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Prokofiev Classical Symphony
Sergei Prokofiev is one of my favorite composers.  I like all of his music.  His Classical Symphony No.1 was composed to emulate Joseph Haydn's composing style, although there is nothing in the music that would lead me to connect it with Haydn.  Tonight the Boston Symphony performed this work live at Tanglewood under conductor Rafael Fruehbeck de Burgos. It was a wonderfully colorful performance.  Listening to a live orchestra adds an extra spark to this already ebullient music.  Even though the radio reception was not that great it was perfect music to end a beautiful evening here in Boston where we have gotten a respite from the oppressive humidity of this past 2 weeks.  Turning on tube electonics has been out of the question here for the last two week.  Thank goodness for my table radio.



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08-08-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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Yes, it was playful and teasing.
… and now I have already just a few minutes into the Orff (boring so far) but have already two calles about how good the Prokofiev Classical Symphony was.  BTW, the WCRB looks like dropped compression a bit now I have very ugly reception…. Watch tomorrow the WGBH with Shostakovich with YoMa, it might be fun but it WILL be good WGBH broadcast at least.

The Cat

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