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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Plaishner 3-way speaker.
I guy that I know invited me a few way back to listen a new speaker that he brought from a Plaishner , the Switzerland manufacturer. The company make own flat loudspeakers and now they looks like parley to making speakers. This is very innovative design, 3 ways a fully time-align. It has a flat MF driver that covers from 200 and up, a silk done teeter at 10K and horn-loaded bass. The MF and HF run internal delay in crossover and the whole speaker is perfectly time coherent.  The speaker is whole metal made and it is very heavy, I think over 800 pounds. I did not listen it but he reports that it has the best MF that he ever heard. 


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12-27-2013 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
San Diego, California, USA
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Ch = $$
Looks like a theme park waste receptacle.

"Plaishner" drew a blank on Google.

Got another spelling, or maybe a link?

Paul S
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