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Post Subject: Or the opposite.Posted by xandcg on: 3/22/2022
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I never seen country which completly voluntarily convert themselves into Germany after WW 1. As I said, I really do not want to talk a lot on the subject on this site, but I need to admit the since beginning of the war I did not play any music

This vision is just in the west (including Australia, Japan and the likes), most of the rest of the world vary from do not care to see it exactly as the opposite way.

ME in particular, the people see the west reaction as nothing but hypocrisy (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria - USA is still occupying part of it illegally, etc.).

In Africa, it isn't ever necessary to comment given their history. Libya was completely destroyed recently by NATO forces, and that was by far the most developed African country.[2]

Asia in general, people tends to be neutral or support Russia.

At the end, all this hysteria and sanctions have nothing really to do with Ukraine but with some far bigger objectives and processes set by Russia and China years (maybe one or two decades ago) which can be simplified to one thing: the end of the USD dominance (dedollarisation of the world economy), to put a end of the USA (and the whole west) dominance since it would destroy its economy. The European ones will be destroyed by their own sanctions + Russian counter-sanctions, this is just a matter of time.[1]

All this western reactions were exactly what Russia and China wanted, specially the freezing/seizing of the CBR (Central Bank of Russia) reserves and other things like USA debt held by Russia etc. These actions completely ruined the western reputation as a safe place to park money.

I don't want to get in details, this is not the right place or format, but the dedollarisation is happening as we speak and it is happening fast. Just after the sanctions were imposed, a Credit Suisse executive gave a interview (or it was a article? IDK remember now) telling a considerable part of their commercial and institutional clients were already looking in ways to NOT settle contracts in USD anymore but CNY.

Saudi Arabia will start settling oil contracts in CNY, albeit just with China but this is the largest client by far. This is considered the start of the end of the petrodollar.

For those who want more details about the tinkering of the other side[3] THIS is a quite good source. This is more about the military point of view of the operation in Ukraine, given the man background, but still bring some overall information. His books are quite good too.

EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) + China are already preparing the creation of an international currency backed by commodities, to be used in international settlements - to be the new reserve currency.

[1] no more dollar printing from thin air, infinite debt etc.

[2] a common thing about the Libya and first Iraq war was both were getting rid of USD as their reserve currency.
[3] I would actually call it sane.

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