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Some comments...
Well, as uselessly the host who did the interview is an idiot but it is nothing new. The music played is idiotic as well, there is nothing new in there as well, the high-end audio today is made to play this music. A few short words about the design decisions by ESD  
The hosts are wonderful. I would debate the selection of exponential horns for upper bass but it is valid decision. The horizontal offset of upper driver is monumentally stupid, particularly with exponential horns for upper bass. With exponential upper bass (which is small) the MF horn is probably at 34-36” of elevation and it live a LOT of room to put both upper driver in vertical configuration. Then the frame. If they position the drover in cardboard boxes then it will be fine but they make a finish frame and the frame is horribly design. The 60% of performance if this system is the design of the frame for the channels and ESD did very poor job with it. Changing the position of the drivers or angling horns for a fraction of degree will toss the whole system out of time alignment, presumably that it is aligned. The frame is the key in it and I have no idea why they did such a piss poor job. 
They the color of the horn. What was in their mind to make them red is beyond of my. Hey have spectacularly looking horn and they have absolutely barbaric looking delivers. If the drivers were black then it would be SO MUCH better. It is not about esthetics but about a normal modesty and listening culture. I absolutely hate the chrome bumpers on audio equipment and I hate the people who like them. The next step ESD would be to put the X-mas light on the horns and to make it to blink with each bass-guitar note… I am sure that this imprudent audio reporter would be ecstatic to see it…

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