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Romy the Cat

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DBT - a signature of listening ignorance

Since the ABX’s Double Blind Test enters the audio minds in 70s it kind of remands in epicenter of minds who would like to propose an objectivism in audio evaluations. The Blind Tests if they are properly administered and the results are properly interpreted then the Blind Test might be useful tool for tuning off from the placebo effects, listeners preconception and partiality and few other factors. However, in the reality the Double Blind listening Tests are a white flags of an uninformed listening awareness that really clueless what and now to listen while one listen.

The problem with Blind Testing that instead if organizing, educations and evolving listening consciousness the Blind Testing try to remove listening consciousness from the assessment process all together, substituting it with unconscious sensory perception. It does have some merits but in a long run the Blind Assessments serve very poor service to listeners because Blind Analyses does not train listening intelligence but substitute it computation of random results.  The result is well known:  people do not believe and do not try to develop within themselves the objective methods of subjective audio evaluations. It is very unfortunate and makes people very inept in Audio judgments.

So, abandon the Double Blind Test as the unnecessary crutches of audio analyses. Develop within yourself more objective, more “portable”, more instantaneous and less prone to erratic errors evaluation methodologies.

Romy the Cat

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