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Paul S
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Beethoven PVC Trio, Opus 1, #3; Horszowski, Vegh, Casals
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Another example of how sentimental I am, I suppose, but I just love these pieces that showcase Beethoven's utter mastery of earlier forms, which he seemingly tosses around nonchalantly, but with the utmost affection and respect, none the less.  It's not just charming, but it is indeed charming, if you know what I mean, and the artists really develop the themes and maximize the lyrical phrasing without seeming to try too hard to do it.

Here we have Mieczyslaw Horsowski, piano; Sandor Vegh, violin; Pablo Casals, cello.  They are playing before 90 supremely lucky (and incredibly quiet!) souls at the Beethoven Haus in 1958, and I could not ask for a better performance.  The simply-mic'd recording is also terrific.  I am not sure about the pressing.  I think mine is a later one, and it took some doing to track it.

Still, this is MUSIC.  Individually and/or ensemble, these guys deliver.  I want to mention the phrasing again, because IMO this is what so often - usually, in fact - sinks Beethoven's trios and quartets.  These guys know when and how to start and stop at any given point, and even the "mistakes" are like Casals playing about an eighth tone "off" Vegh at one point.  Delicious!  IMO, this is a world-class performance that just nails the piece.

Paul S
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