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Story of my discovery - Exclusive! for this site and its owner (s)
The story of my great discoveries about this:

At school I was teased by Sherlock Holmes. I always get to the truth and to any secrets. I'm still doing great left hook. I was the only left-handed, it was my advantage. So little to me who was fighting. Although I was younger boys for a year. (I went to school from 6 years old so very much like to study physics - my mother was a physics teacher to let you know ladies and gentlemen) ...
But I did not like boxing, I loved hockey. As soon as the winter I lost at the rink. But before that I managed to finish with the math. Most of all I liked the work of the goalkeeper. I was the most famous goalie in our area, while in high school. Almost as Tretiak. Impenetrable ...
Tretiak was my idol. Every normal boy always have an idol. In Tretiak, I learned to play hockey "in the eyes." I have not looked at the washer, I looked at the faces of the players. My uncommon quick mind enabled me to solve the dangerous combination even at the time of birth. My fame goalie rose to insane proportions. And I became a psychologist from the goalkeeper.
But then again, I suddenly remembered about physics neglected sport. The fact that my father was captain of the ship on the River. In the winter river ice restricting. And part of the ship's equipment was provided in my apartment. Basically it was a valuable electronics and appliances. Radios, telephones, manometers, barometers .. Oh my God - what is happiness for the inquisitive child crazy!
Half of these mysterious things were forbidden to touch  - on pain of whipping with a belt. But this only increased my technical curiosity. Winter evenings his father set up the HF radio and we were caught in the air Morse code, negotiations aircraft, ships and even "The Voice of America." Which has been banned, considering gentlemen, my city - a city of military technology and industry secret.

But my brother touched her father's secrets, for which he received on his ass. It only fanned curiosity and cunning. And in the 2nd grade, I found my father's soldering iron and a few tubes of naval radio station, and his ten transistors. I caught fire to collect their HF transmitter! The receiver I had a very successful ship-wave.
Especially since the transmitter was banned not only the father but the KGB. Right now I write and I laugh - as people get in a jam this KGB! And until now, it degenerates into Russia in the law. Although they are the first traitors and thieves. but on the other hand there would be no KGB - there would be progress in my mental development.
Restrictions forced to focus on goals, throw away too much, look for new ways to it. In general, I was seriously engaged in electronics. As it turned out to collect the transmitter is not easy. To do this a lot to explore on their own. The process was somewhat delayed - for years. So in the end I put together a sound amplifier and acoustic music to it. At 12 years old!
I will mention that by this time all the physical devices from the laboratory school were in my room. Good to have a child my mother physics! If my mother was a doctor, I would cut the frogs legs and treated dogs. Or friends. If there was a chemist - devised a new dynamin or something steeper than LSD? I do not know ... then it would be a lot of civilization has lost. But I am glad that my wonderful mother a teacher, a very good physics teacher ... Ha -ha -ha!
After that, to my glory extinct goalkeeper added a new star. How on Hollywood Boulevard. I live on the boulevard Youth. Boulevard forever young - taoy cheerful paradox. All disco at school now demanded my singing technique. In addition, a panel made ​​of light. Hefty. Well that was close to the school - the boys from my class were carrying equipment back and forth. It was fun.

It's all saying, the fairy tale will come -

My discovery (just like Mein Kampf)

As you have guessed I was a radio engineer by profession. But it is not easy. I became a military radio engineer - military signalman. Then the army started to cut and had to earn money. I'm always good at soldering to do amps and musical acoustics.
My passion has opened new opportunities for me. A drop in the borders - good access to hardware components that's just in the Soviet Union was not. Losing is one thing in my life, I instead got other opportunities for development. Speakers, Capacitors, American and Japanese transistors. With tubes in the USSR was not a problem, and transistors have been awful.
Methodically, step by step by increasing the level of their devices, I went to the Rubicon. I began to realize that physicists have made a mistake in the description of sound waves. And not just them. In magnetism. During the whole theory. The calculations do not give reliable results. Parts were great, measuring instruments, too. A result nebylo! There was no music from the speakers!
It was in 2003. I closed my eyes remembering the sound of orchestras Bolshoi Opera in Moscow tearta and the Kirov (now Mariinsky Theatre) in St. Petersburg,  which I drove my mother in childhood. Music was not! This shit coming from the speakers Scans-Speak, which was given for my semi-annual salary was with everything, the sound, but no music.

But apparently the Russian gods heard my meditations and questions. And they sent me to Mr. Aleshin. The course of lectures obscenely abusive Mr. Aleshin's about sound and amps it's worth it to go! Despite the huge amount of vodka and unacceptable greed of his genius. The word fuck your mother was the most innocent prank this audio maniac.
Aleshin man who sued the company Sony. Aleshin opened paradox 0Hz as a point of departure for just the amplifier. Aleshin energetic adulterer all that moves in a skirt and crazy lazy when it came to a soldering iron.
Aleshin people eager for money and profit, but even more eager to get drunk in the trash vodka ... And each morning. Where did it all had health?
Lord - yes you can write about Alyosha's a thick book. It is true to call it a "great people" can not be - a paradox. But the main thing this book to snap up all the audio masturbation, envious of his fame. There will be a concrete profit in money, even if you write a book if the movie shoot. Without making any amplifiers and other devices. Because Aleshin - Genius. A genius he fatally interested in any of his final life. That is the law of the genre!

In general, the common language of communication and a half years with Mr. Aleshin, we have found. Because Mr. Aleshin wanted money, and I wanted the music! This is an absolute contradiction. From this it may be just a blast. Bah!
And he prozoshel my my.Ya understand where to go! In the unknown!
There about what does not say something to laugh and is officially under certain mystical taboo.

Almost three years have led the way in 2007 sat down in January, almost my birthday to intresnomu result. In the air floated the smell of truth and the ghosts of the underworld. I went to the Rubicon. Remained tolok step.
By their goalie habit I decided to look around. Show people in the eye
I understand that the announcement of my theory and my practical results can bring me great trouble. And the results were velioklepnye. There was music! But also loomed practical new direction in physics and applied mass of electronic technologies. I discovered a new principle! I! It was worth it - the experience of the experience, the device for the device is confirmed. Failures were not. Calculations and theory agreed with the measurements! Hurray!
In 2007-08, it became clear that the level of knowledge before I came, I realized that the next one to develop a practical subject will not work. On the other hand, I was in actual physical danger to life. In the Russian mafia appearance concurrency technology could cost me my life. Muscovites did not like fair play anywhere else. Fact ... and especially did not like it - if the person was from a distant province ...

And now a couple of passages about the Nobel Prize. Who will push me out of your ass unknown engineer in Russia? At a premium. Do not tell my socks, as they say in the army. I just buried somewhere on the sidelines of the Moscow ring road cars. That's what I saw as a goalkeeper.

And then I decided to throw on the YOUR WASHER! OWN! It was brilliant. I decided to stay a fool. In Russia, like idiots. But they do not kill. After all, the fool is nothing but stupid ideas. To do this, I wrote an article "The Paradox Kunashir."
Interenet nickname waited nearly five years of its implementation in the case. As an experienced spy behind enemy lines.
  The second course of Gambit I decided to share its technology with some of the guys in Moscow, Odessa, Kiev, Vladivostok and St. Petersburg. To those who seemed decent people to me from afar. And that would be true - I cut each piece on its discoveries and personally talking to each downloaded part of their promising ideas.
In order to understand the essence of technology, these persons must openly communicate. If they begin to deceive me - they are deceived and of itself. From a piece of knowledge it is impossible postorit whole. But it's possible to get a crazy house. And even if the guys I was deceived - they still do some work for me. Themselves on not knowing. In the end, it's my game I invented myself to her rule. It is one thing - play nice gentlemen. Then everyone wins.
The winner is only a decent person.
Looking at the Russian Internet audio can now be consider decent people out there ... And wise to count, who knows all the technology. With that you can seriously talk about the case. About music. About business. About the money.
I think my story can be finished. Although there are many historical details, but they are not interesting. Once again I apologize for the rough translation into English. Alas, I do not Shakespeare.

I'm the guy from the northern city of Komsomolsk on Amur - I Viktorov, Andrey (which means winner).
But I also Yurich Kunashir roads - the character of the Big Game, which does not let himself be eaten.
And he did business. Everything was fair!

Since there about bonuses? Or it may just take off the movie?
"story of my discovery"

It is better to be first accordion on Kunashir, than seventh violin Moscow Philharmonic
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Torsion fields and human perception. One is a medical fact.
With regards to the recognition of torsion technologies in medicine and safety. Call as an example of Russian medical company - IMEDIS. I had to deal with her ​​devices. There is a correlation with my hypothesis of music perception not only hearing but also other field of human systems.
These devices are very effective, but unfortunately the development of the principle they do not. Developers of devices is no longer alive (at the beginning of the century died). Improves only electronics. The company had to do with the Kremlin Politburo medicine in the 20th century.
With some of this company I've talked to in person. And the instrument of the century I have. As an experimental device.
                                                           -------------------------------- We have long arms (12 seats)

Sorry. Akella missed! Romm Bring my post in the discussion of torsion waves. I did not want to create a new topic.

It is better to be first accordion on Kunashir, than seventh violin Moscow Philharmonic
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You came to a wrong place, buddy
Oh no. Not this foolishness here. Spare us, please.

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