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Zebra horns painting?
I was cleaning today Macondo. To clean the horns painted in texture paint is a pain in ass. The dust settle in the valley of the paint and it is very hard to clean it up. I used a hard foam-make brash and was driving the dust out by performing wide strikes outside of the horns from very back to the mouths.

As I was “scarping” the horn with my foam brash there were some dirt stapes forming outside of the horns, stripes of the different shadow of black and dark gray (dust). As I was doing that it suddenly come to me that the hors with those very pastel strikes looked very beautiful. The strikes did were not too visible, they were not the Zebra-like but they were very non-imposing. At the same time they added some very interesting horizontal dynamics to the horns stuck, the dynamics that I very rsarely seen in any horns assembly.

I am not willing to experiment with this finding, the Macondo’s black color has been written in the history but if someone would like to play with the concept then you can play with it. I feel that it might be very interesting to play with width of the zebra stripes. As the horn opens up the strike might be wider. With proper and tasteful delicate balance of the subtle stripes the result might be spectacular.

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