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Red Violin Concerto

Just this morning Boston's classical music station WGBH just featured The Red Violin Concerto by John Corigliano.  Joshua Bell performing with the Boston Symphony.  A wonderfully colorful and dynamic presentation.  Since being introduced to the glories of FM radio broadcast I have hardly spent any time listening to lp's or cd's and have practically lost the desire to make new music purchases.

If I can manage to get my DAW system up and running to properly record these programs I can envision hardly ever making any new music purchases.  Right now the station is playing music by Ravel it sounds much more interesting than if I were playing the CD of the same performance.

The summer months here are packed with wonderful programs.  There is no shortage of excellent music to listen to all free of charge. 



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07-12-2009 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Romy the Cat

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I can’t believe: I just wrote it but you to post it before me!

Never heard it before but what the work it is!!!

I have to admit that the Corigliano’s work is not something that usually goes into my definition of beautiful concerto. It is a typical Shostakovich-like “vulgar” and brutal music but even with this stylistic the things might be brilliant. The Corigliano's Concerto is brilliant and the brilliance in amassing a smartness of this concerto, smartness that rises to the change of being … beautiful. Sure you will not found in Corigliano’s concerto the such a primitive and stupid thing that most of the today composers forget – melody, but still the intelligence of composition, the quality of orchestration and the phenomenal soloist play truly threw me to feel that it was… great.

Joshua Bell visits today Tanglewood with Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 (that will be something and I am drooling to record this live broadcast) and WGBH to warm up the crowd for Mr. Bell played his recording of Corigliano's Violin Concerto with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra under Marin Alsop. I did not know that work and was sitting and guessing who the hell might compose it. I had no idea.

Anyhow, you feel that new time does not bring new good work? Listen this one…

The Cat

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