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Post Subject: FR7f journey started again!Posted by N-set on: 7/3/2018
Fi-analy started listening the FR combo! The setup is somewhat haphazard:

* P2S unknown - trying to get 231.5mm recommended by the Germans, took the pains and the cost to design and make a special collar but missing a laser engraved protractor to see where am I

* VTA the lowest possible again as recommended; managed to get the tail slightly down, using 6mm acrylic disc on EMT, moving the arm up by one division seem to lose some of the bass detail in complex passages (using an operatic duo Caballe with someone EMI LP from 1971)

* azimuth crap with 6.4dB unbalance, no idea how to  set azimuth on FR64s, waiting for some help here
* load now at 26.4R (3R cart impedance)
*2.60g VTF

The initial impressions: There is a certain magic to this combo (I'm directly comparing to my other arm 3012R+SPU Silver Meister). This presence I came across  some years ago when using the cart on the SME briefly. Very convincing, direct picture but not through an orgy of details. Through something else I cannot name. The upper mids and heights a class in its own: liquid, detailed, refined. Bass so far a bit shy, perhaps need a yet lower load. I keep listening and optimizing with the azimuth being the most important now.


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