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Post Subject: Measured 416 Resonance + HornPosted by Horn Savant on: 8/29/2010
The KOSS Electrostatic unit was still installed , so I removed 
and checked resonance .

The resonance was 136 HZ. I then tested it in horn assembly 
and the result was the same : 136 HZ. Appears to be rather poor throat coupling.
But it was, as I suspected (in other thread ), outside its operating range < 80 HZ.

I then tested the two 416's in free air and they were 28 HZ each. Then I tested them in the
horn - both drivers driven with signal and measured 23 HZ resonance. Better throat coupling
- better than, say, a Shearer or Mirrophonic folded stacked "W". But, like these, probably more of a
"waveguide" than true well coupled exponential loading.

I think it's about the same as free-air resonance -

Actually it is incorrect. If back of your 416 drivers are in free-air and you have 20Hz exponential ¼ size then those drivers have sub 10Hz resonance and you are losing some bass at 20Hz. I do not know what kind horn you have and I do not particularly believe in 20Hz hors but if you would like you can drive the resonance of your drivers up and I think you shall get a lot benefits.

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