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Post Subject: ElectrostatsPosted by Amir on: 6/18/2023
 N-set wrote:
 Amir wrote:
Funny video from Acoustical systems and Wilson Benesch Turntable systems, lots of marketing hype in their presentation and finally the sound is dead crap.Wilson Benesch Marketing hype: "the future is carbon" finally you hear Crap tone from plastic cone drivers .
Kharma new technology in omega drivers and their own class d amplification : crap sound
Cessaro designer after 10 years never undrestand what is meaning of good sound.
Million dollar systems all just increase price tags and no real improvement in this industry

Most audio corporations in audio industry are small with limited budget and real improvements need large scale teamwork + lots of money.

smart engineers from class A+ university does not go to work in small audio companies while they can earn so much money in big industry.

I haven't attended Munich this year but the most listenable speakers I've heard on the last show I've been to (Warsaw 2022) were modern hig- efficiency electrostats. Something interesting has been happening there.

My friend did not report any positive feedback about electrostats in Munich High End Show 2023 and I ask him again about that. what my friend likes in horns is their dynamics.
which model did you listen?

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