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Romy the Cat

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A longer CD-Rom cable.
I have a question, person someone have investigated it.

I have my DAW, with all it fans and sitting it basement, then I have a bunch of the 10-15” cables to all of my peripherals running to my listening room.  What however I do not have in listening room is a CD-Rom that would allow me to run CDs on my DAW. So, I bought a stand-alone CD/DVD burner and connected it to the BC in the basement with 10” USB-2 cable.

The interning thing is that it looks like 10 feet cable is too long for USB and sometimes my USB loosing connection and it hangs the enter machine. I bought a few better “fancy” USB cables but it looks like it has no effect. I know that there are the “active” USB connectors out there but I do not want to have my USB stream amplified. So, I wonder, do I do something wrong or the USB has a known problem to run on long distance? If so, the would SCSI, firewire or SATA interfaces be more stable for long runs (10’). How about jitter? If is know what interface more prone to jitter if I ran relatively long cable?

I am not planning to have anything fancy, I juts would like to be able to read a CD without a need to reboot a machine in the middle… Did anybody faced this problem?

Rgs, Romy teh Cat

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