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New Bamboo Speakers Feedback
Hi Guys, I spent the last year in Vietnam working with local coiled bamboo craftsmen to create a Bluetooth speaker from this amazing handicraft, I’m really happy with the end result but wanted some feedback from you guys before I launch it. See pics below. Thanks in advance, Bruno.
Hazang Image 13.jpg Hazang Image 3.jpg Hazang Image 17.jpg
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Kind of the wrong place for a speaker like that
I can understand wanting to reach out to audio people everywhere, but think that this speaker is a joke for many of us here. It certainly has nothing to do with advanced audio or evolved music reproduction. Even on a DIY site, how much traction does one get from an IKEA bowl with a driver in it?
What do I see wrong? A port, the driver motor board recessed, single driver, bluetooth. Sorry on a scale of 1 to 10 maybe 0.5?

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Come on ...
VERY nice response, why not just let it pass .... you are not exactly the nicest person in the world right? .... come on rowuk ...
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Jorsan, Bruno dropped his little advertising bundle here then zipped away like a cuckoo lays its egg, but in passing he did ask for feedback.  I have to say Robin stayed on the subject, and no one has so far popped up to "defend" the speakers. My own thoughts on the matter are that Bruno might have: a) read through the site before posting here; b) spent a minute or two creating a context/"justification" for these speakers, other than "Vietnamese bamboo". A couple of years back, Bruno would have gotten a much stronger negative response, and it is likely that much of it would have been directed at his judgement as opposed to the speakers.

Best regards,
Paul S
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