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Paul S
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MF on AF2, and (perhaps) Some AF1 Clarity(?)
Th Nov., 2015 Stereophile includes Michael Fremer's very positive thoughts about the TechDas AF2. It turns out I somehow missed MF's original introduction of the AF1, which oversight I recently corrected, when I stumbled across that tepid, side-stepping exposition; hardly the expected "gusher". Reading the original AF1 blurb I began to wonder about what I'd heard (inadvertently) from the TechDas rep at THE Show, 2015, that MF had and would be reporting the good news about their TT (so people would buy them). Was the rep referring to this month's AF2 "review"? Obviously. Might he also have referred to "another" AF1 review? Finally, all things came to he who doesn't give a shit: This month's MF report on the AF2 suggests why MF might (just possibly...) do "another" review on the AF1: You see, the original AF1 (that Mike "liked" but did not love...) had a traditional bearing rather than the beeloved AF2's air-bouyed platter, and - since the original rollout - the AF1 (finally) got (and is now sold with) an air bearing, as well. In fact, since the AF1 costs more, I have little doubt that it has a better air bearing (and it sounds better) than the AF2, albeit this is only to be expected, given the price difference. Those still savoring a flight on the Concorde will be pleased to hear that - according to MF - his/the Continuum still reigns suprems amongst TTs (which is only to be expected, given its price). For those who ponied up for the original (traditional bearing) AF!: To be continuumed...

Paul S
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