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Dedicated horn loaded mid -- big dissapointment.
I purchased a pair of front loaded horns with JBL e120 12" drivers. They are crossed over at 200 and 800Hz  24/octave
2 pictures here:
dimensions are of the cabs are 28" wide-20" high and 24" deep.

When I hooked them up the sound was loud, very boomy, rolled off (as in muffled), and what really surprised me, completely lacking in detail and articulation. What is to blame here:
cabinet or driver? or both?

I was comparing these to my current 10" vintage Rola drivers on open baffle and there is no comparison. The open baffle is much more "natural" tone, detail and articulation of small music nuances, except for one thing: less efficiency and less boomy.

I am very interested in going the horn loaded mid bass "direction" but this negative experience completely surprised me. Why such poor performance? Any thoughts on this?

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