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Every crowd has a silver lining...
Every crowd has a silver lining...PT. Barnum said this over a century ago.
Another phrase coined by the man...Without promotion something terrible happens, Nothing.
Barnum knew human nature well and he laught all the way to the bank.

These phrases not only apply very well to this hobby also to every aspect of comsumer life, pretty much common knowledge here, I hope.
 I'm not too deeply involved in this hobby compared to some and I certainly do not have my finger on the pulse of this hobby. 

Though with a glance what I have seen over this past decade or so is a PT Bartum style menagerie more so then it has ever been.

This small populated hobby today is mostly made up of the 50 plus with few young new comers showing interest at all.

Could verywell be the industry forcastors at large know this, so grab the green now, who know's where this hobby will be in 10 years. 
What do you think? Should I pour another scotch and ignore it?
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