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Romy the Cat

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The “better speakers” to buy.

I receive sometimes emails for peoples asking me what to but and what do not buy. What wherever foolish reasons they feel that if I have interest in audio it means I have an interest to consult them in their purposeless buying decisions. I usually discard those emails or if I ma in partially playbill mood I sent those people to hell but the email I got last week was very interesting in a way and made me actually to think.

A guy was asking me what loudspeakers I would suggest him to audition. Usually those questions without context have no interest to me but he spiced his question with a twist. He suggested the he is quite rich man, has not a lot of experience with top loudspeakers and if it would be necessary he is willing to lay down $100K for a pair of desirably performing loudspeakers…

Certainly I did not advise anything but it let me think what the industry offer for the people who are wiling to pay a LOT of money. Ironically and completely predictably the rule “you get what you pay for” is not really applied in this case. Really, if I person pays $30K retails then how much more sonic benefits the person gets if he pays 2-3 time more - $60K or $90K? It is almost funny. When we buy a juice drink or a sandwich in a store then we know that each extra cent we spans would deliver to use benefits: larger size of glass or more meet in the sandwich. Even when we buy cars we know that each thousand dollars we spend corresponds to a specific feature that has any more or less rational justification. With the loudspeakers it is completely opposite: the piece of loudspeakers could jumps even 5 times higher without any slight justification to the speaker design of sound. It is like pretend you doing to by your Honda Accord and instead of $25K it cost $125K, but at the same time it still drives like 20 years old Volkswagen…

I relay do not know what the guys who utilize $70-$100K loudspeakers use as this motivation or justifications for their purchasing decisions. I’m not saying that those speakers too expensive. I have no problems with expensive product but I have problem with irrationally irresponsibly priced product what the price has no even remote reference to the performing qualit0079.

So, what would I advised to the guy who asked me what to buy. Know the actual capacity of the commercially available sub $50K- $100K loudspeakers I find that it is remarkably gruesome section of dormant of audio elements wish deliver very primitive (relative to price) performance

Romy the caT.

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  »  New  Good commercial speakers..  Private mails...  Audio Discussions  Forum     36  327195  09-05-2007
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