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Paul S
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Flux Is Acid
You need acid (flux) to flash clean the metals as they are being soldered and prevent a "cold joint"/poor bond that not only spoils transmission initially but it oxidizes and worsens faster over time. If you've used enough flux for a good joint (especially with thicker/heavier gauge materials), then you will have acid and also acidic oxides on the metals after soldering. No matter visually "clean", the metals need to be chemically neutralized to stop oxidation and/or electrolysis happening under the shellac, which only works, after all, to keep oxygen from a "perfect" soldered joint. No sense putting shellac over a corrupted joint

Paul S
02-06-2017 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree

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Vintage connections better
Remember wirewrap with the sharp cornered posts? The amplifiers that I built that way are still noise free after 40 years. 20 turns or so per post work just fine and those connections can be shellacked.

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