small minority of the folks… 3047 
Exactly zero I suspect. . . 3047 
DSP vs. Music vs. HT 3047 
10" array; how low? & SMS-1 distortion 3047 
Interesting: 10” vs. 15” 3047 
Multiples of the Same Rising Response Curve? 3047 
The crisis of perception. 3046 
Dynamic range of ULF, tsunami and something else. 3045 
The Circle Unbroken 3045 
I wonder… is it PP2000? 3029 
The ULF and PurePower 2000 3020 
ULF Channel and LP playback. 2963 
Are original Aura Sound 1808 sound ULF solution for sealed enclosure? 2961 
I do not have an opinion yet. 2961 
Imponderabilis Neurosis 2961 
Bass non-pathologic hallucination… 2961 
A new paradigm for ULF? 2961 
…a number of logical flaws… 2961 
Thinking about my lower bass 2940 
Has Schrödinger's cat moved in unnoticed? 2940 
Wrong. 2940 
Groove Echo 2940 
Wrong? Actually, our actual positions differ very little, surprisingly enough. 2939 
Listening help with ULF stimulator 2939 
The ULF debate: time-alignment 2937 
Trying to address the dilemma with lowest bass. 2936 
Rotary woofer for ULF? 2936 
I do not need a Rotary woofer, I need to be less Moron. 2936 
*** 2936 
Congrats 2935 
Getting some maturity with ULF 2934 
About ULF attenuation. 2933 
How is it implemented? 2933 
My implementation of ULF channel. 2933 
Further thoughts about ULF channel. 2932 
ULF 2932 
I would agree but… 2932 
The problem that that I see with my ULF 2932 
Loudspeaker Proximity Coupling in Midbass & ULF 2932 
Great rotary idea! 2932 
Brilliant analyses! 2932 
Going down with bass 2930 
Under FS 2930 
Ideal ULF/Midbass integration 2930 
My super smart room! 2930 
Erratum ( or errata if you insist) 2930 
The issue is a complex one and should not be addressed generically ... 2930 
Cost benefit analysis of midbass horns v/s compromised ULF 2930 
There is no cost-benefit analysis for this thing. 2930 
I will experiment. 2930 
Sometimes experiment is not just experiment. 2930 
One Bass Horn or Two – for Oxric 2929 
My ways to mimic Reality. 2929 
Patent GB 394,325. "Transmitting, recording, and reproducing music..." 2929 
"the purpose of playing, whose end both at the first and now..." 2929 
No manuals for those things…. 2929 
More about Rotary ULF idea. 2924 
Phoenix Gold Cyclone 2924 
Passing the waves…. as usual.... 2920 
Drive ULF Amp from Midbass Amp Output 2919 
There is “something”… 2919 
I do not know what I deal with. 2918 
I want my ULF amp back. 2907 
ULF emergency: Big & nasty solutions 2906 
No-amplification time 2906 
Listening audio without ULF. 2905 
Ok, I got the bass amp… 2905 
How much power do I need for my ULF. 2895 
A True ULF - what an amassing tool!!! 2893 
Put Marchand Crossover into the game. 2889 
I begin to like my active crossover. 2877 
Line-level passive vs. active ULF filter 2875 
Hm, there is no way to escape the 4th order. 2875 
Phase butterfly effect. 2874 
Back to DSP? 2874 
What I am trying to accomplish. 2874 
The art of ULF volume adjustment. 2873 
Sitting on a fence with ULF 2871 
The overly-swallowable bass. 2864 
To deLamminate my ULF channel. 2863 
What a beautiful result!!! 2862 
Pipe Organ with 128' register in Augsburg, Germany 2856 
An absolute must for ULF channel. 2839 
The compartmentalized bass 2716 
Paralleled SET bass 2712 
A new concept of ULF channel. 2704 
Infinite baffle 2704 
A 4th order bandpass vibrator? 2704 
ULF idea, possibly stupid. 2703 
IB vs Horn 2703 
A Distributed Infinite Baffle? 2702 
"Tuning" the "IB" 2702 
Flip 90 degrees 2702 
Little bump and the elephant solutions 2702 
How to do THAT? 2701 
ULF from coffee table 2701 
The through-hole tapped horn. 2701 
25 hz at 6db? 2701 
ULF from the SledgeHammer 2701 
Why not really use the basement 2701 
Never say never 2701 
How good ULF needs to be? 2690 
How good the user needs to be? 2690 
Maybe . . . 2690 
I think there is little evidence of marketing bias in the papers. Call me naive if you wish. 2690 
Narrow [Band] Tuning (DSP?) 2690 
ULF-only Sound 2650 
An easy ULF solution for someone. 2642 
Red Grills 2642 
It is exactly what I would like to avoid. 2641 
So I took your advice 2583 
Ok, let me know how it goes. 2583 
The ULF amp Itch. 2569 
Here is an update for the old thread.... 190 
Good highs 190 
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