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Floor reflections
Anyone have a clever way to diffuse floor reflections (here is radical method db-systems.fr) in a room that is not dedicated listening environment.
My daughter spread out an enormous playmobil plastic collection the other day in the area between me and speakers and all of the sudden the sound moved back several meters behind the speakers and  spread out nicely . Keeping the playmobil is not an option. There is already a thick rug but obviously not enough.
I'm thinking of bean bag chairs or something??
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It needs to be experimented with.

Hm, this is very interesting. I never dealt with it and always use carpet between speakers and listening position. What you say and what the db-system.fr do:


… suggest that randomizing the floor reflection do a lot of difference – pretty much what we have in concert hall. It is very plausible but I have no data or experience. I do not see why it would not work.

How to make it “sexy” in not dedicated listening environment – this of cause is the problem.

You might bread porcupines and at the time you listen you can feed them between you and the loudspeakers. The way how db-system did is very slick but I would not like to imitate it. The bigger question however is: how much the difference is and if worth to do it. I think the only way to answer is to experiment with it.

The caT

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Enough off-the-shelf solutions

This one looks aesthetically pleasing.

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