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Post Subject: Indian media.Posted by xandcg on: 3/31/2022
Western media since more than a decade is all about narratives and not facts.[1] The Russian one is far from perfect but still miles away of the totally pure propaganda machine of the west. The Indian news, about this subject at least, is quite balanced.

Believe it or not the Chinese ones are even better, but you need to mix the info from the (government) official sources and others. The Chinese people are quite well informed these days.

For those who are interested in actual news from Donbass (in english) might have a look on Patrick Lancaster, he have been reporting from the ground since 2014. Tons of videos.

THIS is a particular good video, if you want a reference about the "living standards" in LDPR.

RT Documentary also launched good documentaries about Donbass recently (after the start of the operation), however I suppose they are blocked in USA/EU but you probably can bypass it using some non-USA/EU/Similar DNS servers (Yandex came to mind)

[1] some things about this Ukraine controversy I've saw in here (basically same as USA/EU but slightly less hysteric) is beyond insane. Ever a "T15 Armata" have be seen in there by them.

1 - this is "T14 Armata" (not T15) and there is not ever a single one on the ground simply because this platform is still in design/test phase. Maybe some appear later (at the end) just to put a tag of combat experience on it (this is important in the arms market);

2 - they saw this "Armata" at the beginning of the operation, that tank (actually a mechanized air defense) that run over a car in Kiev. Well, timeline seems to not matter to these propagandists. At that point the Russians had not ever secured the Antonov Airport, how could them have a tank running freely (alone) inside Kiev? For the record, that was a Ukie/Soviet Strela-10.


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