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Paul S
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Chopin's Waltzes, Witold Malcuzynski, Angel S3526
How nice that Chopin changed his mind about the waltz, and how nice that W. Malcuzynski tarried long enough to record these for us, using an instrument worthy of his talent and good engineers and equipment.

Nice stereo, just a little over-blown.  This is the sort of "over-cut" piano recording that makes me curious about other, better-tracking cartridges.  The Ortofon MC 3000II is about pitch perfect, and it does some important things very well, but it is only a good tracker, not quite up to the loudest parts of this disc.  If your cartridge can really track, this disc could be super.

Anyway, the music is devine, the playing is quite mature; no loss of expression, but...

hear for yourself.

The disc says, "Recorded in Europe", and I did not look the other information.

Paul S
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