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Paul S
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Beethoven's Triple Concerto vs. Gravity
I can't remember how long it's been since I sat through this concerto.  Today I sat through it twice.

First version was Marlboro Festival Orchestra/Alexander Schneider; Rudolf Serkin, piano; Jaime Laredo, violin; Leslie Parnas, Cello; Columbia (stereo) MS6564

First version was done almost like a pastiche, very light and even playful at times, with no trying to hide earlier forms, like the call and response.  Serkin provided a wonderful pivot, and I found the whole quite satisfying.  Nice balance of mood, play, tone and tenor.

Second version was BPO/von Karajan; Sviatoslav Richter, piano; David Oistrakh, violin; Mstislav Rostropovich, cello; Angel (stereo) R-114010

Von Karajan dug in for the heroics, like 3rd Symphony or something.  He was plenty defferential to his stars, but still setting the tone and the mood throughout, slipping only a little to close, when IMO the piece lifted some.  I have to say, this version was lost on me.  Nice playing, but I just couldnot get into the piece presented this way.  I'll try it again if the electriicity ever gets better.

I liked the light version well enough that i will keep my eyes peeled for other versions.

Paul S
03-22-2008 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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The quartet of Karajan, Richter, Oistrakh and Rostropovich.
Sviatoslav Richter has written in his dairies about this recording of the Triple Concerto a lot of very unflattering thighs. He described the enterer recording session as a war of Karajan and Rostropovich against him and Oistrakh. He blamed Karajan who according to him has very superficial and mistaken vision of the Triple Concerto. He stated that the recording was disgusting and he strongly denounced it. It does not mean a lot itself, particularly in the Richter’s case but I thigh it might be an interesting fact to know.

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