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Post Subject: The external Soundcard, software abd TwinDACPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/9/2008

 Telstar wrote:
Oh I was thinking about FLAC, such as the ones from Linn Records, not raw WAVE files.

I use only WAVE64 (.w64) files,

 Telstar wrote:
Not really: it is not true 24 bit. But it should be quite good, exp for the HDCD decode. I have always had a like for hdcds, they sounded better in my old rotel and they sound better even without a hdcd-capable dac.

I do not know if the Berkley DAC will be true 24bit, it is very much might be the 24bit. Pacific was 24Bit processor but the last 4 bit never was used, so in really it was 20Bit processor. Interesting the move from 16Bit to 20Bit has a huge sonic impact, but the move from 20Bit to 24Bit has very little impact. Still, if the Berkley DAC will not activate the HDCD then I do not see what it can’t work at pure 24Bit. Anyhow, some information about it will come out soon on later…

 Telstar wrote:
True, being the DAC is the most important IMO.
I'm not sure if you use your computer as a full DAW (so you need recording and mixing capabilities or just for audio playback (as in my case).

I religiously do not mix or edit my file. My vision is that ANY DSP actuation after the original recording kills sound and therefore play just raw files. I use the phrase DAW juts becose I do not know better naming for audio file server.

 Telstar wrote:
1) The digital transport (i.e. the Soundcard): I learned that the best way to just transport the digital signal from the DAW to the DAC is by using an external, firewire soundcard, with external power supply, such as MOTU or Fireface. Internal souncards gets noise from the computer. Using a Prism Opus would not need this peripheral, but I have no idead how good the Opus is and how stand with the other top DACs, such as the Lavry, the Berkeley, the MSB and others.

Interesting. Do you feel that firewire interface might not be the compromising factors? Also, if you already isolated the soundcard from the noisy computer and have a dedicated poser to it then why do not have the good DACs aboard the card. There are some very expensive cards with “premium” DACs in them. Who knows, they might work out in this configuration

 Telstar wrote:
2) The Software: Vista x32 with foobar/asio/kernel mode or xxhighend are the best

Hm, very interesting! Do you feel I need to try other players? I use the logic that it is the best to play the file with the same software what it was recorded. I record with WveLab6 and play the same. I do admit that is not execlsy comfortable but I even thought to write my own…

 Telstar wrote:
3) The DAC: here I cant decide
Lastly, about your challenge, I do not wish to use the cd-rom for audio playback as i would with a cd-transport. I'm pretty sure is impossible to find a mechanic without absymal jitter. When I want to play immediately something that I just got, I use my Teac VRDS, with reclock, into my TwinDAC+ (which I would like you to try, check it here: ).
Also, I will use the transport for A/B comparisons until i'm fully satisfied with the computer transport. And then still keep it

About the TwinDAC – it sound like a bogus DAC, thight I never had it. I automatically discard anything that stresses Black Gate capacitors it is a huge sign for me about the Minority of the designers.  Also the TwinDAC has 2.5kOhm out impedance, are they kidding? There is another aspect. The TwinDAC outputs very low voltage - I do not like it. I want a DAC to swing 5V minimum in order to make me to look at a DAC seriously.

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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