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Manger CD
Just got to catch up with this post and I just had to laugh at the Sissy Groupie comment =)
Reminds me of the Manger Test CD.  Once I visited an audio buddy with a new system, the music played was from this very Manger Test CD.  I got the CD home basically to hear the tunes in my system.  It was maybe the only time I put this CD on.  However, I believe this Manger CD deserves more credits than it does here.  Leave alone the interpretations, the music choice is actually much more interesting than a typical "test cd".  For instance it has Capricho Arabe by Tarrega, a piece which is maybe less well known by non classical guitar enthusiast, which I was very surprised to see in a test cd.  Pathetique is another piece that I would not expect to see on a typical test CD focusing on the bang bang boom or with haunting female voices.  Interpretation-wise, none of the pieces in the CD are my go-to choices, but hey, it isn't that bad or is it?  =)
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 Romy the Cat wrote:

In the end a few words. I do tend to listen music significantly loader then he does. It has to do with perhaps personal preferences, habits, type of the music we listen, personal sensitivity. I have no problem with that and this is why I give to visitors a remote control. Set whatever volume you want. The harshness Josh reported is very much there and very much deliberate. In my view it is not a harshness, Josh just did not understand it, but it is +1.5dB forwardness of S2 driver.  It gives some edge to Bruckner recordings and to some other music.

Romy, this caught my attention.  In my experience, I tend to prefer a "harsher/sharper" system when listening to classical tunes, particularly on strings i.e. violins.  Say I would take Oistrakh and Kogan on the Wilson with metal domes (definitely not on any other music, had the WP7 long before and I couldn't get over their bass freq) rather than on any Sonus Faber, which is hailed as the speakers for violins.  Maybe personal taste plays a role here but what are your thoughts?  The +1.5db of S2 you mentioned is there to increase the presence just on some music?  What other parameters do you adjust when listening?  Thks.
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A very confused individual
Slam originating in SS or PP amplifiers? SET being boring? Josh disqualifies himself seemingly at every turn. Instead of embracing the situation and learning something, he just digs an ever deeper hole.
In any case, I question if he has any following. It does not look like anyone is really interested in what he has to say - aside from the initial „report“.

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Romy the Cat

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It is not what it is all about….
 Newtohorn wrote:
The +1.5db of S2 you mentioned is there to increase the presence just on some music?  What other parameters do you adjust when listening? .

Newtohorn, I think my comment about +1.5db on S2 drivers a bit taken out of context and I think I was the one who started to do it. I do shape sound in some way how I feel it should be shale but what I do should not be taken in context of Josh’s comments. I was trying to interpret his comment about his reported “harshness” but then I understood that what he call “harshness” is not what I call the “S2 forwardness”. It is hard to understand if you do not know what Josh and I were talking about. I very much certain that we are NOT talking about the same even if I feel that Josh’s feeling that I have “harshness” are valid.  Not the last factor, and I cannot stress it hard enough, is that each single recording that Josh played was incredibly harsh. It was not just “harsh” in a normal sense it was just a very much compressed, much grained colorless. I did pointed to him that anything his played was very much compromised from purely audio point of view. I did not care too much about that music, so I did not feel that it make any difference if it was better or worse recorded. It was funny but Josh did not seen disseminated a difference in purely audio quality between CD/LP that I played to him and his recordings. The demo disks uses are typically made with reasonable audio quality, his copy of his demo disks was very bad, I do not know if it was the mechanism how he copied it or whatever…

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