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Romy the Cat

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The evenings with Greatest Orchestras

Last week a friend of my visited me and we spinning some great records were talking about records collecting. He asked me what is my favorite Records Series. Thinking for a while I told him that it was a Series of record by  "International Festival Of Great Orchestras” with name “An evening with….”

The Series consist of number of the box sets (I have a couple dozen but I do not know how many all together). Each box consist of records by Philips or DG and each box dedicated to one single Orchestra:

An Evening with Boston Symphony
An Evening with Concertgebouw Orchestra
An Evening with Vienna Symphony
An Evening with the Munich Bach Choir
An Evening with the London Symphony Orchestra
An Evening with Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
An Evening with New Philharmonia Orchestra
An Evening with I Musici
An Evening with Radio Symphony Orchestra
…and so on….

Each box set has a wonderful printed book with high quality pictures, history of the Orchestra and the history of the offered performances. I would not say that each box set has the best selection the orchestra ever did but the selections usually very typical for the giver band. Each box features 2-4 conductors, some times concertos and 4-5 recordings from different times.  The most beautiful parts of those albumens that all records printed Italy and mastered so wonderfully that they better then the very first original pressing of the original companies. Sound, tone, the high of the grove, the compression, the dynamic range, the selection of the performances, the quietness of the surface… everything is the first class and everything maintained at the same level across all orchestras. 

The “Evening with….” is a wonderful sequence. It is very expansive and sound much more interesting then the crap that Moron-Audiophile accustom to pay big bucks…

The Cat

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