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Post Subject: 3 way Tractrix Horn Build Questions - and Introduction!Posted by HifiOrDie on: 1/22/2021
   First off, let me say Hello to all fellow Audiophiles! 

I'm an audio-obsessed 29 year old currently living in the United States (Minnesota), and have spent years perfecting HIFI systems in vehicles, and over the past few years have gravitated towards DIY home audio after owning many, many Magnepan Models, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, etc etc, and even built my own Wilson Alexx clones using Satori drivers, after losing my Dad suddenly to cancer and wanting to keep myself pre-occupied in my free time.   

I've spent years perfecting my knowledge and skill into turning any vehicle into a HIFI orgasm, usually by Fiberglassing a Midrange and Tweeter into each A-Pillar (vertical section on outsides of windshield), a Midbass into each door or most preferably the Kick Panels, and a Subwoofer (or two) preferably mounted Infinite Baffle (trunk baffle), with 7 channels of ampification, and absolutely MOST importantly in a vehicle - The DSP - as Time delay, Output level control, EQing, Phase, and Crossover control is an ABSOLUTE MUST in a vehicle if you want a mindblowing result, correct soundstage and imaging, correct balance/response, etc.

Home audio is obviously quite different.  What brings me here today, is I have become obsessed with the want and need to build my own 3 way horn design for fun and enjoyment, ever since attending Axpona and hearing the absolutely gorgeous and fantastic sounding Sadurni Acoustics.  Jorge is an awesome guy and has been very helpful with any questions i've asked, and actually pointed me to this forum. 

So i've tried to search a bunch before asking for help, but i'm having a little trouble so I figured i'd throw some questions out in case anyone is willing to save me some time as I admittedly know far less about horn design, or even just point me in the right direction to find my own answers.  I can't seem to find a way to determine what Horn Profile I need to do for the Midrange and Midbass.  I gave HornResp a shot, but after entering as many driver parameters as available, I was then admittedly lost, Lol.

Upper Midbass Horn:    

- I'm thinking of using a pair of Satori MW16P 6.5" as the midbass drivers as long as there aren't any glaring reasons not to.  

- I read in Romy's post that for midbass, as long as the horn is some kind of exponential curve, it should be just fine, so now i'm just left wondering what kind of result can I expect with up to a 25" Mouth (WAF, size of room, etc), and around 4" Throat.   It's my understanding that the Throat size and Mouth Size determine a High Pass Filter of sorts? Please correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems as if the size of the mouth determines how low I can expect the midbass to play - and that the driver should be capable of one octave below that point (FS one octave below?).

Turbine/Horn Midrange:   

-  I've been trying to find a good midrange driver that doesn't obliterate the wallet, as I've spent thousands on high end drivers - so I was hoping to find something more budget friendly yet still a fantastic driver without dropping a grand on a pair haha.  Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

- As far as the horn profile for the midrange, I was curious how to go about figuring that out as well.  I'm guessing if I do a 1" driver, the Throat should match up to that exactly, so that leaves me with just the Mouth diameter.

Horn Tweeter:

-  I can figure out after everything else is good it seems, and if I need one (would like one especially for aesthetics and especially if response dictates the need),  but I was thinking either a Horn, Compression or Ribbon driver, though it does seem to make more sense to keep it in the compression family

- Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

    Thankyou to anyone able or willing to help me on my first Horn Journey!  I have all of the tools to get it all done, aside from a lathe or CNC, so i'll get that figured out unless anyone knows someone willing to ship in the US or near Minnesota Smile (a man can only hope).   Thankyou again and have a good one!  I'll keep searching and learning in the mean time!

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