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Post Subject: Listening dualityPosted by Antonio J. on: 2/7/2005
Hi Romy,

Perhaps what you've been experiencing listening as a designer, is not so different to the way many people involved in this hobby experience while listening to their systems after doing some changes in wires, electronics or speakers' positioning. There's a gap between music perception I mean the way our systems deliver it, and the sound features we can modify by using gear. What's really difficult is correlating the role some "sound properties" play in the final "musical" result, and being able to get better music by tunning the sound of the system.

I can listen both ways, critically to the sound watching its properties and also just focusing on the music and the way I can dive into its content, but I'm not able to make a correlation of the way "sound" alters or influences the music and the way I can enjoy it. I wish I had never learnt to listen to the sounds and had been listening to the music as when I was 14, because for a while I wasn't able to enjoy any recorded music thru my system. The good part of it is that after some time I can listen both ways, but at the price of not being able to enjoy music if the system doesn't do some things right. I'm in the process of learning which things matter, but I still don't know them for sure.



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