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Dvorak Piano Quintet
I recorded a horribly beautiful piece (from Swiss Internet Radio) and would like to find the disc;
Dvorak - Piano Quintet in A major Opus 81-02-Dumka, andante con moto

Do you think you could identify the recording if I can transfer the 16Mb mp3 somehow?

It's an old stereo recording with some hiss and quite colored but wonderful sound.

Any favourite performances of this piano quintet?
10-12-2006 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
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Dvorak's Quintet by Budapest Quartet?

It is a famous work and there are many recordings. I am not very intimate with Dvorak’s Piano Quintets I think I hear it a few times but did not dig deeper. Still, since it is popular chamber music then get your favorite string quartet and they most likely recorded the work with a guest pianist. I do not have a lot of Dvorak’s Quintets. The most memorable that I can recall was by Budapest Quartet from beginning of 50s. (In fact they were at that time more like Russian quartet). I ma sure somebody who looked at the Dvorak’s Quintets deeper would suggest more and perhaps some contemporary recordings… The peace really worth it…

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