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Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 and BPO
Last few weeks Amy was playing with BPO, and it was surprisingly good. Zander’s Boston Philharmonic is very strange orchestra. Sometime Zanders’ interpretations are just “survival” and sometime BPO do sound like semi-professional orchestra. But sometimes they throw a staining interpretation. I do remember some absolutely amassing experiences from BPO sometime from concerts and sometimes from rehearsals, you never know where you find and what you loose with BPO.
It was the same last time. It was Beethoven IV piano concerto with Jonathan Bliss. A phenomenal pianist and BPO did just OK. And then it was Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2, not my favorite work, in fact I feel it frequently boarding work. God, I have no idea how BPO injected so much life into the symphony, but it ended up being very pleasurable. It was the first time I was listed the whole 00 mins of it and did not look at my watch. Zander posted a video of the play and in my view asking a lot of money for renting the video by if you like the Rach 2 Symphony then it well worth it. I hope he will release it on CD…


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