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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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VMPS RM V60 – kill me, but I do not get it.

I told before that I have high respect to Brian Cheney (because of multiple reasons) but I do not agree with his loudspeakers, where he tries to use ribbons wider range then they should be... Brian recently announced his new model VMPS RM V60. Since I expressed my interest to ribbons for the Macondo’s HF:

I kind of trying to familiarize myself with whatever is doing on in the ribbon fronts. So, I do honestly read whatever Brian said about the “wing” idea of the VMPS RM V60 and I… still do not get it. Relay. I really do not understand the idea behind the speaker.


Was Brian trying to increase the back chamber of the MF ribbons upto very large dimension and then even to load the back chamber into is some kind of horn-like resonator in order to get some "lower midrange sonic boom"? It looks like that it is possible to look THROUGH the MF drivers …. Does it mean that the ribbons are damped only but the air “confined” within that open baffle “flying wing”? Perhaps I am missing something… Could some one explain it to me because I look at the speaker and I’m really do not get it.


Romy the caT

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12-27-2006 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
San Diego, California, USA
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6.5" Megawoofers? Talk about FAST bass!!!
Because the smaller the bass driver, the faster it gets...right?

So I wonder how Cheney expects to compete with Polk's new 4" "Ultrawoofer" or Carver's new 3" "X-tremewoofer"?

I tell you, Romy, this may be a "new" design.  I can't remember ever seeing before MF ribbons set up in a cavity like that.

You don't suppose the rear-going sound waves would take on color, do you, "like a fine musical instrument"?

And lots of opportunities for tweaking, too!

I see a Helmholtz version in the near future, with "rich, full, musical sound".

I could say that this is Brian's weirdest commercial speaker that I am aware of, but the truth is I stopped paying attention to his stuff quite a while back, so maybe this is tame for him these days.

Oh, sorry; I have no idea how it "works".  FWIW, it doesn't look at all likely to me.

Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,
Paul S
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It looks like a mechanical diffraction control
You know, extending the front baffle without making it take up too much space? Many people use the ubiquitous single driver on a narrow front baffle augmented by back-folded wings on piano hinges...

I like those three mids; what are they doing -- cancelling one another out in certain frequencies??
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