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 xandcg wrote:
Paul S,
Seems most of Lampizator models has "R2R Ladder" as a option now, as used to be on the Level 6: http://lampizator.eu/Fikus/PRODUCTS.html

I've heard better sound from R-2R converters than Delta Sigma. Audio-GD Master-7 with eight PCM1704UK sounds musical and involving and the amount of details is scary


Schiit Yggdrasil is another DAC I like to hear:


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DAC3 - R-2R
I do know anything about it but seems a cost effective true R-2R DAC:

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New CEC Reference DAC DA0 3.0
I have heard DA0 3.0 / TL0 3.0 in my friend system.
I listened to this DAC/Transport in a average 2way living voice system without good cables. it is hard to speak about new DAC but It try to share my feeling.
I am familiar with sound of CEC TL0 Transport , I feel the sonic character of CEC DAC is not quite similar to CEC Transport. their sound have some common grounds but not completely similar.
after 3 hours of listening :the music energy was not absent in sound , I had a dynamic ,fresh and powerful feeling in sound and I had a good feeling about micro dynamics of DAC. the DAC was not cold and it was not lame in micro dynamics but it was different to my nos DAC (Audio note DAC 5 Special).
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