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Post Subject: Overall GainPosted by Paul S on: 5/12/2011
Maybe the best way to think about the X/O is that one way or another, it's effectively part of the amplification chain.

Don't the "2 stages" in the Marchand include offset for X/O losses?  Sure, if the X/O is interstage, then it will need to clean up its own mess before the output tube cranks it up.  However, no free lunch no matter where you X/O, with respect to level, phase, distortion and noise.  Smaller parts at line level is nice; but it does have to stay at that level. 

The only advantages I see for transistor, op-amp or whatever are efficiency and/or signal/noise.  Op-amps can be made very quiet -- with some serious feedback.

ULF might be servo, with the coil in the power loop.  Talk about feedback...

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Paul S

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