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Dannoy and oxytocin...
It was very interesting experience today. My son have a birthday party and they decided to do it in our house. I was obliged to play Harry Potter in a big screen for 15 kids, so it's naturally make me too move all the speaker along the walls. I did some listening, in fact much more that I would anticipate and I would like to share some observations.

It was Yamaha B2 against Dannoy and without any complimentary base, just it is. I play mostly chamber music and mostly not very loud. 

I absolutely adore what sunspeak passive radiator does at the bottom of red. It is superbly appealing. I use those drivers since 1999 and I certainly have some addictions with them. I need to admit that they are not perfect drivers and they do have own ever present character. This character manifest itself with all the music and it is certainly may be recognized as shortcomings. It is pleasant character and probably the only reason why I am tolerating it because I know how those drivers sound without powerful solid state amplifier. If you use shitloaded of them and increase total sensitivity in line array over 100 db and drive eat this a base amplifier of caliber of vintage lamm ml2, idling that amplifier as much as you have power then the sound this combination produce is absolutely mind-boggling and native very appealing soft clipping of those drivers practically disappear. I used that configuration for year end I absolutely adore it. If I do not have right now very well performed infinite Buffle I would certainly return to sunspeaks array and DSET.

Now, the Dannoys are sitting pretty much right next to my equipment stand, near the position where they were last September. Not exactly in the same spot but near. From all speaker positioning model it's supposed to produce flat imaging and very much not the ultimate position. Indeed it does. It produce a presentation of elevator music with no phantom imaging, no instrument allocations, no layering no depth. However, it does absolutely stunning chromatic articulation something which absolutely blew my mind last September. I am not musician or musicologist and I do not particularly listen for individual notes. I might but I do not like it. Churchill used to say that if you would like to confuse person give him facts. Individual facts are irrelevant. What I find is relevant are tendencies and narratives. This is what I am very susceptive and the more differences and distinctions I find between individual notes the happier I am. In many instances playback how to produce correct pitch and by virtue of zillion colorations in mechanics and electronics of playback this pich become a genetic, stripped from complex characters, accents articulations, chromatic development. That is all which swing our aesthetic perception of musicality and opens against to communicate with music at deeper level. The color and microdynamic variance which Yamaha with Dannoy throw is very impressive and for whatever reason I can read music why I listening Dannoy this much more instant understanding. It is despite that all casual suspects Audio properties unquashitably not there. It feels like the north have like a million microscopic hooks which really scratch my soul and I have no sensible explanation for this. The red driver itself never did it to me but in combination with this damn sunspeak the sound become way more radioactive. 

Again anything that I say, has no direct relativity to anything that I know in order and right now I do not have for all intended purpose that sound in my home is a that food describe as promising. But somehow it is very potent musically sound. I still do not know when I'm staying with all of it but I am willing to tell you honestly that's too experiment and thinking about sound as I have from Dannoy +Vfet is more stimulating to me then to experiments with array of perfectly performing horns. I know horse and I know how to get good sound from them but I do not know how to conceive that intimacy that Dannoy does. 

I actually last few months developing a very interesting theory of perception of audio, or even artistic results projected to relationship between humans with different disposition to oxytocin. I do not want to talk on the subject yet but this enigma with Dannoy make me to make very interesting associations.

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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