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Post Subject: No questions askedPosted by anthony on: 8/27/2020
 Romy the Cat wrote:
I do not know how about 5dB attenuation via cable but for sure cables sound very different. Hey you are talking to a person who have a small fortune spent for wiring my entire system with vintage Dominos and I never felt that it was waste of money. There is so much talk about cables that I do not want to pollute this thread with this subject. I do feel that it is a bit to early for you to worry about cable and you need to setup the major game strategy and then wary about the dribbling.

The circa 5dB attenuation is strange.  All that I can think is that the $6 cables were somehow broken.  I've never heard such a difference with cables before and hope I do not have to again with this project.  I just need some cable of the correct final length so I could keep things tidy and went with something I am familiar with.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
Do not ask me how I know it.

You paint quite the picture there Romy...

 rowuk wrote:
There is no decision more gratifying than one without compromise!

Yes.  What a nice way to phrase the concept.

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