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Post Subject: May have found a guyPosted by HifiOrDie on: 1/24/2021
Completely understandable. That's why it's fun!  It's enjoyable to make something, study the results, make changes, and start over!  That seems to definitely be the theme with horns from what you guys are telling me.

So it sounds like I shouldn't expect perfect results right from the jump, which was always to be expected since my assumption is that calculator's can only predict so much at the end of the day.  I can see how this would become an expensive endeavor, especially considering the $600 quote for two 25" Tractrix Horns made from Soft Maple that I was just given.

So out of curiousity, what are your guys' thoughts?

 I found a guy that is willing to turn a couple Tractrix Horns for me, but there's a few caveat's... 

1) He's apparently highly experienced with the Lathe, and has a really nice one.  But he's never done Horns before, so I gave him an introduction to the process from what I've seen others doing, and after a few misunderstandings of a good process, I think i've finally gotten him to catch on to how it's done.

I even said that I would bring over the stack of glued together rings, with the inside diameter already cut out (except for the throat end I was planning on leaving one or two rings closed off so it could be attached to the lathe), so it would be much less of a headache and time consumption for him,  but it seems he wants to do the stacking himself (which unfortunately will add to the cost), but not the end of the world.

 So that's one slight concern

2)  He seems to really, really not want to use MDF... and use Soft Maple instead.  Not sure if this would be a problem or not, but i'll do some research.

3)  All said and done, he says he'll do it for about $600.   How does this sound for a price in your guys' opinions?  Doing about a 25" or so diameter

Again, thanks a million!

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