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Post Subject: Whatever. Steverino.Posted by skushino on: 1/8/2014
OT - Is Steverino your real name, childhood nickname, or how you prefer being addressed at the gym?

You missed the meta-point.  I waited a long time before trying computer audio because of my reservations for trading more convenience for lower sound quality. 

'The OP would have been more convincing...'  I'm not interested in convincing you of anything.  I am sharing my personal experience for the purpose of discussion with other interested enthusiasts.

My enthusiasm is ironic, given my predisposition to reject this format due to poor sound quality.  Instead, I found myself enjoying access to familiar music presented in the context of foreign cities via streaming radio.  The cultural / geographic presentation is simply an unexpected pleasure for me.

I have no interest in being helpful in 'mitigating the sonic downside' for you.  Go ahead, have at it, and report back if that floats your boat.  If not, that's fine, too.

But I will gladly discuss the topic with people who are able to articulate themselves in a less passive aggressive / more constructive manner.

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