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Bach's Cello Suites
This very musical masterpiece "owns" me since my boyhood, as my mother used to listen to it, as I learned about its title getting older (without NEVER knowing who performed it); sometimes she was reading in dimmed light, a book on her laps, more often plainly listening to it with her closed eyes, humming ... years ago, I finally bought the RCA/Seon Anner Bylsma 3 records-set of this Bach's monumental opus which I enjoyed, BUT always with a different feeling from my beloved, mind-carved musical remembrance...
... an occasional music lover would say: "It's same music, don't you? Uh... uh...";-)

It happened I recently purchased a linen covered, N.O.S. Archiv 3 records-set of Pierre Fournier on Cello...

That's IT!!!!

I immediately recognized the long, long missed playing I still so well remember during my long afternoons as a boy and a student - myself studying and mom lovingly playin' Pierre Fournier's magnificient Bach...

The Fournier vs. Bylsma is like looking at a great landscape from another point of view... Fournier's more classic and timeless... Bylsma is technically amazing, with a tad of coldness the Fournier simply don't show... never fatiguing or boring also in a 6-sides fix during a lazy cold Saturday afternoon listening...

Glad, soooo glad I re-found this performance... from time to time I asked myself - as mom's record maybe get lost or something during several movings in the decade, before the full blooming of my musical passion - who was the cellist... Casals... nope... Rostropovich... neither... maybe Starker... no...

Feel me - just a little - like "Forrest Gump";-))) - BUT must say... thanks, mom... thanks, Archiv... and thanks a lot, monsieur Fournier.

... so discs are only plastic slabs, uh? Feel me back home...         

"Use your ears as your eyes" - Gertrude Stein

03-04-2010 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
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My records' "Dark Pooling"
What you report is very much remands me how I buy records.  I uselessly buy the only things that I am interested in.  I get home and I play them. However, sometimes I by records that I less know and I along with anything else put then very intentionally into my “Dark Pool” shelf.

The Dark Pool is the stock trading industry term that implies special techniques to trade shares without impacting open market. My Records Dark Pooling is a set of records that I did not hear yet with removed jackets. The records are “marinating” in the Dark Pool unit I forget that they are there.  Then, when I am in a mood I pull a record or two from my Dark Pool, put it on TT without looking what it was, play it and try to figure out what it was. I like those little discoveries and I like when I break my head trying to get what or who it is. In realty, to guess what it was not truly important. Want is importance is to understand what is being played…. In some cases I do not and then I might educate myself with jacket or with internet/book what it was all about….

The Cat

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