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Post Subject: 2kV-3kV of B+ vs. 1A of plate currentPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/17/2011
 N-set wrote:
And paralled drivers? May I ask why you wanted to avoid them but would accept paralled output tubes?

I would for sure avoid any paralleling, would it be driver or output. Still, driver provides voltage gain and output stage - current gain. The difference between the paralleling tube will be more affecting voltage gain stage then current, at least it is what I feel but I do not insist the I am right.
 gordan wrote:
Guys, you seem to be perfectly comfortable with 2kV of plate voltage in your rooms?

We are perfectly comfortable to talk about it. No one put any 2kV in anybody room. We are talking about what conceptually might be done.  I would personally be much more comfortable with parallel 6C33C, which might be even sonically preferable as they would have ultra low Rp and very high current. (Higher current = higher rise time as less sensitive to any capacitance). The problem is that now one would say what the factual result is as no one, of very-very few would experiment with all of those options.

Another subject you are losing, gordan. I do not know him personally but if you see what N-set then you recognize the he is very experienced builder. The people who do not afraid 2kV-3kV power supplies are ether ignorant or stupid. N-set neither ignorant nor stupid and he knows how to deal with what he is dealing with. I, with my experience would not touch 2kV-3kV, in fact the people who advise me explicitly prohibited me to do it. However, for well experienced person it is not a big deal. Do not forget that somebody work on 750.000.000 power lines – if to know how to do it then voltage is not a problem – ignorance is. I am very sure that a well-built 2kV power amp made to the appropriate standards will be in home as dangers as a kitchen toaster. After all in older color TV we has 36.000V, so how many people were damaged?

BTW, if I sometimes to assemble the Dima’s Zarathustra II hybrid then …it has 5A idle current in output stage. The PS for it also VERY obnoxious. It is class A so it is huge input chokes with 4 by 270.000uF per channel.  The power transformers if I remember correctly are rated for 70V/25A. I can’t not even move the box with parts of Zarathustra II power supply…

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