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Lyon, France
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Tube GU-29
Hi Romy,
Do you have experience with this tube ? I have seen it for first time in german amplifier recently and am curious.
R weissman
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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Another beam tetrode for high power SET?
Nope, I am not familiar with sound or applications of this tube. It is indirect heated beam tetrode – why would it be any different from the whole family of beam tetrodes?  From my perspective it might be interesting for ULF DSET solution as it has a lot of power but I do not think your German people use it for DSET configuration. You know my answer to it: instead of rising power in full-band amplification I tend to advocate raising sensitivity of loudspeakers.

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40W max plate power diss. is not impressive and for sure a joke for a serious high-power set.
I remember doing some intellectual excersise/pspice sims of a DC coupled GU81M.
Much more serious tube and IIRC on the sims it looked promising. Search the site and
contact me if you'd like to try the design (i'd need +/- 200yrs to get to it Wink

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