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Altec Lansing model 19 conundrum
Hi i am a new forum member and recently i built some speakers using Altec model 19 components 416-8b & 802 G. I built some 7.5 cu ft cabinets with two 4" diameter 5" deep ports this is the optimum cabinet size for the 416 i ditched the 811 horns in favor of some 800hz tractrix horns and i am using a stock model 19 crossover without the compensation needed for the 811 horn. The speakers sound great to me way better than stock model 19's but i am missing the high frequency's i would love to add a good horn tweeter or ribbon tweeter but at the same time i would love to stay a 2 way system. If it was easy to blend tweeters into the model 19 i would have already done it.

So would i be better off using a modern driver like a BMS,Raidan,Faital that will extend out to 18 -20khz? Is there anything i can do to the crossover to extend the high frequency? my crossover is basically a stock model 19 it's a 2.77MH & 21UF on the 416 and a .77MH & 8UF & 16UF for the 802 i removed the compensation network because the tractrix horns dose not increase the midrange like the 811 did. Will padding down the midrange with the stock compensation network back in the crossover help extend the highs? 
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Welcome Sean19,  Another member should correct me where I am wrong.   There should be some tweeters that just start emitting in their proper frequency range and do not need a crossover.  They might need a resistor so that they are volume balanced to the other drivers.zz.EDIT: now I remember.  In the past I have read about speaker components with individual integrated crossovers. Therefore, try to find a tweeter with crossover already in place.
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Have you read the thread on Altec 19 becoming 21S?
The Opera room thread is also relevant.  
To answer your immediate question, an EV T350 with a small enough cap can sound very good.  
IMHO though, you are going to be richly rewarded by figuring out a way to get from 300 To 1200Hz without relying solely on your woofers. 
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