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Post Subject: Open Baffle Speaker DesignPosted by Stitch on: 8/2/2014
In "High End" today we can see nearly every possible Design and obviously it seems that we find for EVERYTHING a fanatical Fangroup.Be it Tonearms made of Wood, or Plastic (of course it has a different, more important sounding name), multi speaker chassis, Horns, Stats and.....something like this:


DaVinci Audio
DaVinci Intonation.jpg

Wolf von Langa


A23 Cinema.jpg

Ahem, and when I listened to them, I simply didn't get it. No soundstage, no dimensionality, no holographic Gestalt, nada, nothing.... simply plain boring (for me). FAAAAAR away from the illusion being a part in the recording session.....
BUT: Expensive !!!!
And when I asked what they are good for, the distributors looked at me like "Oh Man, you are so unexperienced, that is the real high End and when you don't get it, go back to the other Mainstream Products and burn your money there...."
Well, now,  what's the beef with those?

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